Sticks and Stones

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Submitted: December 02, 2016

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Submitted: December 02, 2016




“You're useless!” 
They say words can't damage you as much as sticks and stones can break your bones. That, of course, didn't apply to the words that spewed out of his mouth that day. Words that would continue to abuse her, inevitably, turning her black and blue. 
"You're a bitch! You look disgusting, you think any man would want to touch you?" Drew hissed.
"I-I was just trying t-to look good..." She looked down.
"Well, you're not. You look like a hooker no one would wanna hook up with." He slapped her across the face leaving a handprint on her face.
"P-please stop! Stop!" She cried out as she got slapped again.

“I don't need you anymore.”
She has seen so many get beat down by words, watched them crumble and fall without a second thought. They don't fight back, what's the point if they go right back to the ground. She still wishes that she stood up and fought back but she was too much of a coward. She still is. 
"You know what you are, Lucy?" Drew growled.
"W-what?" Lucy whimpered against the wall, blood running down her nose.
"You're a burden. And that's all you'll ever be."

“Who wants to be with you? You're garbage!”
Words. Words are what can bring you up, fly high in the sky, or to the ground, rotting and burning in hell. They think she doesn’t know what pain feels like. They’re wrong. Her life at home is full nothing but pain. 
"You're fuckin ugly. You'll never find love. No one will love you like me." Drew said as he held her throat against the wall.
"P-please stop! I-I love you." She coughed out.
"You deserve this. You're a slut, a whore, no one likes you!" He yelled, punching the blonde across the cheek.

“Why don't you just die? No one would miss you.” 
Do you think she doesn’t try every day to wash the dirt, covering her body, away? Feeling violated and scared. No matter how hard she scrubs, that feeling is still lingering on her. The numerous scars covering her body like paint to a canvas. She’s so… ugly! 
"Don't ever leave me because or I'll hunt you down." Drew hissed.
"I-I won't..." Lucy whimpered.
"Good. I love you." Drew said but had evil in his eyes.
"Okay." Lucy just sat there. Emotionless.
"You bitch! You're supposed to say I love you too! You're so stupid!" Drew picked her up by her throat and chucked her into the wall.
"I-I'm sorry. I-I love you too.." Lucy cried out, holding her face.
"Good. Now I'm going drinking. I might be home late tonight." Lucy knew what he meant by that. She knew he screwed women every day. It didn't surprise her.
"Of course you will."

“You thought I loved you when I just wanted a good fuck.” 
He never wanted her and he never will, she knows that now. She knew that every time he went out and didn't come back for days, weeks, or even months. She knew what he was up to. The lipstick and perfume on him clearly pointed that out.
"Lucy, this is Sarah. Sarah, this is my cousin." Drew gave Lucy the look as if saying 'you say anything, I'll hurt you'.
"Hi, Lucy." Sarah smiled.
"Hello." Lucy gave a fake smile. Lucy didn't smile a real smile around him. She barely smiled at all.
"Sarah and I will be upstairs. DON'T disturb us. If you know what I mean." Drew pulled Sarah upstairs. Lucy felt disgusted hearing the moaning, screaming, grunting, growling. It made her feel uncomfortable.
"Is this what the world has come to? Screwing just for a good time with someone else just downstairs?" Lucy mumbled to herself, tears forming in her cocoa brown eyes. "I hate my life. I wish I could just drop dead."

“I'm a man! What do you expect me to do? Wait until marriage?” 
She thought they would be together forever but he, apparently, had other plans. She misses the way he used to hold her and how he gave her a gentle kiss that made her feel safe. Now, he brings nightmares and pain. No amount of words can express how terrified she is being near him. She’s suffocating. 
"Drew please stop! It hurts!" Lucy cried while her abuser raped her. Drew kept slamming into her, not even letting her adjust.
"Shut up!" He hissed.
"P-please! Stop!" Lucy cried when he slapped her across the face.
"I'm doing this because I love you," Drew growled. Lucy's eyes watered from the pain he was putting her through.
'This is what it's like to be loved?' Lucy thought, crying out. Lucy felt him spray his semen inside her. That brought more tears to her eyes. She was thankful for taking birth control.
"You suck at sex," Drew growled. He pulled out and left her there, crying and shaking.
"J-just cause I-I don't want to d-do it with you."
“You are such a whore!” 
She was pure and had no experience in love, he was well aware of that. She thought it was true love and they would live happily ever after, but then reality struck her and she remembered those were only in fairy tales. "Drew can I get a job?" Lucy asked.
"No. Why would you even ask that? You wouldn't be able to keep up and no one would want to look at your ugly face." Drew sneered.
"W-well I thought it could get m-me my own money and stuff..." Lucy muttered.
"What, I don't make enough for you street rat?!" Drew hissed. "Listen to me you bitch, I picked your ass off the street and now you want a job because I can’t make enough money? I think you need to be taught a lesson."
"N-no I didn't mean l-like that!" Lucy cried out. Drew ignored her and started just beating on her. "P-please stop!" Lucy cried. She was bawling. The tears just didn't stop. She didn't know what hurt worst, the punches or the words.
"Next time, be appreciate you bitch." Drew left the curled up girl covered in bruises.
"W-will anybody l-love me...?"

“Our love was just a game filled with lies.”
The lies he told. The lies she believed. Her head is only filled with his lies and won't consign to oblivion. How… how could he do this to her? “I loved you!” Were those warm smiles, that would brighten even her darkest days, fake too? “What happened to us?” 
"Why are you always so happy? You gotta learn your place! It pisses me off how you're always happy!" Drew slammed his fist on Lucy's cheek, sending her into the wall.
"I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Pl-please stop!" Lucy cried.
"I do this out of love."
“I never wanted you and I never will, you bitch!”

He calls her all these names but does he have anything to back it up? She never once went behind his back, and no matter how he treated her, she still loved him. That was all over when he crushed her world and sent her back to reality. Those words. Those loathsome words that cascaded from his mouth. She still has the nightmares. Nightmares that had her screaming for help. She can still feel the pain. Pain from the bruises and cuts he gave her. She tries to forget and move on but that seems impossible! Why did he do this to her?! 

“I love you.” Lair! His lies overwhelmed her, tricking her weak heart. 
“I hate you!” She thought it was the truth but she knew she wasn’t fooling anybody. 
“I want you.” No, he wants to control her, make her into his little doll. 
“Leave me alone!” She says this over and over yet why does her heart keep denying it.
“I miss you.” No! He misses his obedient toy. 
“Stop, that hurts!” He never listened to her. He just continued to beat her. 
The memory of him will never go away, even if she wish's it away. 



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