Baby Baby

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When a son's sick twisted thoughts about his own mother become reality; the unthinkable becomes the thinkable

Submitted: November 29, 2016

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Submitted: November 29, 2016



The woman slept with her loving husband, they both tossed and turned while there body's brunt in the heat of the room, they both finally slept, but the woman dreamt of things which shouldn't be thought, her dreams took her to a place where the sky was black and stars were a milky white, a baby boy in a bowl was bathing in the water and cried for its momma, she floated over to the baby shifting the stars as she drifted, letting it suck on her tender breast, turning her on, she moaned in her sleep.

A musky night, turns in to a bright day, a sweaty smelling boy wakes up after an all nighter. Noontime just brew and the shower head rings with the boys mother within. She's getting ready for work and her hair drips wet. The bathroom door spreads wide open, whilst the boys door creeps, perving on his mother as she walks back to her room. "ahh mothers breast look large today, with a perfectly hard pair of nipples for me to suck on" Then quickly writes in his diary, 
while catching the yellow school bus where he already feels unwanted by the pupils that are seated, his mother packs his bags and kisses his spotty forehead as he hops to the bus, he wishes he was still in bed, on the school bus names are thrown at him, trying to think of being dead, he sits in his seat and ignores the bullying, his thoughts carry on thinking about the breasts his eyes laid on this morning.

In science class he sits around with a beaker in his hand, with a plan in his head that involves a gun, ammo and running children but his conscience knocks on his brain and he survives to the end of the bell. He runs out the school right to the front gates where there's a trashed red car awaiting with his beautiful mother inside, he sits in tight with his belt on strong. His mothers asks how his day was whilst he stares at her candy red lips spilling the words over the dashboard. He begins to blush as he replies "it was okay". They arrive home and he holds the front door open for his mother to enter first, whilst his eyes are glued to the site of his mothers sweet behind walking in front of him.

His momma cooks him the finest meal, looking at her lined suit, his thoughts are to much and turn into actions, grabbing her skin from behind at the kitchen table, kissing her red lipstick lips, she couldn't resist. The father works hard at work unaware his son and faithful wife are having the most intimate moment in his bed, which he has paid and worked ever so hard for, after the intense moment is over no words are spoke between the boy and mother, they both depart in their own rooms, the boy is so happy his thoughts have come true, his mother on the other hand cant even pull through what shall she do? 

She calls her most trust worthy friend on the telephone crying her lungs out, she tells her friend what has happened, her friend finds it hard to follow she says call me back tomorrow, but the other end of the phone, her son hears this random mother from his local school crying her troubles out, gaining the gossip, laughing with excitement he knows he can tell the hole school whats happened.

The next day arrives and its a school Friday. The kid jumps on the buss with no fuss, immune from today's banter which is strange, but break time finished and its science class now. He sits at his chair and it's a comfortable fit for now. "Oi! heard your mom on the phone last night ha ha! your own flesh and blood and you still can't do a good job!" class mates fired "what do you mean" the boy said clean. "Heard your mom crying over your sex with her lovely bum, your soul is about as useless as an ape without a thumb, you're a sick child and why you're still alive is beyond me." 

The door shut fast with the boy behind it, he trembled up the road and reached for the front door, ran right through ignoring his mother in the hall way before turning around and screeching "how could you do this, I was born to fly and now you've done me bad and its time for me to die." She runs upstairs and questions his profanity, a mother intimate with her son or what insanity. His bedroom door is wide open displaying the lack of humanity." He hangs from the rafters. Oh what ironic proof that the truth is to be heard is nothing but a spoof. The mother backs up quickly, finding the bathroom door. Knowing my "son" is dead, I'm such a harlot. She sits on the edge of the tub, unrolling the toilet paper of its holder. The positive pregnancy test she'd taken this morning falls to the floor, what a way to spoil a soul.

Pulling out the crippled note from her back pocket, gently she reads it, touching her fingertips on the edge of scuffed paper feeling regret.
"I'm sorry son but you are not my son and you never been, the story goes, one rainy morning I was in my bed with dad and the door bell rung, I rushed down the stairs then it begun, I opened the door and there was a baby in a knitted brown basket which was you, when I looked in your young eyes I didn't know what to do, so I fell for you, which has lead to this, but i'm so so sorry lets run away together I love you, lets leave everything and start a new life with each other with our baby, as you are not my son, you are my love and I need this and I need you"

A tear drops, she flushes the note down the toilet and leaves the house, also leaving a note for her husband to read that shes leaving "a nice goodbye", walking out the door, carrying on her normal day.

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