Grapevine Valentine

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Imagine yourself as the protagonist of a book, a series or a song. Combine the hidden feelings and get an interesting result.
My short story has parts of the following:
-How I Met Your Morhter (Series)
-Grapevine Valentine (Song by Kingsfoil)
-Dance With Me (Song by The Sweet Remains)
-Care of Wooden Floors (Book by Will Wiles)

Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016



Grapevine Valentine

Looking through the still half closed blinds in the afternoon. The room’s filled with a dim cold autumn light. The room itself has somewhat of a nostalgic atmosphere thanks to the furniture with a colour range from seashell to bistre and a rustic and grungy wooden floor and wall, both covered with some wine stain from the excessive lonely nights I’ve been lately spending alone while listening to melancholic songs from the out of place looking subwoofers due its modern look. I’ve always been keen on rather old stuff, because when they surround me they make me feel sophisticated, wise and old. A definition of a hipster from the 21st

An old wise man, with no regrets, a wonderful loving family, that’s what I want to achieve. Living by all means my perfect definition of life, living the life, as if life is a temporary thing, which is actually is. But I’m far away from achieving that.

Let me tell you something. I’m a man in my 30thies who goes by the name Marcus Gylph, living in an
upstate mansion in a top notch neighbourhood, with only wealthy people living in it. I work as a fund
manager for one of the biggest banks in the United States of America. How important is all of that? I’m a man, who has enough money, to buy everything I want. A man, perfectly fitting in today’s norm, defined by humankind itself. A man, which seems fine from the outside, but like an empty shell in the inside. What is money, if you’re not happy?  What is life if you can’t follow your own desires? Fitting in the false society, made up by capitalism and materialism, is not the life anyone should follow.

The song Grapevine Valentine of the band Kingsfoil is playing in the background. I hear the rhythmical downbeat of the drum, the balanced yet wild piano, the deep musical base in the background and a
melodious voice. It fits my saddened mood perfectly.

I imagine myself being in the same building, the same gamboge lounge. The blinds are up, lighting the whole room with a warm yellowish afternoon autumn light. My significant other’s getting done up for the night out I managed to organize in the most beautiful place I’ve seen in the television: the Farhampton Inn. She says she wants to look like a china doll, which in my mind she already does.

We are soulmates, because she somehow can tell what I’m thinking. As if she knew that I think that she already looks like the way she desires, she rolls her tender blue eyes and smiles with her beautifully formed and reddish lips, which playfully enchant her stunning face. Her eyes resembles of a clear blue sky, a raging waterfall and a calm sea. That’s what makes her smoky eyes blustery and tranquil the same time. To
answer her eye rolling I say, that the secret to love is secrecy plus trust, which is laid exposed and
understandable in a spiritual way only for her. She heads back to the bathroom to fix up her hair.

The same song is playing in the background, as if I’m the main protagonist in two parallel universes at the same time, which are miraculously entwined.

Not one word has to be spoken, not a single motion to be done. Just one glance in our sparkling eyes showed the bystanders that it’s a mutual feeling. The same sentence repeated over and over again, as if our minds work as one:


“You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.”


This feeling, this unreplaceable feeling, which cannot be fathomed, not be duplicated. Everyrelationship is unique, weird and magnificent at the same time, because it just happens, you can’t predict it, cannot plan it and for sure impossible by all means to force it. Big entities, consisting of an uncountable amount of atoms, attracted to another of the same species, by a sincere yet not material feeling. Happy should those people be, treasuring the moment of waking up next to the person you love.

As the last beat resounds from my futuristic sound system, I came back to my senses, back to sad reality, back to my absurdly normal life. As for now, all the feelings and love surrounding me, are not anywhere as near as the one I imagined. Everything is based on rumour, on intuition and the art of guessing.
As for now, it’s a grapevine valentine.



Parts Taken from:

  • How I Met Your Mother Series
  • Kingsfoil – Grapevine Valentine
  • The Sweet Remains – Dance With Me
  • Will Wiles – Care Of Wooden Floor


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