The legend of the golden wignow

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A group of young people hires a guide to take them on a two-day hike. The group of individuals were prepared to camp four one night To get to the campsite; it was an eight-hour walk through a beautiful forest walking down a twisting turning trail with a view overlooking. Come along with me and shiver in fear as this epic journey begins.

Submitted: December 04, 2016

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Submitted: December 04, 2016




"Spring break is my favorite time of year."  Tammy excitedly exclaimed.  Tammy is a sharp looking young woman her jet black hair is just long enough to lay on her shoulders.  Her eyes are a dark brown color.  Her voice is medium tone she is smiling most of the time.  "Hey, Jim let's get the gang together hire a guide to go up the southern trail to Green Lake." Jim is a slender man six feet tall he is a righteous man but quick with a joke.

"Sounds right Tammy we go Saturday does that sound good to you?."

"Oh ya."

Saturday morning the group met their guide Bill who would lead them up the southern path through a beautiful lush forest along a twisted turning trail that seemed to have a breathtaking view of the Oge-Mai valley below at every turn.

Bill is a powerful looking man although he is stout standing five feet seven inches he weighs two-hundred pounds.  He has a rugged handsomeness about him.  His eyes are dark green he is a man who looks you in the eyes when conversing with you.  Bill always has a mischievous smile on his face.  His voice is loud and profound the kind of voice that demands attention. 

"Three o'clock."  Bill hackles out.  "Could I have your attention, please this is where we make camp for the night."

"Bill! Wears Green Lake? Tammy blurts out.

 "It's just across the golden yellow wildflower field and through those trees you can't see it from here."

"Thanks, Bill,"  Tammy replies.

After they had set up camp,  Bill encouraged everyone to take a swim in the deep, dark blue, cold, waters of Green Lake.  "I will remain behind and get a nice big fire going the water is frigid but refreshing."  As soon as the gang was out of site, Bill went to work building a spectacular eight-foot tall tipi type bond fire.

It's getting dark now the fire is burning low as the party finished eating dinner.  Bill added four more logs to the fire.  "Could I have your attention, please my name is Bill most of you know that by now, but I only know two of you by name Jim and Tammy.  So from left to right, please give me your names, and I will try to remember them."

"My name is Sue."  Sue has long black hair her voice is mild, but there is no timidness when she speaks.  Her eyes are hazel colored she is an attractive young lady.

"I'm Erick."  Erick is a tall, muscular man standing six feet four inches he is mild tempered. 

 "My name is Sharon."  Sharon is a medium sized woman five feet seven inch tall she has short blond hair.  Her eyes are full and brown in color she is timider than Sue her voice is high set and beautiful.

"I'm Scott."  Scott is a stout man much like their guide, Bill.

"I'm Faith."  Faith is an outspoken petite little woman she doesn't seem to fear anything she has long black hair flowing down to the middle of her back. 

 "My name is Tom."  Tom is an average sized man normal you could say he mixes into the crowd.

 "Okay, we all know Tammy and Jim welcome everybody to my bond fire.  I will be your entertainment for tonight, so let's get started shall we." Bill builds up the flames by adding two-year seasoned split oak, maple, and beechnut logs onto the fire.

"Has anybody here ever heard the legend of the Golden Wignow anybody?"  Bill asks.

"This tail is a Celtic tail from the twelfth-century c.e. in a setting much like this one.  A group of four Celtic youths went out one night having a massive bond fire like ours.  Two of them decided to take a dip in the loch while the other two stayed by the bond fire sucking face as we would say today." {ha Ha ha, group laughter} 

 "A short time after the two of them disappeared into the darkness outside of the glow of the fire.  Bill continues.  Heading to the loch the night air became enveloped with what seemed to be a loud, frantic screaming match OUCH NOO HEEELPAAA OH SHI... OUCH." 

 "Woe that's awful!  Sue shrieked.  What happened to them?"

 "Ya, what happened to them."  Faith said.

Bill's reply.  "Well, the screaming only lasted a few seconds then the warm night air fell silent.  The kissing couple ran to see what had happened to their buds as their bodies disappeared into the darkness just outside the campfire's glow.  The night air once again rang out with horrifying screams."


 Once again Bill replies.  "A few seconds passed then a defining silence fell to the earth as cold air falls to the ground after dark." 

 "OH NO!  Tammy groaned.  WHATS OUT THERE !!?" 

 "Ya, what got em ha ha ha?"  Tom is laughing in an undertone. 

 "I'll tell you HA,HA,HA,HA,HA."Bills face went cold against the campfire light in the foreground.  His stout figure stood there with the night sky behind him he looked like a rock.  His dark green eyes twinkled to the sound of the popping and snapping sounds caused by the fire consuming wood.  All eyes are focused on Bill now as he continues the legend.

"The following day.  Bill continues.  A fisherman came across the four bodies.  This fisherman had been a soldier in his youth he had seen his share of gore and horror.  But he had never seen anything like this before and hoped he would never have to see anything like it again He moaned." The fisherman.


 "Then with a high pitched groan, he fell to his knees and wept bitterly. What had this poor man seen?  Bill goes on.  Four skeletons dressed in swim were two of them were obviously girls they were wearing two piece bikinis as we would call them today.  Their earrings lay beside their skulls in the sand.  The other two were men both were wearing swimming trunks both of them had a ring on one of their bony fingers."  

"The bones of the four bodies were stripped entirely of any flesh or body organs.  Ha, ha, ha, Bill chuckled.  There was no sign of blood or hair just smooth, shiny bones resembling ivory.  During that century there were a reported thirty-four such incidences and a total of two-hundred deaths." 

 "Hey, Bill I need a break this is scary stuff."  Blurted out, Sue. 

 "Okay Sue that's a good idea lets all take a break."

Ten minutes later Bill asks.  "Okay, everybody ready?"  

 "Go for it yes let's do it."

"Where did we leave off?" Bill asked himself.  "Oh, I remember after the twelfth century this phenomenon would not occur again until the late 1800s.  This time it showed up in Peru at a large gathering on Lake Junin. Eighty-six people perished in this episode.  Some news reports called it the greatest gathering of well-dressed skeletons ever assembled." [ha, ha, ha,ha.] This time, however, the skeletons were looted of their silver and gold."

Bill explains.  "This last episode caused the forensic scientists of the day to search for clues as to the origin of this legend documents of eyewitness accounts [were discovered] in Scotland accounts of what was seen and heard.  Does anybody want to listen to the reports?" 


 "Come on Bill."

 "We all want to know the outcome."

 "Ya spill it bud."

"Okay.  Bill said.  HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA!!"  With a stern look on Bills face as he winced a bit cutting a whole through the orange and yellow flames of fire with his round green eyes focused on the young people.

"Each time the scenario is the same.  Bill said.  [1] It starts off with a walk through a field of golden yellow wildflowers or a Golden Wignow patch.  [2] There is always water in the area.  Golden Wignows are not common wildflowers, in fact, they are intelligent.  The words Golden Wignow come from the ancient Celtic language meaning walking flower.  [3] After walking through the golden flower patch, the people broke out all over their bodies with an itching sensation that lasted ten to fifteen minutes."

"Did you say itching sensation?!!"  Faith worriedly asked.

"Oh, no itching!"  Sharon spoke in an undertone.

"I don't believe it we all had an itching sensation down at the lake!!"  Sue shrieked.

"And we all walked through the golden wildflower patch!!"  Erick exclaimed frantically.

Scott, Tom, Tammy, and Jim[ the four of them] sat quietly in the campfire glow staring at Bill who had a smile on his face from ear to ear and in an undertone he cackled "ha, ha, ha, ha,ha,ha."

"Whats going on Bill?!!"

 "Ya, what's happening Bill?!!" '

 "We want to know!!!" 

  "Are you sure you want to know?" Bill replies with a satisfied look on his face his deep green eyes once again glittering in the fire glow.

"Yes!!"  a collective voice rang out.

"The last phase of the scenario.  [4] A few hours after the itching subsided this is when the screaming begin."  Bill exclaimed. 

 "But there were no Golden Wignows in the beginning of the Legend the four Celts did not walk through a golden patch of wildflowers."  Faith Cried out.  "The fisherman said nothing about that."

"Remember,"  Bill replies.  "The words Golden Wignow means walking flower after devouring its prey the golden field migrates so as to avoid detection.  The fisherman's reaction to finding the four bodies seemed comical it wasn't to him.  Due to the knowledge of the legend.  At this point, the fisherman realized the legend was true and that a significant portion of his ancestors perished as a result of the Golden Wignow." 

 "So you're saying the Golden Wignows are here?!"  exclaimed Sharon.

"Yes, my lovely I forgot to mention the last two out brakes in history occurred right here at this very spot two times in the past three years HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA,HA,HA,HA!!  AND BY DAYLIGHT TOMORROW MORNING THE GOLDEN WIGNOW WILL HAVE CLAMEND ITS NEXT EIGHT VICKTOMS.  HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!"

The night air began to ring out.  "OH GOD NO NO HELP US AAAA NO OH SHI... OUCH HEL...OUCH!!!!" and then fell silent after a few seconds passed by except for a crackling sound disappearing fading into the darkness outside the fire glow.  "OH HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, OH, HA, HA, HA, HA!"


There are one thousand eight hundred thirty-nine words in this story.

1839 words  





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