Highlighter War; The Never War for Money

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This is the first piece to a collection of short pieces that will be compiled into a book of short stories about my life and the current world.

Submitted: December 01, 2016

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Submitted: December 01, 2016



Highlighter War The Never War For Money


I woke up to the screams of eagle.  One of my friends makes snow, in the great valley I know!  If I only knew then what I didn't know now.  Some of them were called, out like.

This one we'll pick him, sensible he seems to love to make peace, and he needs us more than we don't need him.  Did he hear the call?  Of course he did, this is the highlighter war, get that one in the corner in the dark, we can see him now even if you can't, because this is the dark.

I saw em' and they were so tall that they were bent I know it happened for a reason but was anyone there to hear the silence of the streets in the morning after the screams as night.  I am not sure so I swept up the sidewalk and made sure that everything was fine.  After all we had to thank the precedent in some way so they stayed the people all together now after the word game.  Some that were in power that thought they wouldn't be forever surely conceded and some that thought they would be in power forever surely thought that they would leave for now, be back later in the night, perhaps hide under your bed.

So and there I was, asking everyone around what to do all slow wishing that I knew now what I didn't know then.  Hearing the scream of eagle in my head.  They progressed as fast as a freakin' snow camel and I saw the pour.  So I drank the wine of the beast and fell out of love with the highlighter, thought that I should learn Russian and how to read the Qur'an. 

And in the great valley, the only one that I knew that other eagle made the snow so that the little people were cold in the morning all far away and stuff, something that I loved.  Journal, what journal, get that one he's in the dark and at least that way they will all be safe, the one's that we need.  And peace be with you because there isn't enough people in the dark for us to get now. 

So I woke up in the morning and I was on a drive, yeah a drive in a car and I heard the screams of an eagle in my head and I thought that I was in the light and that they might wanted of me to get some of them that were in the dark.  He, appears to be some sort of a good cook, we will use this one so that they can eat at the rear.  Stuff, useless stuff to us now and I wish that I would have known now what I didn't know then. 

Back to the dark again this is where it really gets wicked, they need you, you must do what you don't want to do now for a while, don't worry we will congratulate you when the work is through and I heard the call and my life has never been the same.

Stop breathing so loud and start to think for yourself, they left one behind he got locked up for prudence, it sounds so terrible your honor but I object and by the way it's been way to cloudy this day, what about that global cooling that you said was going to come out and get me and why is it so hot all the damn time.  I carry an extra pair of headlights in my car in case of a sand storm.

Gold, give me some of that, wires, give me some of that, board games give me some of that, anything big, give me some of that we might need that for later. 


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