a dark love

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Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016




“You cheated us Loki.” Said the lead frost giant. “Actually gentlemen you cheated yourselves by letting me into your wonderful home! Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll just be leaving” Swords crossed in front of him. “Smooth” I said. He turned to look at me. “You might want to duck” “What?” “Now!!” he ducked just as the giant swung its sword. I lifted my blade and when the swords collided sparks flew. I disarmed the giant with ease. “Rhena we do not wish to fight with you.” “Oh good! Then you’ll let me take him?” “Uhh no” I sighed. “Well I’m sorry but then we have reached an impasse” “is that French?” I closed my eyes and sighed. “Look at this! He annoys the hell out of you!” “Ah no his brother does” “Oh good I’m not the only one” a small laugh escaped me and Loki stared at me surprised. “Did I just make you laugh?!” “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Listen let us go!” “I’m sorry Rhena I can’t” “Then you leave me no choice” My sword started on fire. “Run!” “You don’t have to tell me twice” he said taking off. “Coward” I growled. The giants advanced and I swung my sword burning the whole front row into crisps. “Duck!” Loki said. I did and he cut off a giants head. “What the Hell are you doing back here and is that my sword? How?” “God of mischief baby! You just got Loki’d!” more giants surged forward. “Hey Loki your brother is pretty high strung.” “Yeah I guess” “You know what you are?” “What?” I smirked. “low-key” He laughed “Not bad. Not bad at all” “Yes well I do have a sense of humor” “Hey Rhena we have company” “as long as it’s not your brother-“ Thunder roared. “Damnit!” “So… escape plan?” “There is none” “Well this it for me” “Loki you’re not going to die.” “Well then I’ll just be locked up for eternity” “That won’t happen either” “Then what-?” “If someone disagrees with the king and if they’re powerful enough they can challenge him to a duel” Thor appeared in front of us. “Rhena are you okay?” “Shove off bastard!” Thor turned to Loki. “I should have killed you ages ago!” Thor said charging his hammer. Loki turned to me. “Well my dear. It’s been wonderful knowing you for the thirty minutes I have. I just want to let you know I find you extremely sexy in an evil sort of way” I rolled my eyes and stepped in front of Loki just as the arc shot towards him. “Thor, stop it! Stop it!!” “I – I can’t! It j – just goes until it decides to stop!” “You have got to stop it!” “It’s too late!” the lightning stopped surging into me. “Well sorry to disappoint you boys but it’s not too late.” I  thrust out my hand out and Thor’s hammer flew into it. “You can wield my brother’s hammer?” Loki said standing up slowly.


She smiled and stepped up to me putting her hands on my chest. "I can sense it" I instinctively put my hands on her waist. "Sense what?" I said. "The evil blossoming inside of you." "God of Mischief darling. Evil is how I survive." I said touching her face. She closed her eyes and leaned into my hand. A new feeling arouse inside of me and I traced her lips with my finger. She trembled and I leaned down to kiss her neck. "Mm Loki. I'm not saying that I'm not loving this but now is not the best time." She said as Frost Giants started roaring. "Right. Plan?" "We make for my secret safe house" I nodded.


We went into the safe house. It had only one bedroom. "It's not what your used to" She said. "Anything is better than what I'm used too" I said looking at her. She yawned and looked exhausted. "You need to sleep." I told her. "Right, you take the bed and I'll take the couch." "I don't think-" "No arguing." She said yawning again. "Fine. You need a place to crash." She plopped down on the couch and I kneeled by her face. "Aren't you going to sleep also?" "Yeah, I'm just going to sit with you a while." She rolled onto her side facing me and intertwined her fingers in mine. I froze and looked at our hands. That new feeling was back. It was very warm. I looked at her and saw her studying me. "Have you never held someone's hand?" "Well, being the God of Mischief and Lies love is not easy to come by" "Well, lucky for you I like you for who you are." She said putting her hand back in mine. "Well, we've already established that your crazy!" I said smirking. She smiled and closed her green eyes. Her red hair had fallen in her face so i tucked it behind her ear. Her breathing slowed until she was in a deep sleep. I gently picked her up and brought her into the bedroom. I laid her in the bed and pulled the covers over her then I went and laid on the couch.


I woke up in the bed and I sighed. I got out of the bed and went into the living room. There was Loki stretched out on the couch. I laid a blanket on him and kneeled down beside him. "Thanks" he said softly. I raised my eyebrows at him. "What?" "I ?told you I was going to take the couch" "Yes well it's time you learned that I don't listen to any one" he said touching my face. I smiled and leaned into his hand. I laid my head on the couch by his chest. He kissed my neck and I trembled. He laid back and closed his blue eyes. I put my hand in his and he gently squeezed it. He fell asleep quickly and well I guess I did too. Pretty soon Loki was gently shaking me awake. There was a smile on his face. "Here I went through all that trouble to put you in the bed to be nice and yet here you are. That's what I get for being nice" "Oh shut up!" I said. He laughed and sat up. I sat on the couch next to him. "Tell me were you comfortable?" "Somewhat. I'm extremely comfortable now." I said leaning into his chest. He froze and I felt that uncertainty. Like he didn't know what to do. But then quick as a flash it was gone and he put his arms around me. "Slick. I'm impressed" Suddenly there was knocking on our door. "Damnit!" "Who could that be?" "There is only one person that knows about this place other than you and I" I opened the door to see my sister Lea wearing almost nothing. "Since when are you an Asgardian fugitive and why the hell did you not invite me? I mean what were you doing? Oh!" "Who's this?" Loki asked barely looking at my almost naked sister. "She's my sister" I said. "She was always obssessed with you but come with me and you'll never what hit you" Lea said seductively to Loki. I left to let them talk. We all know who the God of Mischief will go with. The door closed and I felt gentle hands on my shoulders and soft lips kissed my neck. I turned to Loki. "I thought..." "What? That I left? Why would you think that?" "W-well you're the God of Mischief..." "So you think I would just leave?! You still don't know me. I'm not leaving you anytime soon." I threw my arms around him and he froze. Then he slowly put his arms around me and I felt him relax.


That feeling was stronger than ever. She pulled back to look at my face. "Why didn't you go? She undoubtdly asked." "She did. She's not my type." I leaned foward to kiss her cheek but she moved her head so our lips accidently touched. I froze and she did too. I looked into her green eyes and parted her lips with mine. She closed her eyes and kissed me back, softly. I felt like I was in a coccoon of warmth. I closed my own eyes and let myself be taken away into her warmth.

I woke up with Rhena laying on my chest and one of her hands in mine. I sighed in content. Suddenly there was banging on the door. "Loki come out! There is no hiding from Asgard!" Rhena woke up. "How the hell did they find us?!" "The only thing I can think of is you're sister." I said standing up. "Come on they'res a back way out" I said opening the bedroom window. We snuck into the forest. "Rhena! Wait for me!" It was her sister Lea. "Shit!" "I'll tell her she's on her own." "It's not that" I turned to look at her and there was an arrow sticking out of her chest. I froze and two emotions chased themselves around my mind. Fear and panic. She staggered and was already turning pale. I couldn't move. Lea tried to pick her up. "Well don't just stand there! Help me get her to safety! I know a place we can get shelter and its secret.” I shook myself and gently lifted her up. Lea took us into the forest to a hidden shack surrounded by healing herbs. “I know these herbs. I can heal her” “What can I do?” Lea asked. “You can stand guard for that army you brought to us!” I said taking Rhena inside. I worked on healing her all night until the poison was gone and she just had a fever. She opened her eyes. “Loki? Did you heal me?” “Almost all the way. You just have a fever and there are no blankets nothing I can keep you warm with except for the one on you” “Your body heat can keep me warm. Come lay beside me” She said softly. I smiled and did. She tucked her head into my chest. “Loki?” “Hmm?” “What’s wrong?” She asked looking up at me. I almost lied to her and said ‘Nothing’ but something stopped me. I sighed. “I’m tempted to turn myself in so they’ll leave you alone.” She froze. “You know they’ll kill you, right?” “Whatever. There’s nobody that really cares what happens to me anyway.” I said shrugging and boy was that the wrong thing to say! She slapped my face. I was so confused until I saw the tears streaming down her face. “I thought that you were the smart one! Can’t you see how much I care about you?! How much… How much I love you?! Do you have any idea what it’d do to me if you died?! I wouldn’t be able to live with myself! I –“ I stopped her with sweet kiss “Hush you are the ‘meleth en nin gur’” She looked up at me astonished. “Th- the love of your heart?” “That’s right. I’m sorry I scared you.” I said drying her tears. “I love you Loki.” “I love you too darling. Now you need to rest. You have a fever to break.” I said kissing her forehead. She closed her eyes and snuggled up to me. I listened as her breathing slowed and she fell asleep.


I woke to Loki and Lea whispering. “I think her fever broke.” He said and I felt his cool gentle hands on my forehead. Then he kissed me. “You really love my sister, don’t you?” “Yes, in fact I feel like the word ‘love’ is an understatement. Let’s see I ‘adore’ her? I’m infatuated with her?” “How about you ‘cherish’ me?” I said opening my eyes and smiling at him. “That works.” He said kissing me. “How are you feeling?” “Incredibly sweaty. I’m surprised your still curled up next to me.” “It’s going to take a lot more than sweat to make me leave your side.” He said leaning over top of me and kissing me. “Yes well, you are going to take a shower and I have an outfit for you.” Said Lea throwing me some clothes. “All right. I’ll be back.” I said kissing him again. The warm water felt good on my body. I put on the outfit Lea gave me and stepped out of the bathroom. Lea had her head in her hands and Loki was trying really hard not to look at me. “What happened?” I asked Lea. “Yes, well, Lord Mischief over here couldn’t resist peeking a couple a times.” Loki chuckled nervously. “Oh I know.” “And you didn’t come storming out to beat the shit out of him?! Who the hell are you and what have you done with my sister?” “Oh I do believe she’s right here” I said sticking my hand in my bra. Loki just about died of laughter. “Oh god who are you? Well, I’m going to be outside, like you care, and if you need me, which you won’t, just hollar.” I laughed and sat on the bed next to Loki. I leaned into his chest and he put his arms around me. “Mmm, you smell good. Like roses” he said. “Do I smell like roses or did you see what shampoo I was using?” “Uh what’s the safe answer?” “Both” “All right, both then” I giggled and kissed him. “Mmm” he put his hand on my stomach. We laid on the bed and he buried his face into my chest. “What-?” I laughed. He ran his hand from my stomach down to my right thigh. I layed my head back and closed my eyes. He rubbed my thigh with one hand and held my hand in the other. We must have fallen asleep like this because Lea woke us up in a whiny voice. “Moooom Rhena is being naughty again!” I busted up laughing. “Shove off little sis!” “Okay, okay. Hey Loki” she whispered something in his ear. “Cool thanks” “Wait, what was that about?” “Oh nothing she told me the key to my success.” He said smirking. He ran his hand from my thigh to the back of my knee. “What did she tell you?” “That… You’re… Ticklish!!” He said grabbing the back my knee. I busted up laughing. “Stop! Stop! I’ll do anything you want!” He stopped. “Anything?” “Well maybe not anything-“ “Take off your clothes” I stared at him. “Good lord really? Well if that’s all you wanted then gladly”


I woke up to someone poking me in the forehead. I opened my eyes to look into Lea’s face. “Ha! Told you it would work.” “Ah yes. Ahem it did. Now can- can you leave us?” “Oh, Right. I’ll be outside where I’m needed” and she left. Rhena stirred beside me her naked body pressed up against mine. There were more blankets on the nightstand beside us. That’s what Lea was doing back in here. I grabbed a blanket and covered us up in it. “Loki?” “Hey” I said kissing her. She trembled when my lips touched hers and she kissed me back gently. Lea walked into room her face stark white. “Uh guys. N – new update on you guys being fugitives.” “Your pale face say its bad. But how bad can I be?” I said in an unusually good mood. “How bad? How bad?! Well I’ll tell you How. Bad. If you sir don’t turn yourself in my sister dies!! Yeah so how bad can it be?” My good mood was gone and I felt like throwing something. “Loki?” Rhena put her hand on my chest. “You better make your decision Loki.” “Lea GET OUT!!” Rhena yelled at her. Lea walked out. “Loki? Are you okay?” “I’m fine. I know that if they capture you you’ll just fight your way out. Now let’s go back to sleep. I said laying on my side. I slowed my breathing down to make it look like I was asleep. I waited until she was in a deep sleep then I got dressed. I went over and kissed Rhena on her forehead as gently as I could. Then I left the cottage. I was halfway down the road to the village when Lea stepped out of the shadows. “You’re making a big mistake.” She said to me. “Really? Because it sounded like you wanted me to leave.” “I’m just trying to protect my sister.” “So am I.” I said. She stepped towards me. “You know she’ll just follow you.” Lea said. “That’s where you come in. Don’t let her follow me.” She looked at me. “You know I have the uncanny ability to tell someone’s health. My sister is pregnant Loki. Somehow by just one night you got her pregnant.” I choked up. “E – even more of a reason for you to keep her safe.” “It’s growing fast. You’re just going to leave the child fatherless??” “If I don’t do this the child won’t even be born and Rhena will die!! Which do you prefer?” I yelled at her. She stepped away from me. “I want my sister to be happy. I’ll keep her from following you but know that I’m hating every moment that you guys aren’t together. Now go before she wakes up!!” Lea said. I nodded and made my way into the village. There were three Asgardian guards standing at the edge of the forest. “Hey idiots!” I called to them. They turned around and I threw my daggers down and kneeled in an act of submission. As they put chains on me I hoped that Rhena would be okay.


I woke up alone in the bed and Lea was sitting in a chair next to the bed, watching me. “He left, didn’t he?” “Yes and he left me the duty to stop you from following him.” I started to cry and my stomach started hurting. “Hey stop crying and get your sword.” Lea said to me. “W – why?” “Because we are going after him. You would with or without me so let’s make it with.” I got up and hugged her. “Thank you, Lea.” I said picking up my blue sword.

We used the bifrost to get to Asgard and sad to say were immediately captured. But at that time I was already thinking of a plan. Lea and I were brought into the throne room. What I saw made me almost lose control. Loki was extremely bloody and was being held up by two guards. His mouth was bound. His gaze locked on mine and he started to struggle weakly. Thor slammed his hammer into Loki’s chest and Loki grunted in pain and slumped into unconsciousness. Thor raised his hammer for another blow but I flew at him with my hands still bound. The hammer fell onto my chains and broke them just as Lea broke away from hers and attacked the guards holding Loki. I summoned my sword and attacked Thor, Sword against Hammer. I slashed and cut at Thor at almost no mercy until he was bleeding from a ton of places. I knocked the hammer out of his hand and picked it up. I used it against him and blasted him into the wall where he was knocked out cold. I ran back to Loki who was laying on the ground and took the binding off of his mouth and hands. He opened his eyes slowly and tried to focus on me. “Hey baby.” He said weakly. “Don’t ‘hey baby’ me. You are so dead for leaving me.” He laughed weakly then coughed up blood. “I’m getting there.” “No, you’re not. You’re coming home with me.” I said starting to panic. “Rhena baby it’s too late. I’m dying.” He closed his eye and took a shuddering breath. “Do you know…?” “If you’re going to say do I know I’m pregnant yes I do. It’s going to be a girl.” He opened his eyes. “R – really? Do you have a name?” “Frigga.” I said tears running down my face. “Like our mother.” Thor said kneeling down beside Loki. I sensed a change in him. He was calmer. “Why didn’t you tell me you were having a child?” Thor asked Loki. “Well brother you weren’t in the most talkative mood.” Thor laughed “I don’t know what came over me.” “You were being possessed.” I said. “Wow! Who would do that?” “Sounds like something Loki would do.” I said. I turned to look at Loki and saw his eyes were closing. “Hey baby stay with us. Stay with me.” I said. His breathing was labored. Tears started running down my face. He tried to lift his hand to touch my face. I picked up his hand and put it against my cheek. “Be a good mother.” “How can I if you’re not there?” I sobbed. “You’ll find a way. You found a way to love me didn’t you?” “Yes but that was easy. This will be hard.” He smiled. “You… can… do it…” he sighed and his hand fell from my cheek. I sat there sobbing and Thor put his arms around me. I pushed him away. I wasn’t going to let Loki’s brother put his arms around me when I was so hopelessly in love with Loki. Lea came over to me. “Rhena remember what our mother used to tell us?” I looked up at her. “Which thing?” “When she told us are healing magic was very strong. She said she thought together we could probably bring someone back from the dead. Want to test that theory?” I nodded. Lea sat on one side of Loki’s body while I sat on the other. We put on her hands on his body and started to sing.

 When the cold of winter comes

Starless night will cover day

In the veiling of the sun

We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams I can hear your name

And in dreams we will meet again

When the seas and mountains fall

And we come to the end of days

In the dark I hear a call

Calling me there

I will go there and back again


“Now we wait.” Lea said sitting back. I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I’m not sure how long I laid there but I was just dozing off when I heard a soft thumping noise coming from his chest. I lifted my head and touched his face. “Loki?” his eyes fluttered open. “R – Rhena?” I sighed in relief and started crying. He sat up slowly. “Welcome back brother.” Thor said slapping Loki on the back. “The question is how. How am I back?” “You’re girlfriend has a bit of magic of her own.” Lea said smiling at me. Loki looked at me he touched a spot on my cheek. When he pulled his fingers away there was blood on them. “You’re bleeding.” “Yes and you just came back from the dead!” I said throwing myself at him. He laughed in between kissing me. “Don’t ever die on me again.” I said crying. He laughed softly. “I have no intention on it.”

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