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Submitted: December 05, 2016

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Submitted: December 05, 2016



You kissed me,

There was fire light,

you crawled into my heart,

like a cancerous cell,

You remodelled it,

Into loving you to bits,

As fast as you had come,

you vamoosed,

I was broken,

rough edged,

you were tender with me,

sometimes you felt my pain,

That day I said loud,

How I loved you,

You stared coldly,


Buy a gun you said,

kill yourself,

A man like him didn't know how to love,

I stared into my ceiling that night,

I listened to crickets,

My heart still couldn't keep calm,

A thousand missed calls,

slipped texts there it was,


The answer to my question?

I now drown in this pain,

But baby I will forget you,

The sound of your voice,

The colour of your eyes,

its scary,

but ,

nothing is worse than unrequited love.m

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