The Wind Within Your Heart (A Warrior Cat Story)

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"Destiny isn't a path any cay follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks the loudest. Listen to your heart. Because that's where your true destiny lies." "Snow will fall, fire will rise. But when snow covers fire, the forest is saved. But beware! There will be in Snow's heart that will guide Snow to evilness and a dark, dangerous path." So many prophecies, so much confusion. Little does SnowKit know what's in store for her.

Submitted: December 05, 2016

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Submitted: December 05, 2016




"Snow will fall, fire will rise. But when snow covers fire, the forest is saved. But beware! There will be wind in the heart of snow, leading to evilness and a dark, dangerous path." SpottedFire awoke and groaned. "Can't a cat have any sleep without a phrophecy coming like every second?" 

Suddenly, a painful yowel broke SpottedFire out of her thoughts about what the prophecy meant. She beckoned to her apprentice, StormPaw, and both locked eyes and nodded. A second later they came out with herbs locked tightly in their jaws. "BlueEyes IS GIVING BIRTH!" FirePelt, BlueEyes's mate yowled. Both SpottedFire and StormPaw nodded. 

~After Birth~

"Their beautiful..." Muttered FirePelt softy. BlueEyes nodded. "Have you names for them?" SpottedFire asked quietly. BlueEyes looked thoughtful for a moment. Then nodded,"Yes. I do. I'll name the first two. You name the second two." FirePelt nodded. Then BlueEyes said in her silvery sweet voice, (Pointing with her nose towards the first kit) "This one will be called FireKit." BlueEyes said and shot a glance at her mate, FirePelt. FireKit looked like and exact replica of her father, orange with a white underbelly. The eyes are yet to be determined when they actually open their eyes. "The second one will be called.... LeafKit." She pointed with her nose towards the second kit. The kit was all white, with a patch of silver over her eye. (All the kits are she-kits) Then it was FirePelt's turn to name the other kits. He point towards an all white kit. "This one will be called SnowKit." SpottedFire winced at mentioning the word 'Snow'. It reminded her of the prophecy. Then realized, the phrophecy, was about... SnowKit! Then dread creeping her as if a spider was crawling up her leg. 'The fire part is FirePelt! SnowKit's father!' SpottedFire wished it wasn't so, but it was! SnowKit would have to meet her father in battle someday... 

FirePelt pointed to the last kit. "This one will be called RainKit." The little bundle of fur was all gray. Not a single different color of fur was on her body. As the little family curled up together, SpottedFire couldn't believe it. She didn't want SnowKit and her father to meet. But they would have to, as that's what StarClan planned.


~Chapter 1: A Chilling Surprise

A cold chilling ran through my back. I curled up closer to my momma. "Momma? Why is it so cold?" I asked my mom. She looked at me. "It's leafbare SnowKit... It comes every year. It's where prey runs out and we can barely eat. It's a horrible time of year, but I personally love it. Not only because you were born in leafbare, but because it was always a wonder of mine. I love the snow." I looked at her, both confused and scared. "Are we gonna die momma?" I asked shakily. Momma looked amused. "Hopefully not. Most likely not." I cooled down a bit. Then, confusion came back. "What's snow?" I asked the question, only to realize that it was a stupid question. 'Snow is in my name.. My name is SNOWKit...' Once again, momma looked quite amused. "Snow is light, soft and very white. They come in little flakes, which is basically saying they come in very little, tiny pieces." "I WANNA SEE SNOW!" Shouted my sister, LeafKit. LeafKit, RainKit and I have a very close and personal relationship. We usually get into trouble together. 

~Six Moons Later~

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather under the high rock!" IceStar shouted. Then suddenly, I remembered that today's the apprentice day for me and my littermates! Momma started grooming our pelts. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a fellow apprentice glaring at me. 'ApplePaw..' I think. "Will FireKit please come up?" FireKit walked up. She was the calmest out of all of us. "FireKit, you have reached the age of six moons. From this day forward, until you have earned your warrior name, you will be called FirePaw. StreamFall will be your mentor. StreamFall, you have proved to be a worthy opponent in battle, while also being calm and very skillful. I expect you to pass on all you know to this young apprentice." StreamFall nodded. FirePaw and StreamFall touched noses, and then went to sit with the other cats. Next, it was LeafKit's turn. LeafKit was paralyzed with excitement. LeafKit was now LeafPaw and she got DoveSong as a mentor. 'Lucky..' I thought. DoveSong was so nice and calm. Next, it was my turn. "Will SnowKit please come up?" Every cat in the clan was smiling. I didn't know why. I think it's because my momma told me I was very popular with the clan. Apparently I did something as a kit I don't remember doing... "SnowKit has reached the age of six moons. From now forward, until you have earned your warrior name, you will be called SnowPaw. LightPelt will be your mentor." I thought I could see the faintest amusement in his eyes. Next thing I know the whole clan was smiling. I wondered why. I touched noses with LightPelt, then it was the last of us. The third member of the Destruction Sisters. That's what me, LeafPaw, and RainKit call ourselves. RainKit was now RainPaw, and she got SmokeHeart. SmokeHeart and her touched noses and then went into the clearing of cats. The meeting of the cats disspersed, and immediately me and my sister started chatting. 

"Hey where's FirePaw?" LeafPaw asked. I shrugged and RainPaw shook her head. "Maybe she's with SmokeHeart.." "C'mon! Let's go check out the apprentices den!" LeafPaw ran off shouting back. Me and RainPaw ran after her. I took a look at the den. It was huge! Then, I saw ApplePaw walk in. 'Uh oh..' 

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