The Rogue Wizard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Battle of Hogwarts changed Harry more than he knew himself...

“It started, right here, in Godric’s Hollow.”

The sunken eyes of the old woman reflected the dying fire which did little to ward away the cold. She drew the blanket close to her as the stranger looked on.

“At first I thought it was one of those summer rain-storms but there was no rain that day. Then it started getting cold. So cold that your blood would freeze right in your veins. I didn’t dare step out. No one did for there was a dank mist formed outside, that passed through the streets. It was unlike anything that had been seen before.”

The stranger’s placid face barely showed any emotion. He had heard this story before. The cold, the mist, the deaths…every single detail which he had now come to know only too well.

“He was born here you know. They said his soul was corrupted after what happened at Hogwarts twenty five years ago. He was reborn in a way. He couldn’t have been what he is now until he destroyed his past. It reminded him too much of them, his parents.”

He remembered those tumultuous times. The school had gathered what had remained of Dumbledore’s legacy and rebuilt itself. Voldemort had been defeated for all eternity but no one had celebrated. Too many lives had been lost. It would never be the same again. Years later, he remembered Prof. McGonagall talking to his father, “You know Mr. Longbottom, this school has seen a lot of history. Wars, plagues, duels but it has always survived. It will survive again this time but its soul has diminished. I feel it in the walls…

She had been right. Hogwarts felt different even during his first year. The Whomping Willow was a grotesquely charred stump now. It stood still, a constant reminder of that event. Hagrid had left the school by then, traveling through the country. He had lost his family too after Dumbledore. The castle and the grounds had been spruced up through the years but there were still places where the grass would never grow. Hogwarts had changed and so had he. That final encounter had ripped him apart and replaced him with someone sinister. They say, he had grown quieter over the years. As an Auror, he would become more and more ruthless. His unfounded bitterness would even break up his marriage, leaving him to swelter in his loneliness.

Momentarily, he felt sorry for him. All the pain he had been through, the monumental loss he had experienced. It was as if all his goodness had been drained away to be left with a deep darkness. He was becoming what he had fought against all his life…

The old lady stoked the fire with a twig. “Why are you here ? There is nothing there to find. He defiled his parents’ graves the day he stepped foot in this town. Dug out their bodies and burnt them in the red fire of his wand. They were gone as if they had never existed !”

Reginald Longbottom’s piercing gaze fell upon her. “I have been following his death-trail for years, Prof. Trelawney. Digging my way through the murders of innocent muggles. I have not been hiding from the world like you. You keep asking yourself – ‘How could I not see this?’ but I live through it everyday. You were misled but you are still a witch. The question is what are you doing here ?”

His intense outburst had taken her by surprise. She mumbled something and adjusted her cracked glasses. “I-I tried. I tried so hard but all I could see was darkness. He, himself, did not know what he was turning into. But when the killings started, I-I knew I had to do something. So I came here to find an object that may hold a forgotten memory from his childhood. Something, anything that I could hold in my hand and dispel that frustrating darkness. The house had been burnt ages ago but his parents’ graves were still there, holding memories which were still alive in their cold bodies. All I had to do was touch the graves and I would see…”

“So, did you see ?” – She knew more than she let on.

“I-I was there, unsure if the spell would even work but it did. I saw him as a child with his parents, with Black; I saw him with his friends; I saw him with Dumbledore…”

“Yes, he was him then. What happened after the battle ?” – He didn’t have time.

“He-he came back to life. The Elder wand was his but he didn’t want it. It had killed Severus. He broke it into two but it wasn’t disposed off so easily. It yearned for its master. Found its way back to him.”

“The deaths of the three wizards.” The Daily Prophet had run with it for weeks – THREE WIZARDS DEAD ! WHO IS TO BLAME ? – Pureblood Nazis on the rise, Ministry on alert.

“Y-yes. They were mere carriers. The wand passed on from one to the other, finally reaching its true bearer. He was training to be an Auror then. They work with Dark objects everyday. No one gave the wand a second thought but he knew the moment he laid eyes on it.”

“How could his friends not know ?”

“There was a strange fascination about that thing. He succumbed to it. It had found a way to turn his deepest regrets unto himself. So much so, that he changed its appearance using a disillusionment charm to replace his own wand and carry it with him all the time.”

“Why didn’t you talk to anyone about it ? To Prof. McGonagall ?”

“I wasn’t sure what I was seeing myself. Divination does not work like that. The future is marred by choices and choices are a fickle thing. Before I could know, it was too late. He had razed Little Whinging to the ground and disappeared !”

“He has not. There have been sightings in London and more murders. Hagrid has been talking to his connections in Knockturn Alley. They say, he is going to make a statement.”

“But what can we do ?”

“I am going to find him and stop him. He has to be stopped from himself. I am leaving now but I will return. You have to keep trying..”

Dust particles stayed suspended in the air for a moment where he disapparated and gradually started to settle down. She clutched her chest, surprised that she could lie to him like that. She had seen this moment before but never past it. That could only mean one thing. He would be here. Longbottom had heart but he was not ready to face him. She couldn’t let him get in his way. Not another death in her name except one…

She felt a gust behind her. Her fate had arrived.

“I have been waiting for you.”

“Hello Sybill. You’ve been busy I see. Digging into my life, meddling with the future as always. Your prophecies have always done more harm than good, haven’t they ?” – There was no kindness in his voice.

“I don’t have anything to offer you.”

“You have offered me so much, Sybill. You made me destiny’s favourite child when your prophecy brought Voldemort to my house. The death of my parents left me no purpose in life but to kill him. I succeeded and acquired power. I am what I am because of you.”

Shivers ran down her spine but it wasn’t the cold. “I-I did not make you a murderer.”

“No you didn’t but you didn’t tell him I was coming. You helped me hide. You lied to him. Why did you do that ? Do I scare you ?” – His hungry eyes were not human anymore.

“I have been scorned and respected, loathed and loved. I have lived my life as I saw it. I don’t fear death. He knows about you now. He is just a boy but he will find a way. Like you did.”

He took out his wand and pointed it towards her head. “You have to go, Professor Trelawney. You’ve done enough damage for a lifetime. I didn’t want this but you have left me with no choice. I promise, this won’t hurt.”

“Goodbye Harry Potter. I hope you find your way back…there’s still time…” – Her words faded away into oblivion as the green flash brightened the house for the fourth time.


Author’s note: This piece is fan-fiction and is not intended to add or modify the original storyline of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. 


Submitted: December 05, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sidiosyncratic. All rights reserved.

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