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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

zombified is about a 17 year old named jake matthews.jake just woke up covered in dirt and encountered a strange man hunting for him.jake must try to evade this man and figure out what happened to him.

Table of Contents

Where am I?

I woke up one morning or at least I think it was morning and I was covered in dirt.I had no idea how I got here and why I was covered i... Read Chapter

My ring

I looked up at the sky and realized something that I hadn't noticed before.The sun,looked a greenish,orange color.I was trying to figur... Read Chapter

Rest in Peace

I started to notice my surroundings more and more.I noticed that there were no buildings,houses and not even any people.I was in a fore... Read Chapter

The injection

    I can't believe he would do that to me,we were best friends.We were so close we even went to the college together and... Read Chapter

Could this day get any worse...

I have to find away out if these woods.I could either go left,right or straight.I’m definitely not going left because there’s some ... Read Chapter

Run forest run

The man was staring at me with a curious fascinating and I was doing the same thing to him. “What do you want?”I said kind of s... Read Chapter

Tree Hollow

I was running as fast as my legs would carry me.I wasn’t sure if I was running deeper into the forest or if I was running out of the ... Read Chapter

So many questions?

I didn’t sleep the rest of the night and was trying to wrap my head around everything that has been happening.I have so many question... Read Chapter


I waited a couple of minutes before I made my move.I was going to throw two big rocks or two sticks towards the opposite side of the fo... Read Chapter


I leaned against a tree for stability so I wouldn’t fall over.I grabbed some cobwebs because I know they can be used the same as gauz... Read Chapter

I'm screwed

I looked up at the sky and it was the same greenish orange color.With all this weird stuff happening the sky was the least of my worrie... Read Chapter

Part 2:Allison and Jamie

All I could hear was the moaning of the dead.And they were right outside my bedroom door.   ... Read Chapter

Bye Bye mom

My mom handed me my four year old brother and told me she would be right back.That was three weeks ago.   ... Read Chapter

My godforsaken house

I lived in a two story house with a basement and woods behind my house.We moved to this godforsaken place when I was eight years old.It... Read Chapter


It was around 3 p.m. and I put Jamie down for a nap.Neither of us could really sleep at night because the moaning was so loud.I looked ... Read Chapter

Goodbye home...again

Over night I came up with a plan to get out of my house and head towards my step-father’s house.I was going to carry Jamie in a backp... Read Chapter

Hurry up dawn

I told Jamie what we were going to do, and I told him that he needs to be really quiet and he can’t make any noises.We were going to ... Read Chapter

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