The Life of Serena Zerconia

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A 16 year old orphan girl with three adopted siblings and a adopted child. She is a famous celeb who had facing problems from her birth. She lost her mom when she was born itself. Father died as his colleagues killed him in order to sell Serena to make money. She was raised by an police officer whom she loved the most. At the age of 16, she transferred from LA to South Korea to continue her High school. There she meets all the K-pop celebrities and eventually gets a job as a makeup artist for the band BTS aka Banghtan. Soon she falls in love with a guy from one the bands she worked for and tries to avoid him since she is having her responsibilities.
One day she gets a new that her grandmother has passed away. During the funeral she gets to know that her crush is also a grandson of her grandmother. While Serena's grandmother's son was giving a speech on what his mom wanted to happen, they get to know that Serena's grandmother wanted her and her crush to get married in order to reunite the two broken families of her. This is about how she handles the issues she is facing in her life in a situation like this.

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Who is SHE?

Submitted: December 05, 2016

One fine morning... ?"Ahhh... She came to Korea " screams a 1st year student. Everyone in the corridor stops what they were doing and... Read Chapter