Operation: Blackout Chapter 2

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Second chapter of OP Blackout This chapter is from the POV of soviet soldier Dimitri Kasanov!

Chapter 2 (v.2) - Fear From The East!

Submitted: December 05, 2016

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Submitted: December 05, 2016



Chapter 2: Fear From The East:

The tanks came to a stop on a big hill overlooking a large city. Dimitri Kasanov is apart of the russian 212th armored support division. Below the hill rested the city of Eindhoven. One side of the city american forces waited for the time to attack. Russian tanks lined the hill along with thousands of men. Dimitri climbed off the back of the IS tank. The IS heavy tank, the engines started as men loaded their rifles and checked their gear. Soviet artillery fire slammed into the city below hammering buildings and roads. German soldiers were seen scrambling to prepare for the attack. The soviet soldiers and tanks advance down the hill. Dimitri along with thousands of other men are about to experience their first bit of combat. Dimitri put his back to a wall of a building as bullets smacked into the corner of the small cafe. Dimitri turned the corner and fired his rifle down the street. After he came back and took cover on the corner he peeked out and saw some men lying dead in the streets. He began to tremble with fear and excitement. Dimitri killed a man. He sat and thought how he ended a man's life, took him from his family. “Dimitri, fight for the motherland don't stop, fight!” One of the other soldiers yelled at Dimitri as he stared off into space. Dimitri’s stare was broken when more artillery fire slammed the city. Rubble and debris filled the street. Dimitri turned the corner and raised his rifle once more. He began to single out any germans in the street. Any man that crossed into the street he shot at. He fired at one man and watched as the bullet impacted him and he fell to the ground yelling and screaming. The tanks advanced into the city. The 122mm guns of the IS tanks cracked and split the air as the shells fired by the tanks smashed into buildings. The battle raged on into the next day. Over the night Dimitri saw things he never thought he would. He watched men bleed to death, his friends get killed, bullets bounce off the front of tanks. The tanks slowly drove down the streets. The engine's low rumble shakes the windows in the bombed out buildings. Voices of the soviet soldiers filled the empty streets. Occasional gunshots echoed through out empty Eindhoven. Screams of german soldiers followed gunshots as the soviets began executing all the survivors, Dimitri did what most soldiers were doing, killing off the remaining injured enemy. The man tried to crawl away from Dimitri. Dimitri slowly raised his rifle as the man began to cry and scream. “Nein! Nein Bitte töte mich nicht!” The soldier yelled as the rifled echoed and recoiled into Dimitri’s shoulder. AS the days went on the city of Eindhoven became safe and secured. The American forces stayed back while the Soviet forces withdrew to go back and conduct a counterattack on the panzerwaffe assaulting deep into russia. The soviets were coming to defend their homeland. The Nazis have no clue about the counterattack.


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