You are Beautiful!

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No matter the colour, body or size

Your beauty is seen by more than thousand of eyes

Don't dwell on things you think you lack

And don't bother about the people talking behind your back

Be true to yourself and keep following your dreams

Be strong and fight no matter how hard it seems

Try to smile and feel your spirit rise high above

Be open to the feelings called happines and love

Many people won't aknowledge your beauty within

They will hurt you and critizice every little thing

Don't ever let them throw you down on your knees

Promise that you will stand tall, I beg you please

No one but yourself knows what you've gone through

So don't let anyone judge without even knowing you

The happines is always there for you to take

It is and will always be your desicion to make

Don't let others tell you who to be and what you should do

Always remember who you are and what is important to you

Your beauty shines even brighter than you think and know

So don’t you ever feel scared to rise and let it show!



Submitted: December 04, 2016

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