Chapter 1: Meeting Sirius Black

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Spooks

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Leona smiles at her parents as they made sure all her things were with her. "Okay, Leona now make sure that that bag of yours stays shut. Wouldn't want any of the buggers to escape." Leona looks down at the bag of cretaures and smiles. Her backpack happens to be two different bags. If the buckle of her bag is pointing down then it's her school bag and if it's pointing up then it's the bag that leads to a world in which her magical creatures live in.

Leona has to be careful with this book because there's a lot of creatures in her bag that could cause a lot of problems for her teachers and fellow students. "I will dad." Leona says as she looks at her dad. He smiles and nods.

"Good." He pulls her into his arms. "I love you sweetheart." He whispers. "Be good."

"You can still switch to...." Her mom trails off as Leona's dad gave her mom a look.

"She said she wants to go to Hogwarts, it's where she's been going to school for years." Her parents always has this arguement. Her mom wants her to go to the school she went to when she lived in America and her dad wants her to go to the school he went to as a kid. In the end she chose his school, but that doesn't mean her mom is all that happy. Leona feel bad, but she know Tina can't really complain. Leona's older brother went to Tina's school. Leona just thought it would be fair if she went to her dad's school because of that.

"Mom, this is what I want. Stop worrying so much." She tell her mom as she pick up her backpack, putting it on her back, and moving towards her trunk. "Now, I need to go. It's almost eleven." Her mom sighs and nods. She kisses her temple and gives her a quick hug.

"Alright, sweetie. I love you, stay out of trouble." Her dad comes over to her and hugs her once more.

"Keep an eye on Sprouts, if he starts looking worst owl me immediatly." Sprouts is a Bowtruckle and he has gotten hurt recently, so Leona was suppose to take care of him for the year. Sprouts was hiding away in her hair. Sprouts is as shy and socially awkward as Leona is. She's comfortable around her family, but around other people she is very socially awkward, most times she can't even look a person in their eyes.

"I will, dad." She says with a small smile. "I'll see you for Christmas. Bye." She grabs her trunk and heads to the train. She gets her things on the train and she heads inside to look for a compartment to sit in.

Despite Leona being painfully awkward and shy she is rather beautiful. She looks just like her father, curly ginger hair, deep green eyes, and his pale skin. She's small and petite, her hair going to just her shoulders in curls. She's dressed in a white skirt that falls to her knees and a blue short sleeved blouse. She has white strappy sandles on and she keeps her head down, causing her red curls to fall into her face and hide it from view.

Leona finds an empty compartment and places her bag by the window on the floor to the right of the door. She sits by it and looks out the window. She hears the whistle blow, signling that the train was going to be moving at any second. She feels the train pull and begin to move out of the station, slowly gaining speed. She smiles as she watches the darkened window begins to lighten, telling her that they are almost out of this tunnel.

She sighs and leans back against her seat, taking out her father's book, and begins reading it for the fifth time this week. It's a book that she wants to be able to know in her sleep. It's the first edition of her father's book and it's even signed by him. It belongs to her mother, but she gave it to Leona to read.

She only read for a few moments before the door to her compartment opened. She turns and saw Severus Snape, he was a Slytherin and a rather nasty one, both in apparance and personality. He snarls as he sees her. "It's the Hufflepuff freak." This is one of the things Leona hates about going to Hogwarts. The Slytherins hates Leona and her family all because they're the types to abuse the creatures in her father's books, the ones her father has sworn to protect.

"Freak." The other Slytherin says, glaring at her. Leona sinks into her seat, her head down and staring at her feet.

"What you reading." Severus steals Leona's book before she could even do anything to stop it.

"No, please don't." Leona cries. "It's my dad's book." Severus smirks and grabs the book by the front and back cover and rips the spin right in half. "No!" Leona cries, tears filling her eyes as the Slytherins rip the book to shreads. Tears rolls down her eyes as she watches. Leona wasn't the fighting type and all she could do was watch. She was too scared to do anything else.

"Your father's book is worthless just like him." Severus says as he drops the shreads of paper to the ground along with the covers of the front and back of the book. She moves to pick the pieces up, but the Slytherins hold out their wands, causing her to back up. "Let's show her what we Slytherins do to worthless freaks." Leona's eyes fell to her feet, her body shaking with fear. She glances at her bag, but she would never be able to open it quick enough.

"Is there a problem here." Everyone looks over to see Sirius Black standing there, looking right at Leona. Her eyes falls to the ground and Severus snarls.

"This isn't any of your business, Black."

"I wasn't talking to you, Snivellus." Sirius snaps back. His eyes goes back to Leona. "I'm asking her." She looks up startled to hear Sirius Black is worried about some nobody like herself.

"It's not woth it, Severus." One of the Slytherins mumble. "Where there's one there's more." Severus glares at Sirius and Leona once more before walking off. Leona quickly gathers the remains of her beloved book, tears roll down her face as she does so.

"Here, let me help." Sirius pulls out his wand and mutters a spell causing the book to be restored back to it's original glory.

"T-Thank you." Leona whispers as she holds the book close to her chest.

"There just jerks." Sirius says. "I'm Sirius by the way." Leona looks at him, then his hand, and then back at the floor.

"I know. You hang out with James Potter." She says quietly.

"Oh, so you heard of us." Sirius smiles, but frowns when he realizes Leona isn't interested like the other girls. "Are you going to tell me your name?" Leona glances at him.

"I'm Leona, Leona Scamander." She places her book inside her bag and shuts it tightly before turning to him again.

"You're that famous Magizoologist's daughter right?" Leona gives a timid nod as she sits back down.


"That's cool. I read your dad's book it's pretty cool." He sits beside her. "If you want you can sit with my friends and I. At least then Sniverllus won't bother you."

"Y-You don't have to pity me." She whispers. "I'm use to him and the other Slytherins. Not everyone likes my dad." Sirius frowns.

"I'm not piting you. Come on." Sirius stands up. "You can sit with us, it's a lot more better." He goes to get Leona's bag, but she grabs it first.

"I-I got it." She says nervously. Sirius frowns, but doesn't ask.

"Alright, come on." He leads her out and down the hall. She bites her lip nervously, but follows him nevertheless. Things really turned out strange today for Leona Scamander

Submitted: December 04, 2016

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