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Humans are on another planet as a man comes into the village that the humans inhabited.

Submitted: November 30, 2016

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Submitted: November 30, 2016










Morning as the sun glides over the mountains in a silvery mist of fog as the Azure Sapphire river covered with the rolling thick fog, covering the wide Azure colored blue river water. The fog always thick in the morning, especially in winter as the storms often bring clouds in the Azure river basin at night. In Summer, the fog is lighter and more grayish in color, duller as the clouds are less dense with rain.

While the water covered by fog, the river bank along the curve of the Azure and Sapphire river split is more protective with a flat land surface, wide with a village not as awake as the land is. The ground moved last night with a nearby tremor, common as an active volcano is nearby, under the Black Rock Caves, underwater where is regular spits out lava every day or so. The region of Azure-Sapphire grows by a feet a year. The land is solid as under the soil, 8 feet down, is solid granite, hard and solid as stone. There is a few areas where mines exist but they are more southern near Lake Aqua where the granite is softer and less abundant.

The Village of Azure is only a year old if lucky, surviving on what the earth can provide and what they find when they moved into the abandoned village. Grain did grow here wild and that harvest lasts even now. The bend of the Azure Sapphire river where the river splits has a landmark, a stone totem of the Dragon, Phoenix, Pegasus, and the Unicorn, the four symbols of the area. The new inhabitant pay very little attention to the statue as the statue is a relic of a past of the area.


While the village awakes, a man arrives with three horses, walking into the clearance. The stallion is gray, like the color of silver as the mare, pregnant with her next foal, is dark gray to black, like the color of Galena. Silver and Galena are common here. The third horse, younger, a yearling or two years of age, is brown with gray patches on him. The three horses and the man are unknown here.

When the current inhabitants arrived, the house stands empty, very much abandoned by someone. They left the house alone as the totem is the same as the one of the bend of the river. They preferred to keep their distance from the house as it is on the outskirts near a swampy area of black rice. Most likely wild rice, it grows in abundance in the swamp behind the house. The man stops at the house, unloading himself from the silver stallion. He takes the three horses into a shelter area, most likely the barn area, right next door to house.

One resident notices the stranger as she is very curious about him. His cloths are like any man's cloths, a pair of trousers with boots as his coat is mid thigh length with hood. The coat is some kind of leather, maybe animal skins. She watches from the door of the house, just eying him as he moves around the entrance. A wasp nest is close to the doorway as the 1 inch wasps are not bothering him. The wasps are harmless unless you bother the nests as they pollinate the crops and the nests allowed at the furthest tips of the house. The flies are rare when they are around, so they are good insects eaters.

He opens the house as the door stays open for a few minutes, allowing air to clean out the house, airing it out. He cleans up the area with his barn, neat as he is. He is not really showing his face as his face covered with a mask. As the resident watches him, a voice rings out inside the house she come from.

“Elizabeth, close the door.” A woman says as the strange man looks at her before she walks back inside the house. Elizabeth closes the door and the house is warm again as the smell of baking bread fulls the air. Elizabeth, as the eldest daughter, is very eligible for marriage and very much highly


respected. The houses are very simple, basic square structure with multi room with multi purpose. The room, with the wood burning stove, warms the living room as well as dinning room as well as kitchen. The side doors lead to separate areas. One side, the left side, is the barn with a staircase upstairs to a bedroom area with living room and two bedrooms. The right side door is the storage room with complete bathroom as the bedrooms have a toilet and a water basin.

The walls and floor are adobe and some concrete like materials with beams inside the ceilings for support for the upper floor. The house is very old, old as the settlement, reportedly 400 years of age. Some repair work has been done to the building over time. The staircase hallway outside has growth charts of children that once lived here, very much a home at some point. Elizabeth prefer to know the stranger and how does he know about this place. Tough wool is the clothing of choice as the winter months are upon them again.


The stranger settles into his new house for the winter months with a very warm fire in the stove, burning alive again. The thought of home is just a memory as home is not really there anymore. With his wife's passing a few months ago, the stranger has been alone as their children with having children their own. He settles into a routine of cleaning and maintenance as he does every year. Now, the young lady looking at him is not someone he knows. This village is abandoned, not really used. So, Azure village is a stop point for the night or a few days in the dangerous snow storm that can arrive and leave without warning.

The sun finally arrives and the fog clears, the warmth, at least some warmth arrives as the stranger has some time to find out about his neighbors. He just notices that their clothing is similar but not the same. They look at each other with hesitation. Nothing said as one young lady notices the stranger and walks to him along the paths to his house.

“Mr., do you know about how to deliver a baby?” she asks as her dress is one piece with long sleeved and ankle length, blue in color, worn from use. The apron worries him the most. Her hair is in a bun, with a white cap over it. The coat is mid thigh as it is worn from use.

“Yes, I do. Why?” The stranger asks, “Explain the blood.”

“My sister-in-law is in labor, she is bleeding.” The young lady says

“Let's go.” The stranger says. Walking to the house, very close near by, the young lady is very quickly walking, in a hurry. “What is your name?”

“Rebecca, everyone calls me Becca. Yours?” Becca says

“David.” David says very quickly as they reach the house. Becca opens the door. The house is warm with a fire as the smell is very apparent. David removes his coat, placing it on the chairs. A man is in a shirt and pants with holders, pacing outside the door as a women is screaming from the pain. “Is that the lady in labor?”

“Yes. Her name is Sarah. The pacing man is her husband, Thomas.” Becca says. David walks to the door, opens it as two women, older in age, same type of cloths as Becca is with her. David knows by the smell that the baby passed already. The smell is so acute that her life needs saving. He walks out of the room.

“The blue flower plant, the one of the table, pick me two large leaves and boil me some water. I need the two leaves in a cup, with boiling water on top of them, add honey for sugar. I need a red blanket or towel for the baby.” David says as he walks into the room. The two women are trying to help her deliver. David takes over and asks them to be her moral support.


Becca brings in the cup with leaves, honey, and boiling water. Sarah already stopped pushing as David attempts to move the baby around in its current position, from the outside.

“This will hurt, I am sorry.” David says, warning her, attempts to move with Sarah screaming from the pain. Labor for hours, Sarah tired and in pain. David has the baby in the right position for


delivery. Sarah drinks the tea as her face is very much not impressed. “The tea is bitter. Honey needed. It will work in due timing, rest and breathe normally.” David stays close to the room, in the side chair of the table, in the living area. The plant on the table becomes an interest of Becca. Sarah needs to rest as Thomas stays with her, in the room.

“The plant, what is it?” Becca asks

“Sapphire plant, known for brilliant sapphire blue flowers, they can make a house smell like a field of open flowers, this beautiful tulip like flower with dark green leaves and stem. It is striking that the flowers are true blue, like the color of Sapphire or the deep ocean.. It used by child birth, infertility, menopause, women's issues, also known as the Chaste plant or Magnolia herb. Even through it prevent pregnancy as well, so the name is misleading. Many a wandering female used it to stay non pregnant before marriage if they are having relations.” David says as Sapphire plant is 1 feet tall, with forest greet leaves and several beautiful blue flowers. They are usually house plants that the women use on a daily basis.


One hour passes as Thomas comes out and alerts David that she is cramping. David goes into the room, with the two older ladies as Thomas stays out of the room during this time. Not a sound made for a few minutes as the house is quiet as the bean soap cooks on the stove. The house begins to worry about her until David comes out of the room, a few minutes later.

“Thomas, what I figured. Baby died in uteri, Sarah is fine. She is currently in the bathroom. The placenta is out, so the bleeding finished.” David says, “Give her about 3 month healing time and she will alright for another pregnancy. Prefer to wait longer. While we are here, if trying, two small leaves. If in menopause, one to two large leaves. If not trying to become pregnant, one large leaf. If trying to remove a pregnancy, one large leaf. If in the time of cycle, two to four small leaves, deals with the cramps as well as the bleeding.” Becca looks at him. “I smelled you.”

“I do not smell.” Becca says

“I am an Aquarian, my nose is more sensitive. Aquarian female gives off the smell when she is in cycle. No blood, nothing, just a smell. You smell like hormones, so you must be pregnant.” David says, “I do not know your customs for bury, so Sarah wants to bury him. So, I respect her wishes. If you are planting a tree, put the placenta under the tree, good luck and it is a nice reminder that someone once did exist.”


Becca and her mother, Ann, visits Sarah as she has a few minutes with her son before she buries him. She cries as she mourns. She had a feeling that something is wrong and she would lose the baby. Her labor want too long as he is also premature. David grabs his coat and says goodbye as they need to grieve. As he walks away, a man walks into the house to find his wife crying. His daughter, Sarah, lost the baby. They have a chance to say goodbye and make peace with his passing.

David walks back to his house as Becca follows him.

“How you do deal with the body, in your customs?” Becca asks

“Give the body back to Redman as an offering to allow another pregnancy to give life.” David says, “Redman is the god of blood and death. It is honest to say that you are monotheist, one god.”

“Offering, burning.” Becca says

“Yes, fire removes the smell and odor of death as the tree represents the grave, a way to remember them in a positive light. That they once exist and the Gods decide that it is their time to die.” David says, “Where is your husband at?”

“Dead, he died several months ago, sickness.” Becca says, “He had diarrhea, a fever, cold chills, sweats, like the flu.”

“River Sickness.” David says.

“Since you know this place, is there any way to teach us about this world?” Becca asks


“Yes, just remember that I am not a monotheist.” David says

“Ok.” Becca says

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