Monster Under The Bed

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Agent Lightbody has discovered a difficult child in need of a monster. No other monster will do it. Why has every other monster been scared off?

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2016



I rubbed my eyes, tired of this trouble child. Every child was assigned a monster to protect them. Usually, they stuck for the whole time. About six or seven years. The longest one was sixteen years until the monster was relieved of duty. But this child, Charlee Fernsby had a new monster every two days. The longest one monster ever lasted was four days, the shortest was twenty minutes.

There were no other monsters to assign to her. We had tried everyone. All had returned, too disturbed to even say what had happened. It was annoying and time consuming to say the least. Only one monster left. Me. It had been years since I had gone in the field. I was perfectly happy to sit in my office and pretend I was in control of every child. But alas, she had to ruin it.

I shifted into my nightmare form, spindly legs, curved spine and six pitch black tentacles. Stepping through the door, I saw bare walls, a cot and smashed glass on the floor. The cot had enough room for me to fit under it. After a few minutes, I heard yelling and smashing. A man's voice. The door burst open, and slammed shut after a second. A child wiggled under the bed with me. Charlee. I opened my mouth, ready to scare her but she stared at me, emotionlessly. She mouthed the words, 'I'm more scared of him than you,'

The door was violently slammed open, revealing a drunk man. Her father. It clicked. He was shouting senseless words, slurring them. He grabbed  the worn down cot, tearing it off us. I jumped up, snarling. Fear clouded his anger. I held him by the collar, eyeing him with disgust. The voice that came out of my mouth was demonic, "Stay away from this child or face my wrath. Okay?"

He smirked, drunk eyes closing lazily. He flicked my head. Like I was a mere pest. Anger boiled and bubbled in my stomach. I heard a satisfying thwack as I bashed his head into a wall. Blood pooled around my ankles. His blood. A scream was heard when I clawed his chest open. I could see his heart beating still. One of my arms grabbed the heart, squeezing it so tight it burst open. Done.

I turned to Charlee. She sat there, crying softly. I shifted back into my human-like form, then grabbed the child. She buried her head into my chest. Nobody would ever hurt her again. Nobody.

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