space junk theory

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along life, shit change's us. for better, for worse. shit change's. shit happens.

Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016



but a chunk of earth you are,
a chunk of rock.

spiraling through space
in your own galaxy,
this is yours.

like space junk, you're plummeting
through the void,
in one direction,
one path.
not left, nor right,
not backwards,
but spiraling endlessly forward.

this is your path,
when all of a sudden,
as you're plummeting forward,
you're struck.

by another chunk of earth,
another chunk of rock.
spiraling in their direction,
their one direction.
this is theirs.

and while this collision may be mild,
and may only alter your path 
but a few degrees,

some collisions are, ruinous.
enough to throw your path completely astray.
enough to obliterate you entirely.

you do not control these collisions,
and while they may be catastrophous,
they do not control you either.

you will endlessly plummet forward.
regardless of what course
you've been struck onto,
battered, beaten,
chipped, or frayed,
your direction, is forward.

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