Like Father Like Son

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Spooks

What if Daryl had had a son? What if Rick had a sister? Danny Dixon is in every way like his father. always keeping at a distant. When two women enter the lives of Daryl and Danny they test just how distant the two can be. Will Amy and Grace be able to get close enough to the Dixon boys to win over their hearts or will the girls' hearts be broken?

Table of Contents


The air was eerily silent. Not a single noise was to be heard. Sheriff deputy Rick Grimes drove along the road with his sister Grace Grim... Read Chapter


I hated this. I hated when my father left me to go hunting. Hated when he doesn't let me go with him. Hated to be alone in this goddamn c... Read Chapter


"Hey, you two," A voice called. "Dumbasses." I jumped u so fast I saw stars. I looked around until my eyes fell on the radio in the corne... Read Chapter


We joined the others looking down at the streets. The firing called them all here. There was millions of them. "My god, it's like Times S... Read Chapter


Amy had cried that night. Said Danny was pissed and didn't want to talk to anyone. I haven't even seen the kid, not really. But everyone ... Read Chapter


I sat beside my father, where he sharpened his bolts and me my arrows. I heard soft footsteps walking over, causing me to look over. Amy ... Read Chapter


I followed everyone up the stairs, making sure we weren't follow by unwanted people or walkers. We hadn't seen a single walker since the ... Read Chapter


AN: So The part with getting the guns and the part with Jim digging the graves are all the same, so I'm skipping to the night at the fire... Read Chapter

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