Aiming For The 21st Century

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"Aiming For the 21st Century" contains songs, poems and essays. Its content is political, and is focused on issues relating to life in the US that is compromised by intrusions of genuine harm and
death by government policies the population has not taken control over and dissolved. Some content may not seem familiar but addresses conditions that loom and will prevail if society does not
become aware of abuses in certain social areas such as the marginalizing and dismissing of seniors and elders, and the infirm on many levels as well as doing the same to the general population.

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Sovietized Homeland Security

Submitted: December 04, 2016

There must be a firewall between the US social welfare programs of Social Security and Medicare. Otherwise, a democracy has one system protected at the expense of another. The promise of receiving an earned financial security stipend at 65, 66 or 70 is met with a veiled program to deny those at the same age from receiving life-sustaining medical care that they are used to and expect, have a right to, and are paying for regardless of having passed an arbitrary birth anniversary. As an agency, Homeland Security has set protections for its sub-agencies and employees who might otherwise face litigation for carrying out "guidelines" which clearly disaffect the population, and can lead to euthanasia of it. The guidelines, if government workers and their extensions follow them, set up a random kill, yet it is a focused kill. The correction for the US is awareness and action, and a commitment to care for and protect all elders, seniors, and at-risk others from those agents in our societies who blindly serve, for their own advancement, the evils wrought upon society by such guidelines as those promulgated by Homeland Security. Once again, the responsibility is on all citizens to bring a ramrod force against the crystalized covert legislation that has set itself against democratic freedoms, make transparent and break down the evil within, and replace it with legislative protections, if need be, to assure wellness and health care at all levels for all. This includes, taking a critical look at the specialties of geriatrics and pediatrics to discern if they are simply euthanistic and eugenic arms of an agency with ultimately an evil intent. Perhaps it may be best for the US to break the sub-agencies under Homeland Security apart again and make them their own individual entities, a Brexit from Homeland Security, if you will. Read Chapter

Women - Forty Years Onward

Submitted: September 07, 2017

After 40 years, where are women, and where are we all subsequent to effort by women to gain equal opportunity in the work place? The public and political inroads seemed to plateau after 20-25
years, though women's prominence has grown in quantity. Was the goal reached? Meantime business and government was following a track of its own, only now being clarified, to separate society into
two classes, a select rich, and illiterate robotized workers, dependent upon all adult men and women working.
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Rest In Peace Children of the United States

Submitted: February 17, 2018

School shootings in the United States face a citizenry that has had enough. Research the story as it progresses of the effect of the school shooting east of the Everglades of Florida on Valentine's
Day 2018 on the people of the US who are making it clear we have had enough of the justification of more and more dangerous weapons being disseminated amongst our populace. The blame of "Mental
Illness" doesn't work anymore; not having it, no one, essentially, it would seem today, will listen to that any longer! Now it's time to become a real country again. If the adults in the room won't
do it, so we hear, the youth will.

Bypassing the Executive Branch of our government seems in order, if only to protect it from dastardly and divisive attacks by its nemesis, the National Rifle Association. The youth, et al, plan a
national school walkout. Other acts to follow, no doubt, and platitudes from Congresspersons may bring to them job loss with one bogus gun control expert in the Senate perhaps finally biting the
dust on her own failure to provide control.
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Donald Trump's Presidency, Year One

Submitted: March 15, 2018

Viewing Donald Trump in his first year in office. Patterns in his modus operandi. Behaviors of the president. Challenges and threats. Ups and downs. Successes and defeats. Sureties and
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Take That Back To The ‘70s

Submitted: April 01, 2018

The political arena in U.S. puts one in mind of events and incidents in the mid 1970s. What's going on here?
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White Elbows, The Downside of White Shoulders

Submitted: August 11, 2018

Once again - bullies on radar from any direction. Disrespect by bullies, of women, and of any others. Taking without asking permission. Seems like fear, this pushing in and forward, when you know
it is unacceptable. Still, hey - if you can get away with it; who cares about the ramifications? Who needs to think? So this essay uses the past popular perfume "White Shoulders" as a metaphor to
examine the gross misconduct by bullies being once again addressed in society at a high profile level.
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Closing Philadelphia

Submitted: October 14, 2018

American Style Merchandising, Manufacturing and Industry Gone. The physical bodies take a little longer. Today, Sears may announce its expected bankruptcy, maybe a restructuring or maybe the
reality of a straight liquidation. The American model is defunct! It's a big story because the U.S. was built on the promise of independence, expressed through suffrage, but practiced through
proprietorship. As Universal Suffrage came to be, really, for all Americans, those three modums began to wane. Americans love Sears products? It is not all digital technology. The human factor is
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Theys? No Thanks!

Submitted: November 05, 2018

THEYS? NO THANKS! Cool the Media’s Rightist Inflammatory Language, and What’s Left, Can Be Taken Care Of Like a Piece of Cake ... Read Chapter

Donald Trump's Presidency, Year Two

Submitted: January 21, 2019

Second in what is usually, at least, a four-part series. How goeth the presidency, objectively viewed? For the history books. Easy reading for most. A recap.
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