Chapter 1: ~One~

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Spooks

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Growing up, Sebastian Drake never really had a normal life. See the thing is Sebastian is a vampire. Not the garlic and stopped by water kind of vampire. These vampires are alive, they just don't get hurt or killed easily and they live for a very long time. They aren't immortal, but their aging is slow down a lot, almost to turtle speed. The only ways for them to die is beheading or something sharp piercing their hearts. Holy water also hurts a lot. They aren't undead, despite during our transformation when they look it. The transformation is the time when a born vampire becomes a full vampire at the age of 16.

The thing is with being a born vampire you're always a guy. There hasn't been a born vampire female in over nine hundred years. That is until Solange was born. Solange is the youngest of Sebastian's many siblings and she's a born female vampire. This makes her so unique. She's already showing signs of being better than her siblings and her transformation isn't due just yet. Her pheromones are even stronger than Sebastian's younger brother Logan's and he has very strong pheromones. Pheromones is really just a dangerous perfume, made to keep human enticed and filled with longing. The only way really to describe it like how animals in the woods can smell each other, especially in the mating season. If a vampire's pheromones is strong enough the human doesn't even remember being fed on. Normally these pheromones don't work on other vampires, but the Drake family is the exception to that rule, but Solange's pheromones are the worst. Her pheromones has been calling out to guys for months. As the time for her transformation grows closer, her pheromones get stronger.

Solange being the only girl is a big deal. There's a prophecy and everything.The prophecy says that a female born vampire will unite all the vampires together. This prophecy scares Lady Natasha, a woman who calls herself the queen of vampires, the thing though unlike the Drakes she wasn't born into an ancient family, which makes Solange an even bigger threat. She got the royal court to exile the Drakes in the hour that Solange was born. The Drakes having been living in their nice home in the woods for years, but the Drakes liked their exile. They liked their privacy and don't blame Solange at all for it.

Lady Natasha was a rather crude vampire. She fed off humans, not bothering to even try to hide it. She actually loves attention, good or bad, and the vampire groupies just adds to her happiness. The thing about Lady Natasha however is that she does not like pretty young girls. Her mood swings tends to kill them. Lady Natasha shouldn't be feeding on humans, especially so carefree. It slowly is becoming an issue, even for her own people. Most of the people who follows her are just following her because she scares them because she's powerful. There is no respect just fear. Fear is always a great motivator. She has started turning more humans into vampires in order to build up her followers.

The only thing that makes Lady Natasha nervous is Solange, the council, and Leander Montmarte. Montmarte has been turning humans for years. He's very violent and careless when turning the humans that it made basically a new breed of vampires. When he turned these humans he leaves them half turned and usually buried under ground. he leaves them to conquer their own blood lust. The hunger is so powerful that it causes them to grow a second set of fangs instead of just the usually one retractable pair. Some stay loyal to Montmarte, which are known as the Host and the ones who aren't loyal are Cwn Mamau, which means the hound of the Mothers. They either are strong enough to survive on their own or are taken in and saved by other hounds that later train them. The Cwn Mamau hates Montmarte and everyone knows that they just want to kill him, but they are so reclusive that they refuse help from anyone. These people are fiercely independent and live in caves, serving a shamanka, while wearing bones in their hair. These people are a bit scary and odd, causing most people to stay away from them, but they are nothing compared to Montmarte's other creation.

Hel-Blar means blue death in some viking language. These Hel-Blar are creatures with tinted blue skin, teeth that are only fangs, and these teeth are sharp and retractable. The Hel-Blar's bite is known as a kiss. This 'kiss' can infect without any blood exchange, which is the only way to change a human into a vampire, and it's rumor that these creatures can turn humans AND vampires into Hel-Blar. Not a single person can control these creatures, not even Montmarte himself, in fact he's scared of his own creation.

Families amongst the ancient clans of the Raktapa Council aren't like other vampires either. The Drakes are from these ancient clans. The vampire change for these families were genetic. These families transform without the bite, but do need vampire blood in order to survive that transformation. Afterwards they are practically immortal like every other vampire, able to die only by beheading and something piercing the heart, along with sunlight.

Despite living a peaceful life away from others the Drakes still have problems. Their youngest, Solange, is going to be going through the transformation soon, which leads to many male vampires wanting her because of her pheromones. The Drakes had decided that she wouldn't leave the house because of this because she would be in danger other wise. Unfortunately that only makes Solange and her best friend Lucy sneak out. Lucy is human, but knows about vampires because when her mother was pregnant with her she saw Helena Drake feeding. Lucy's mom just sees he Drakes as different though.

Tonight, however happens to be one of those nights where Solange had sneaked out with the help of Lucy. The Drakes all sleep during the day except for Solange because she had yet to transform. All the sons of the Drakes had be woken up. Sebastian is the oldest, which means a lot in this family. He always had to help his parents with taking care of his siblings, while all the others got to just relax. Sebastian cares about his siblings, so he never complains about taking of them.

He now stands beside his father, who sits in his favorite chair drinking brandy. His chair looked more like a medieval throne. Liam Drake carried himself like a king, even if he is born in 1901. He had short black hair, combed up and stormy grey eyes against pale skin. Helena Drake stood with her arms crossed, waiting for her daughter to walk in. She has wavy black hair with deep blue eyes. Helena Drake wasn't a woman to mess with. She was fierce, a battle warrior, and very imitating. The room smelled of Sebastian's uncle, Geoffrey's colonge, his aunt Hyacinth's pug, and the thick smell of roses. Rose laid all over the table, all addressed to Solange.
"Solange Rosemund Drake." Sebastian winced at his mother's anger as Solange stepped through the door.

"Ouch middle name." Logan says, causing Sebastian to glance at his mother.

"Snitch." Solange pinched Nicholas, causing him to raise an eyebrow.

"Nicholas didn't tell us anything." Nicholas was older than Solange by a year, but he always felt closer to her and felt as if he needed to be the one to protect her. Logan was older than Nicholas also by a year. Nicholas has already went through the transformation last year, being now only 17, while Solange will be turning 16 very soon. After Logan comes the twins, Connor and Quinn, both 19, a year older than Logan. Duncan comes next, being 21, after him is Marcus whose 22, and Sebastian is 23.

"One of your aunts was patrolling the perimeter and saw your escape" Helena goes on to say.

"Escape?" Solange rolls her eyes. ""It was barely anything. They didn't even come out of the cornfields. They were just sniffing me."

"You need to be more careful." Sebastian's dark blue eyes went to where his father sat.

"I feel fine." Solange says as she looks at them, but everyone could tell she wasn't. "What's with all the flowers?" She asks as she rubs her nose, not used to smelling all these smells.

"From your.... admirers." Sebastian frown as he looked at them. He didn't like the idea of these guys wanting his sister. It's dangerous. Sebastian was 23, and was a tall muscular man with thick black hair, that his mother keeps pestering him needs a haircut.

Solange was rather beautiful. She had long black hair and pale blue eyes. She looks very much like her mother. All the kids had black hair. Quinn had black hair that was long and combed up along with pale blue eyes. Quinn's twin Connor looked just like him, but had longer and darker hair. Logan has long straight black hair with dark eyes. Duncan has short black hair and dark eyes, while Marcus has very pale blue eyes and comb up thick black hair.

It only makes since for any of the Drakes to have admirers. They were all very good looking, but these admirers were not all flower givers. "What? Admirers?" Solange laughs. "They were only coming around because of my pheromones. It's not my fault I smell funny." Sebastian looks down at his feet with a frown.

"Darling, its a great compliment, I'm sure, I only wished Sebastian would have such luck." Sebastian's cheeks turn to a light pink as he heard his Aunt Hyacinth's voice.

"Hyacinth." Liam's voice is warning as he looked at Sebastian. Hyacinth was something of a great-great-great aunt to the children. She didn't look much over forty, but she still clung deeply to the fashion of her youth, something that occurs for most vampires. She wore a Victorian style with a lace corset and jet beads.

"All those men hungering after you." She gave delicate shiver.

"Hyacinth." Liam grimances. Hyacinth had only became a vampire in 1877 after twenty four years of begging her husband, Edward. She was inspired by Queen Victoria's undying love for her own husband, which lead to Hyacinth to want to live centuries beside Edward, but died in World War 1 by being shot one night on a spy mission for the Allies because he was determined to do his part. Ever since then Hyacinth has been alone and pestering Sebastian. She believed since Sebastian was the oldest that he should be married off. She didn't care if he loved the person or not. She also thought he was strange for never speaking. The thing with Sebastian is he doesn't feel the need to talk. He is very quiet and he speaks when he feels the need to, which is not often. Helena wants the same thing for her son, but she also wants him to be happy, so she doesn't push him as badly as his aunt. Liam, however often gets annoyed with their pushing because he knows Sebastian just isn't ready and wants to wait for the right girl.

"Montmarte." Solange sqeaks as she picks up a card on a bouquet of white roses.

"Yes." Liam looks at the box with a baleful glare.

"I'm putting them down the incinerator."

"You can do that later. Sit." Helena commanded. Solange cast a pleading look to Sebastian, but he just looked away. While all Solange's other brothers wanted to be over protective and smothering, Sebastian only wanted to be helpful and caring to Solange, protecting her and being there for her when she really needed it. Most times he gets her out of trouble, but she won't learn not to get into trouble if he keeps doing that.

All the boys took a seat beside Solange, refusing to leave the room. "Don't you have anything better to do?" Solange asks.

"Then protecting our annoying baby sister?" Quinn drawled as he looked her way. "No."
It was rare for vampires to be able to give birth to all male vampires, even among the Drakes. Most vampires were made not born, much like Helena, who was turned by Liam shortly after Solange was born and he decided he wanted no more children. He was born human too until he turned sixteen and became sick. He wouldn't have survived if his aunt hadn't given him her blood to drink.

The legend on how all this had started was by William Drake. There's no record of his turning, but when he married Veronique DuBois, she went into labor with their first born. She was in labor for twenty seven hours and was sure to die. William turned her in one last attempt to save her life. They had twin healthy boys, who when they turned sixteen became sick, sensitive to the sun and wanted nothing to drink or eat except blood, which lead to the Drake Family beginning.

Veronique is now the family matriarch for being the oldest surviving Drake. William was staked during the reign of Henry Viii. Veronique never comes to see her family though, preferring to wait until they were changed and she could afford attachments. She hasn't joined the Drakes today, which means it's no formal meeting, just family coming to see everyone. Veronique was rather scary and could even scare Lady Natasha.

"Solange are you listening?" Helena asks her daughter.

"Yes." Solange says quickly.

"There were at least three of them in that field tonight, maybe more." Nicholas scowled Solange.

"You know they don't all send flowers. Most of them just want to grab you and run."

"I could have handled it. It wasn't even full dark yet. Besides, if they were so dangerous, why'd you nearly leave Lucy behind?" Solange scowled.

"You were going to leave Lucy there?" Helena sputtered as she looked at her youngest son in disbelief. Nicholas narrowed his eyes at his sister, who only smiled a smug grin.

"She was fine." Nicholas had to force himself not to slump in his chair. "They werent after her. And shes not fragile, for Gods sake."

"Shes under the protection of this family." Liam says.

"I know, but she can look after herself. Broke my nose last summer, didn't she?" Nicholas defended.

"She's still human." The room falls quiet as Sebastian spoke.

"Okay, okay." Nicholas backs down. Sebastian doesn't talk much, so when he does it's serious, so you better listen to what he says.

"And you, young lady. Dad turned to me." Helena says.

"You have to take this seriously." Liam tells Solange.

"I do, Dad." Solange whispers. "You know I do."

"What I know is that theyre coming for you and soon youll be weaker than a blind kitten." Liam fires back.

"I know." Solange gives one last hopeful look to Sebastian, who sighs and opens his mouth to speak, but his aunt beats him to it.

"Let the girl be." Hyacinth says before taking a sip of her blood from her goblet. Solange pales just at looking at her aunt.

"Thank you." Solange just so happens to have a thing against blood. Yeah, this Sebastian never grew up with a normal life.

Submitted: December 04, 2016

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