the diary of the princess who became the queen

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Submitted: December 01, 2016

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Submitted: December 01, 2016



The Diary of the Princess Who Became the Queen

By Gail Trotter
















"Power of the Sun" 3



"A Seed Was Sewn" 4



"A Rose Was Growing" 5



"Royal Family" 6



"The Bee" 7



"As the Roots Grow Strong" 8



"Blossom" 9


Power of the Sun

Beautiful black queen
Let your strength carry like the power of a thousand suns
Soaking the warmth of bright sunbeams
Your melanin bliss glowing 

Beautiful black queen
Your love so warm as a power only you can possess
With a mane no treatment can contain
Nothing can take away this beauty

Beautiful black queen
You have the power of the sun



A Seed Was Sewn

I always daydream. A lot of the time, it is the same dream, and it always happens when I'm tired during class. But it is in this house, nothing grand or a mansion or anything like that. It is a lovely blue house, with white trim, a front porch with a brown weaved couch and red pillows. A fence surrounds the front lawn and a walkway to the house. In the front, there is a beautiful area with flowers and a fountain. The walkway is a path, and it sparkles as the sun hits it during the day, and shimmers as bright as glitter at moonlight. I really want that house.
Being in college and having to pay money to attend, makes me realize that I can no longer play around. I need to do what I was sent here for. I want to not only graduate, but graduate with honors, and graduate knowing that what I did throughout my college career set me apart from others. I want to know that all of the sacrifices my mother made for me are going to pay off. I want to be apart of something much greater. My dream is to be able to not worry about bills, not live apartment to apartment, or not be able to financially provide for my children. I dream for my children to be proud of me and to see true love between me and my husband. I dream of my family never having to suffer, especially if I am more than capable to help them. I want that house.



A Rose Was Growing

Magazines always show the same images. Light skin models with exotic features and hair to their buttocks. What about dark skin females? Why are we forgotten?
When I was younger, being dark skin was hard, especially growing up being the darkest child. I was teased all the time about my skin color and people often did not believe that I belonged to my family. When my sister would pick me up from my after school program, I would always hear whispers, "How are they related?". I would get even more aggravated because I began to believe it. I was angry that my sister and mother were deemed prettier than me because of the color of their skin.
Fast forward to the present now. I grew up and began realizing, it does not matter my skin color, I am beautiful in my own way. I was happy this day, and it was then on that I began welcoming my beauty and myself.
What I began to notice, however, is how social media have now changed many outlooks on dark skinned people. For many now idolize the melanin enriched people and wishing for a dark girlfriend and boyfriend. But what the media portrays are images of dark skin people with euro centric features and impossible body figures. Our bodies must excessively oil ourselves and have a long straight weave or our natural coils up to our shoulders. I am tired of the standards.
Why does it all matter? Was there ever a time where all that matters was how you present yourself? I want to live in a time where you do not have to do too much to be considered beautiful. Everyone wants to be perfect, but others constantly put them down. When will we allow the roses to grow?



Royal Family

I will never forget my sister telling me she was pregnant. The mix of emotions I felt, excitement, joy and nervousness. Her first child, my first niece or nephew, our mother's first grandchild. Preparing for the baby shower was everything. Our mother gave my nephew the nickname Bear, because in the womb, he barely kicked and was always sleeping like a bear. So guess what the theme of the party was, that is right, bears.
It was a beautiful baby shower. My mother's friend is a baker and catered the goodies. Teddy graham bears on the cookies and lollipops with blue icing surrounding it. The cake had brow icing and a design of a baby butt underneath a blue blanket. Table cloths were blue and brown, with beaded jar decorations and balloons attached. Guests had baby pins and signed the picture frame with a photo of my nephew's sonogram in the middle.
My sister's best friend and I hosted the baby shower. We played games, held raffles and let people know when it was okay to eat. The food was delicious. My mother and her friends made plenty of food for everyone including, curry chicken, stew chicken, rice and peas, roti, collard greens, corn and much more. People went for seconds and thirds. It was a great baby shower, to welcome my nephew into the royal family.



The Bee

It was almost my birthday. Me and my friends went out the weekend before to celebrate and now on Sunday, we finished our studying for Finals. My birthday always falls on Finals week. As I was in the basement of my dorm, trying to finish the last of my math homework, my friend Briauna texted me. She told me that she was coming to where I was to study for her finals with someone from my building. I had not known who the boy was she going to study with, so I wondered who she was talking about. About ten minutes later, she came downstairs with him and introduced Brandon.
We were the only people in the basement. Briauna sat on a chair, Brandon sat on a couch, and I sat on the arm of the couch. He had greenish- brown eyes and tan skin with a full beard, and it definitely made me notice him. I'm not sure what it was though. As more people came into the basement, Brandon and I came closer and began holding conversations. We had so much in common, we laughed at the same jokes, and were interested in the same music. It was the start of a blossoming relationship.


As the Roots Grow Strong

I cannot wait until I am at my optimum glow in life. I am going to be stable in every aspect- financially, physically, spirtually, and emotionally. Although, one thing I am not sure about is marriage. Although the idea of marriage scares me, I do want that eventually. To wake up, feel loved and be loved, its scary. I mean what if someone just wakes up and falls out of love? Is that possible? I think I'm being too dramatic.
Marriage is a beautiful and respected ceremony, but the idea of commitment on that level is scary. Scary in the aspect that you are bound to each other, but what if you do not entirely know that person? I think marriage may not be that scary, but maybe it is the fact that this person knows your every flaw. Can someone truly love you through problems you have been through? I mean, sure you are in a relationship for however long, but can someone stand the weight of all of your problems?And then still be willing to marry? Maybe I am not afraid of the idea of marriage, but the idea of finding true love?
When you think about the future, you think about things like this all the time. But then again, I could just be dramatic. I'm not sure. I think that when the time comes and I am ready, I will finally know my stance on the topic, but for now I am going to enjoy my youth. But watch me say that now and still talk about it later.



I am tired of people that judge others. I am tired of the snickers and stares and the constant putting others down. I have begun to gain self confidence from this and I could not be happier. I am beautiful and no one is going to disregard or discredit my self love. I am tired of being judged about self- expression. I am bold, daring, fun-loving and happy. I will not take disrespect from anyone, especially when the choices I make are the ones that affect no one else but myself.
I will never allow someone to slander me and judge me. As my father always told me growing up, "be somebody" and "no one owes you anything.". I am to be the best role model. I will by allowing my confidence to be a beacon of radiance, allow my love to shine as hard as the sun and alleviate myself of all cares about people that do not want me to prosper. In the same way that I am told no one owes me anything, I as well do not owe anyone anything and will not allow any one's negativity to ever stop me from shining.

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