tasteless but priceless

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Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016



As the clock ticks,

And the future picks;

See to it that you are selected;

And by by future not rejected.


Look at the past and learn from it,

So, that for future you are fit;

The time gone is called past;

As long enough it didn't last.


You have to make people fond,

As it seems you are in a pond;

Where you are the fish;

Swim fast or they will put you in their dish.


Come on now on others donot frown,

For if you do this for long in anger you will drown;

Flattering people with a crown;

Just dont be the dumb one in the town.


As I  say time is priceless,

Though, in the present it might seem tasteless;

Believe me you are never ever useless;

Trust me live you life to the fearless.


Everyone does not have fame,

Everyone does not win this game;

Here no one except you are to blame;

As on time you didn't put your talent to flame.

-------(RAYMOND) Ronit Banerjee



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