The Eye of a Soldier

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I wrote this last year for school. it was entered in the county peace poetry contest. i won and i have had so many people invite me to their event to read it. i really would love feedback, i just love to write! i prefer to write books, but this homework assignment has become a big hit. please comment ;p

Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016



The Eye of a Soldier

The thunder of bombs and artillery shells exploding slowly deafens me.

My body tenses as the piercing sound of bullets fly through the air.

My ears scream from the nearby rockets and grenades exploding.

I pray to hear the sound of combat aircraft flying overhead.


The smell of stale earthen dust engulfs me.

Men around me reek of BO.

The metallic smell of blood still burns my nostrils.

The aroma of diesel fuel makes my head spin.


I lick my lips to moisten my dry, tasteless mouth.

Grit rubs my gums raw, causing the taste of salty blood.

I can still taste disgusting metal and smoke from the last bomb.

I feel like a hand is gnawing at my stomach as it growls.


I look over and my eyes scream at the sight of lone body limbs.

My eyes try to adjust to all the bullets soaring by my head.

All around me soldiers are desperate, tired and afraid.

I am surprised my eyes can still see.


Something flies by me.

I feel a burning sensation.

One last thought overtakes me.

" Why not peace?”




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The Eye of a Soldier

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