The Unavoidable Situation Of Love

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Allison is a rich American girl, that moves to England. She meets a boy. His father does not authorise the relationship because of his skin colour. Will they stay together?who is the celebrity that is going to her art school? what is going to happen? after, how is her life going to be?You will find Unavoidable Situation of Love.

Submitted: December 05, 2016

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Submitted: December 05, 2016



Today is the day that Allison, an American girl, travels to England, Liverpool for the first time. Allison and her family, finally arrived at the airport.Whilst her parents were relaxing in a cafe called the 'Old Coffee House', which is a weird name for a cafe in an airport, as you can predict Allison wasn't there, she caught a glimpse of a music shop. Allison entered it determined to find the album of twenty-one pilots as well as DeAndre, a 17-year-old boy from Newcastle. She discerned the album and ran up to it at the same time as DeAndre. They both outstretched for the album and touched hands. Her dad was observing her the whole time. When they exchanged eye contact, he furiously shouted 'ALLISON'. She ignored him completely. DeAndre was astonished while deeply staring into her prepossessing blue eyes like the ocean, they were iridescent and flecked with every shade of blue.She was wearing a Pink fashionista dress, a key necklace, a studded bracelet and beige heels. She also stared into his eyes, which were the type of brown that was like a sweet chocolate. The chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of the heat from love, or happiness. But that chocolate can also grow hard from the cold harsh reality that is apparent in this world. Heartbreak, or the depression that he hid from all those around him so well. He had a simple hoodie, black Henley shirt,Snitch Jeans and basic sneakers.While she was appreciating his precious eyes, she felt a hot breath on her neck, it was her father and that wasn't a great image.Allison ran towards her mother after passing a little note that she wrote, whilst her dad was shouting at her. That note contained 2 words 'Find Me'. He concentrated on the note, Suddenly, DeAndre looked at Allison whilst she was doing hand motions. DeAndre had no idea what she was doing, it looked like she was trying to symbolise rotation, so he turned the note around and at the back, in very small letters, it said 'I might help you... :)'.Her father severely marched up to him. He ran past Allison whispering in her ear...
'I will find you...Allison'.
Her father galloped directly towards his daughter, anxiously asking if she was okay. Confused, she questioned why. whilst repeatedly asking the same question, he finally replied. Her father shouted 'He is BLACK!! Don't you DARE!!' Everybody gawped at him.One woman even yelled 'RACIST'.He felt offended, luckily they were about to go boarding, so he rushed towards the desk turning red because of the embarrassment. They entered the plane. Allison desperately needed to go to the bathroom, but there was someone there. Someone opened the door. It was DeAndre. He told her that destiny wants them to be together.They exchanged phone numbers and started texting non-stop after they got off the plane.
The next day Allison went to school. It is called St Michaels Art school. Allison wanted to be a DJ, but her father wanted her to do Ballet. She was very excited. Her first lesson was Design, which she wasn't very good at. Her design was as horrible as Donald Trump's hair and personality. Whilst she was walking to class she felt a warm soft hand touch her arm. She freaked out. She didn't Know what to do. Suddenly she heard Deandre's voice. Her frown turned upside down. She was so eager to hug him firmly with all her strength. She couldn't believe that he was right in front of her. He quoted "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them...The course of true love never did run smooth." she said '  Shakespearean language...good choice' he exhilaratingly answered ' perfect because I might have spent all night in the library reading his books and trying to find good quotes'.
Later that day, there was a surprise celebrity, that came to visit at their school. Allison was so excited to know who it was..." Is it Beyonce, Is it Adele, Is it One Direction or maybe it is Simon Cowell to tell us how much we suck at singing" she thought about it all day until it was time. She was nervous.Elated. It was time for the big reveal. She heard noises. She saw people running.Are there running towards the celebrity? who is it?. Everyone gets up from their chair and runs to the door, Allison was in front of the whole class since it was her who made everyone get up.They noticed that there was a concert occuring, they felt dismal. This is because it was only for six formers. Luckily, Allison was able to convince the teacher to go watch Ed Sheeran's concert. She promised Miss Duncan, her Art teacher, that she would persuade her father into giving her a free trip to Hawaii if she would let them go.She accepted the request and let them have fun. They were having a good time, until something startling happened. There was a competition.Allison was bewildered. The competition was about a chance to be "The DJ" for one of Ed Sheeran's concerts across the United Kingdom.Allison was heartbroken because she wasn't informed about this opportunity and this could help with her career.She was so devastated, that she decided to leave, but whilst she was leaving she hears her name. She looks back and realises that she was chosen and that she won the contest. Vexed that she was chosen, she walks up the steps to the stage, whilst scanning the gym and sees DeAndre clapping and whistling. She immediately knew he put her name in "The Box of Luck".

When she arrived home, she  dashed to tell her mother. She aproved but her father was unconditionally against that idea. He turned to face her there was no trace of tears, not in his eyes or in track marks on his reddening face. His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard. In that moment she knew he was already far away. Once more she was the enemy. These swings from most loved to most hated would be the end of her. His states had no greyscale, only the polar extremes existed. She drew in a deep breath, the burning hard stare would last only as long as it took him to think of the most brutally cutting thing he could tear me down with. And after that she could kiss anything breakable goodbye. Which right now might just be her nose, it was so hard to tell and so pointless to run.


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