who's Mistake?

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Submitted: December 02, 2016

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Submitted: December 02, 2016





Once upon a time, there were two girls named Luciana and Esperanza. They both were best friends. However, Esperanza does everything what Luciana says and if Esperanza got something new Luciana wants to have it too. Esperanza had blonde hair while Luciana had purple hair with black highlights. They both loved badminton and every morning they played badminton together.

"Hit it right Esperanza, you have ruined our game about 100 times” said Luciana while playing badminton.

"i am sorry” said Esperanza. She always let the shuttlecock fall.

"Again Esperanza...I am not playing with you anymore,” said Luciana.

"So we could do anything else," said Esperanza.

"No I am tired and I am going home, give me my rackets back,” said Luciana in a real harsh voice that hurts Esperanza but she never said. Luciana snatched the racket from Esperanza and went home.

"bye “said Esperanza in a sad voice.

Every day Esperanza let fall the shuttlecock and Luciana went home. One day Luciana and Esperanza were playing badminton again when Luciana said that let us exchange our places. Esperanza agreed and went on Luciana’s place. Luciana saw that Esperanza's place is full of sunlight so that's why Esperanza could not play right. That day Luciana realized her mistake that whatever she said to Esperanza was not right. So she said sorry to Esperanza

They all lived happily ever after.

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