Operation: Blackout

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This is a world war 2 story about James Lee Quinton,and many other fictional characters. The story takes place in WW2 each character has their own chapter. From American soldiers ceasing a village to a German panzer division fighting to take a city. The action will unfold as the chapters are put out

Submitted: December 04, 2016

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Submitted: December 04, 2016



The plane's engines rumbled through the air as Quinton loaded his rifle. Bullets from rifles and machine guns smacked into the dirt all around him. Quinton began to think “This is it, im gonna die here in this damn hole.” Rifles barked as bullets were exchanged with the enemy. “Quinton! We need to get up and move! Go move your ass! Get up to the hill!” Shouted the commander of the team Quinton was in. Quinton climbed out of the fox hole, running toward a small village. Quinton dove into the dirt to avoid incoming fire.  He could hear the bullets smack into the other side of the hill. He stood up and raised his rifle. He lined up the sights with a man in a dark grey uniform. He pulled the trigger. The rifle slammed into his shoulder as he watched the man drop. Quinton lined up the sights with another man in a dark grey uniform. The rifled boomed and slammed into his shoulder once more. Quinton repeated this process for hours. Slowly, the gunfire stopped. Men in olive green uniforms stormed into the town. In the distance  men in grey uniforms walked with their hands reaching for the sky. “Quinton! Get up here Sarge wants to see you!” One of the men yelled out of bombed out bakery. “Sergeant Blackburn! Corporal Quinton reporting sir!” Quinton shouted as he put his rifle to his side and saluted his Sergeant. “Quinton, you put a dent in those krauts defending this village. Good job sir i got a order from General patton to give you a field promotion. Congrats Sergeant Quinton.” Quinton felt excitement but showed no emotion. “Thank you sir.” Quinton began to fear his new rank, if Blackburn became hurt and had to go home, he would be put in charge. Quinton had a feeling that the day would come. Quinton explored the town with some of the other soldiers. Quinton along with a few other men found an old bombed out hotel. Quinton and others slept the night out in the hotel.  


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