In A Bubble

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Sometimes I just have to conjure up a bubble.

Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016



In A Bubble


I feel like I’m in a bubble with impenetrable walls,

I should be feeling safe in here but I don’t at all.


The noise is bouncing round me now, in a spiral motion;

I can feel myself just shutting down, turning off emotion.


The voices they are echoing, clashing on the bubble,

echoing inside so much I know that I’m in trouble.


I want to cower down, I want to get flat on the floor --

from there I could just crawl my way across to reach that door;


but I’m gonna have to stay here, I’m gonna have to take it.

This bubble is invisible so I’ll really have to fake it --


I’ll take my place in all the queues, I’ll force my face to smile,

I’ll switch to autopilot as this is sure to take a while.


I’ll try and take the words in, not just stare at the damn clock,

waiting just to make escape and let the bubble pop.

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