Rival Armies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem about two ant armies going to war.


Written Jan 2016


"Mobilize, Mobilize"

Unintelligible to us,

Squad leaders squawk and click,


"We must protect our regent,

Holding back is treason,



Rows of mangled rotting corpses

line the dark and twisting tunnels.


The innocent drones,

They never stood a chance.


Two armies gather on the surface.

One dark as coal, one red as blood.

'What an arsenal they've gathered between them.'


Rows of blades stand guard at the front-line,

Stretching far as the eye can see;

There may be millions of them.


Then the poisons; strong, acidic.

Stabbed or sprayed or spat.

To burn their victims in agony.


Fliers gathered behind.

'This vast host would pick,

the battlefield clean behind them.'


The armies went to war,

Apart, each-other they tore,

Till blood was spilled no more.



There was only one,

The final winner here.


Neither queens,

stragglers nor survivors,

Only death, that answer's clear.


Submitted: December 02, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Fatal-Exit. All rights reserved.

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Just like being there in the battle. Excellent.

Fri, December 2nd, 2016 4:07pm


Thank you :D

Fri, December 2nd, 2016 8:36am


I love this poem. It feels so real!

Fri, December 2nd, 2016 4:37pm


Thanks for the comment :D
I really appreciate any feedback since I'm really new to this website and not sure what to expect from people to be honest, so seriously thanks a lot.

Fri, December 2nd, 2016 9:21am

Mike S.

I think I was smart to avid joining the army, doesn't sound like very much fun, and I'm all about fun!

Fri, December 2nd, 2016 6:11pm


Yeah I think you're right. Not fun at all.
Though these armies are made up of ants which are born only for the reason to protect their queen, fight each other and die, so I don't think they have much choice. I think the conditions of human armies are a bit more humane and civilized than that.

Fri, December 2nd, 2016 10:44am

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