Need a flashlight

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Dark rooms, can be scary, the shadows and small sound on a stormy night. This is just a small description of that.

Submitted: December 03, 2016

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Submitted: December 03, 2016



Thunder shook my room, and I'm not ashamed to say, I was terrified. Supposedly I was old enough not to be afraid of the lightning, but this was just one of those storms, scaring me to my very bones. The crackling thunder making me fear my windows would break, and every flash of lightning seeming ever closer. There was no way I was falling asleep on this night.

I lay in my bed hiding under my blanket, thinking about the embarrassment I would feel if someone saw my lack of courage. But at the same time watching every shadow to make sure nobody was there. For although it made me feel stupid, I didn't feel alone. There was just an overwhelming sense of something watching me.

I dreaded every flash of lightning, for the thunder it would bring, and the shadows it would cast. But at the same time was glad for its light, so I could see the reality of my room, for the split second of peace, to knew I was alone. But this did not ease the feeling of dread creeping up in my stomach. I felt like there was just something I was missing.

What was that!? Did I hear something breathing? I looked around my almost pitch black room, peeking out from under my blanket. Another flash of lightning lit my room, nothing seemed to be there, but the darkness in my room still bundled up in the corners. A flashlight could solve this problem. A flashlight, yes that is what I needed. To be able to see that nothing was there and finally get some sleep.

I could of course get up and turn on the light, I had in fact been contemplating this idea for several hours. But with another crash of thunder I decided I didn't want to take the risk. Anything could still be hiding in the dark corners of my room, or under my bed, just waiting to jump out at me... Well it could... it was possible.

To my dismay, I hear the door slowly crack open. Had I forgotten to lock it? I sat tensed on my bed, ready to throw my blanket on my attacker and run for safety. Hoping that it would cause enough of a distraction for me to find a suitable weapon. After a few moments though, nothing happened, and I saw no trace of movement throughout my room. Another flash of lightning showed me that there was nothing standing in the open area of my room. It had just been a draft.

A small crinkling sound came from the corner of my room. Like something had stepped on a wrapper, there was definitely something in this room with me. Just as fear took control of my breathing, something leaped onto me from the floor. I jumped to the other side of my bed, cracking my head against the wall, I would have screamed if I had the breath for it.

But now the creature was within my line of sight, it was only my cat. I sighed a breath of relief and felt foolish, I had let my fear get the best of me. I examined my head and learned I had earned myself a big lump, but other than that I was uninjured. The anxieties of the storm were starting to diminish, and soon I would be able to sleep.

The cat rubbed against me, begging for some attention. I was happy to oblige, I felt much better with it next to me. I scratched its head and heard the familiar purr. This almost extinguished my fears completely, and suddenly I remembered the flashlight sitting in my bed side drawer, making me feel foolish once again.

Just as one last check I opened the drawer and grasped the flashlight. I found the switch and my room filled with light. I had to shield my eyes from the light for a moment as they adjusted to the assault but soon I was having no problems. I shined the flashlight at one corner of my room and saw nothing. I slowly drew it across the room watching every detail until I had seen everything. But when the light got to the far corner of my room I found I was not alone after all.

The figure at the edge of my room stood staring blankly at me. It had long tangled hair, a nose that looked recently bloodied and clothes drenched in some red liquid that could only be blood. Its clothes were white, except for the stains, like it wanted me to know what it had done. Its hands were tensed ready to strike a long, blood stained, knife ready in each hand. He never made a sound or moved. He didn't even appear to breath, he just stood there staring at me.

“Well goodnight.” I said aloud to another flash of lightning, as I turned off the flashlight. By the time I heard the thunder I was already leaping out of my window.

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