Christmas On The Down Low!

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Submitted: December 03, 2016

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Submitted: December 03, 2016



This is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and myself:



"Hurry, Fluffy, lick faster and quick,

our masters will be home soon, and this St. Nick


extravaganza is a goldmine, did I not tell ya?

Ordinarily, you are a pest, but not today, little fella!


Four eyes are better than two when it comes to having a look-see

for our masters, the people who only think they own you and me!


Get ready to switch, I'm working up a powerful thirst,

just let me finish one more of these cookies first.


Okay, I'm regretfully ready, now, switch now!

I'm telling you, Fluffy, you won't regret it, and how!"




“Well, Woof, I sure hope you’ve not scoffed all the best,

munched all the good ones and left me the rest.


This milk sure is tasty but I’m happy to chew

up some more cookies and leave some for you.


How mad will they be when our masters get home?

We’ll just slink out of sight and just leave them to moan.

Hey! Mind what you’re doing, Woof, don’t eat the straw,

when you’ve had enough I will gladly drink more.


But I’m sure getting sleepy, this feasting’s hard work --

I’m off for a nap now, once I’ve had a burp!”

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