ALucard Alistair Aimbridge

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A frail child longs to be a great warrior.

Submitted: December 03, 2016

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Submitted: December 03, 2016



Alucard Alistair Aimbridge was born with debilitating frailty, he would have died if not for the power of the village priestess. She blessed Alucard with a bolstering of life, a gift from the local spirits. He remained frail, but it kept him alive and well enough to play and grow as the other children. He always dreamed of being a great warrior. He would pester the guards, guilting them into training sessions until Captain Gerard intervened. He agreed to give Alucard private lessons if he would stop pestering his men, to which Alucard readily agreed. Gerard taught Alucard how to wield a blade, but the vast majority of the training and the lessons were in tactics and command. For a great leader could turn the tide of battle, not with his might alone, but by inspiring his men to greatness. 

Alucard was seventeen when they attacked, a neighboring kingdom who considered their spirit worship to be heresy against their gods. They swept through the village, slaughtering innocent people in their crusade, for the glory of their gods. Alucard helped hold them back, aiding the guards as best he could, side by side with the Captain while the young and the old fled across the feilds toward the woods. The sky darkened, arrows. They were firing a volley upon the elders and the children fleeing in the fields. Alucard felt the life drain from him, the magic of the spirits was fading as their worshipers perished, and so too was the blessing that had kept Alucard alive. But he pressed on, defending and assisting the guards, providing openings so they might deliver the killing blows. All the while his strength began to fade. When his vision started to fade, he collapsed on the battlefield, clutching his sword with an iron grip until darkness claimed him. 

He awoke to fire. The town was burning. He pulled himself up as quickly as he could, his sword still in hand, and fled the flames as quickly as he could. He looked back at his home, the black smoke rising in an endless pillar to the sky. He prayed to the spirits to grant him the strength to bear the trials ahead, and they replied. A small ball of light swirled into being in front of him and spoke with a hundred voices. "We are the spirits of this land, the ferrymen for this village, and we are the last thread of life keeping you bound to your mortal coil just as you are our last believer granting us power through your conviction." They paused as Alucard bowed, "We do not have power to spare for your strength, but the fading power of our blessing has brought you to the border between worlds as you fade between the land of shadow and the land of light. It is from this duality that you shall draw your strength, the strength to avenge your fallen comrades." 

Alucard looked at his hands, his skin was grey as stone and cold as steel. He looked up with a hardened expression, "I shall avenge them and one day restore you to your former glory, I swear upon my family name I shall not rest until this task is complete." 

"Thank you Alucard, we shall maintain the blessing upon your soul for as long as it takes, even to our last moments." the spirits said as they faded back into mist. 

Alucard stood tall, gazing out over the inferno that was his home. Those responsible, and their families, would pay dearly for their treachery, no matter the cost. And so began the journey of Alucard, and the Scourge of the Ghost King.

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