A whole new me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Saniya's

Breakups are something, we find hard to deal with. If taken in a positive way, they may lead us to a whole new world. A new world where you find a new you who stands up and fight against the ones who once ruined your life.

It's a year since we brokeup. But things are still the same, same for me. I waited for his texts, he didn't. I waited for his calls, i didn't receive any. Days passed by, months too. But today, there's some unusual pain in my heart. Cuz it's our "yearly proposal anniversary". His memories flushed my mind. And i was completely lost. Lost, in my world of dreams. A world where i had no one , but him. I kept thinking of him, on and on. The clock struck 12.00. It was midnight. A year back, things were different, for him, and for me. I desperately waited for him to call. He didn't. Anxiously checked my phone, for his texts, he didn't..... It was a heart aching momemt to spot him online continuously. I cried. I cried the whole night. I wanted him back. Cuz may b, i still loved him, yes, i loved him. I wanted to call him up, i couldn't. May be, it was my ego, detering me to do so. Or more correctly, my self respect, cuz he was the one, the only one responsible for my situation today. Deep somewhere, i thought he must be missing me too. Or may be, he must have moved on. I just don't know. I continued to cry. *************** ***********Two years ago.****** I was late to reach home from office, i called up zain, to pick me up, he didn't receive. Zain, my love, my soulmate, my boyfriend, my office colleague,my everything. The most beautiful thing about our relationship was the way he proposed me in a very unusual way. I still remember that day. It was our office party. I already knew, he had a crush on me, and somewhere, may be, i liked him too. Zain was a good singer and a guitarist. He composed beautiful lyrics and sung them in the free time for us. I was impatiently waiting for his performance and then came the most handsome guy in the party, "zain", with his guitar, and a beautiful bouquet of pink roses in his hands. He came straight towards me, i was scared. He took me to the place he was supposed to sing. He picked up his guitar, and begun to sing. Those were the best lyrics,i've ever heard in my whole life and may be, he never sung them to me, ever before, cuz they were reserved for this special day. His next words were heart touching. He bend on his knees, "shizzi, u know what, i l've never seen a selfless girl like u in my whole life. Since ever we met, i get up early every morning on my own, even before the alarm rings, just bcoz every morning i wanted to head to office early, to see you. To see you, replacing the beautiful flowers in your vase on your office desk, to see you pray to god before you start working, to see you smile, to stalk you, to talk to you. You know why, because, may i be i hate you. " I was amazed... He continued, "i hate you coz you stole my heart and... I want you to steal my surname too, will you?" I was shocked and i didn't knew wat to say, guys saying "i love you, will you marry me" was something common. His words were unique, they touched my heart. And without a doubt, i said "yes". That was the most beautiful day of my life....

****** a year later****** It was my birthday. "Things in our life were not the same since i spotted him hanging out with Maya. Maya, my office boss and my batchmate too. No doubt, she was pretty. But zain, is my boyfriend. He is all mine. She needs to be in her limits". I thought to myself. "Has zain, forgotten my birthday? Or he is planning for some sort of surprise, may be." Thoughts rushed my mind as i walked upstairs to my flat. Silently hoping and praying, i opened the door. My heart was beating in an unusual way. I opened the door, expecting him to be there. He wasn't. The day has ended. There were no signs of him that day. Nor in office, nor his house, no where. I was upset. I received a phone call few minutes later, it was him. I picked up and i spoke in an angry tone,"how can you forget my birthday? I was waiting for you. The whole day, atleast a text or a phone call..." he said, "shizzi, i am sorry." i thought, he apologized for not wishing me. But then came, some strange news. " I AM GETTING ENGAGED, TO A GIRL MY PARENTS HAVE CHOSEN FOR ME. THE ENGAGEMENT IS TOMORROW. I EXPECT YOU, TO CO OPERATE. I AM SORRY, SHIZZI." I tried convincing him, but hi somehow he didn't. I cried, cried a lot. I convinced him but then came the most heart breaking words, " I CAN'T BREAK 10 HEARTS TO SAVE ONE, *YOURS*. THEY ARE MANY, YOU ARE ONE." he disconnected and switched his cell off. I had no courage to call him back. I didn't turn up to office for a few days. When i came back, i came to knew he has resigned because he was promoted to some higher post, he got in a big company. I didn't bother to step in to details. I was broken.

******present day******* It was for the first time, after we brokeup, i went to his fav cafe. I went straight to the seat we always sat on, together. In a few mins, came a soft, known voice calling out to me, "excuse me, madam, can you please sit somewhere else, it's just because this is my fav place." i turned back. It was zain. Memories flushed my mind. He was the same. I was happy to see him there. He wasn't. Few seconds later, stepped maya. "zain, sweetheart, come let's sit somewhere else." she didn't noticed me, at first. I didn't knew what to speak. Zain exclaimed, "shizzi" ! I had a clear idea, by now of what had happened a year back. Zain's closeness with maya has always been pricking me, but i had no idea of where this closeness will lead me to. It led me to a world, a world full of "extreme pain". I had nothing to speak. Maya continued, "oh shizzi meet my boyfriend, zain". I was not amazed. Because by now, i had a clear idea of what was going on. Tears rolled out. Though i didn't want to cry. I asked for an explaination, and those words were pricky enough for me to move on. " You know, why did i leave you? Cuz ever since maya entered, i found her hotter than you. She was rich enough to fulfill all my needs. She promoted me to a higher post in her another MNC. And i love her. Infact, i never loved you! You are a useless piece of shit. You are none, no one " Without a word, i left

*******A NEW "ME"*********** It was another important day, in my life. Cuz now i was no more the same, i was a whole new me. It was time to thank, the one who made me who i am. I reached, Maya's MNC. I reached the conference room. Where my presence was awaited. People stood up when i entered, including maya and zain. They were shocked because, they were waiting for the person who overtook the charge of maya's MNC. Maya shouted, "what are you doing here! Just go away. A meeting is about to commence. " i continued, "but the meeting won't commence without me". I went straight to zain, "hello handsome, hope you are doing well." "what the hell are you doing here. Stop chasing me, go away for once, please. Life is already fucked up!" Zain shouted! I continued, "what the hell do you think of yourself? You cheated on me, for MAYA, or more correctly for her wealth, you thought you ripped me? Oh bitch, you created a whole new me." I left. He stood shocked when i handed over a newspaper to him:

******** Local newspaper news***** " A young girl, takes over the control of 10 MNC'S in a year, becoming the third richest and most successful business women in the state."

Submitted: December 04, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Saniya Murtuza. All rights reserved.

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Wow! It's really a great story. I really like the plot. But a suggestion is to fix the words and format so it suits the story, like don't use "u" and words like that. But it's really good, and I enjoyed it immensely!

Mon, December 5th, 2016 1:37pm


Thanks a lot. Yes, i'll definitely work with the format and fixing of the words :)

Mon, December 5th, 2016 5:55am

Megan Nicole

This was a really nice story. There were a lot of twists and turns in there that I hadn't expected, and it made for a really refreshing read. I especially thought the in particular was nice. I think it would be even better if you perhaps gave the readers an explanation of how she ended up taking over the business! That would be really interesting. As for ways to improve, there are some grammatical errors and "text talk"--this can be easily fixed, and will make the story overall a lot smoother. Otherwise, it was very nice!

Mon, December 5th, 2016 5:12pm

DeYtH Banger

Something very typical... a victim of ignorance. But now that's the world... on it's own full power that's what really happens... we just wanted too much and we got all of that and probably few of us now they just want to take their words back.

Tue, December 27th, 2016 8:43am


Hey! your story is very nice with beautiful ending. Do write more.

Tue, March 14th, 2017 2:01pm

Abhijeet Kumar

SHIZZY even after bad experience with her boyfriend ZAIN... she belived to give life another chance........
ZAIN didn't understood the feelings of SHIZZY for him and went for MAYA
Relationship are more important than money...
The story brought tears into my eyes....
Well done Saniya Murtuza!

Thu, April 6th, 2017 10:01am

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