Vivid Bliss

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As I've found myself in a depression several years before and overcame it mostly, I decided to process it by writing about it.

Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016



Vivid bliss

Every morning the slumber lingers in my eyes,

and I keep asking myself all the whys.

Why stand up, why not lay down, why waking?

Does this world hold something worth mentioning?

Slow paced footsteps towards the bathroom,

feels like I‘m heading towards my predestined doom.

Prep myself up, getting ready, eat and then drink,

Clean up, take a shower, brush my teeth, do some stretch

where’s the fulfillment in this that we all seek?

Every morning it’s like I’m standing in front of a brink of an edge.

Whilst opening the door, a warm breeze from the west,

it embraces me, taking a deep breath it makes me feel refreshed.

I hear the birds singing  simultaneously a song,

like they are being conducted by Mozart all along.

Cheers me up a little, I catch myself smiling,

slowly but surely I am striving,

to make my day better, I decide not going to work,

even if I let down my colleagues, I don’t feel like a jerk,

but instead I want to go to unravel the unknown,

the treasure of this world that has yet not been shown,

Like a madman I’m passing every little thing in my way,

faster and faster as if I’m participating in a fray.

Uphill, downhill, wherever it may take me

I did not make my mind up, I just want to see

a breathtaking phenomenon that everyone can perceive

in the daily life, although almost no one ever has received,

the ability to treasure the little things this world displays,

may it be the surreal orders or the displaced arrays.

The animals, the rivers, the air, all is serene,

while we hold a future which will always be unforeseen.

Why not treasure the pleasure we discover throughout,

be it grand or small shaped, I have no doubt,

that humanity has lost the ability to value its time

on earth which is limited for a short period, while

we vegetate ourselves in the present depression,

from there on everything goes downhill, humanity’s recession.

So I now differ from the norm’s opinion

and recreate life according to my new found definition.

Slowly I reach my destination,
the goal I’ve set myself for my own recreation.

Now standing on a different brink, my gaze wanders to the horizon,

I feel like floating in space around the planet called Orion.

Now I’m finally convinced that the place I am living,
and a thought in my mind flourished, peacefully relieving,

that beautifully shaped as sceneries like this,

makes me believe that I live in a surreal world full of vivid bliss.


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