Leather products care and maintenance tips

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Leather care should pay attention to methods.

Submitted: December 05, 2016

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Submitted: December 05, 2016



1, leather products, if dirty, you can use a clean flannel dipped in protein solution wipe, can decontamination, but also make the leather light.


2, stained with leather stains, the best first with a soft cloth or cloth goods, gently wipe, and then coated with a layer of Vaseline, and then repeatedly wipe with a soft cloth. Finally, rub the same color oil, with a soft brush again, you can bright as new.


3, when the black leather bag fade and expose the white, the ink can be dipped in egg white ink in the inkstone ground into juice, ink pen with ink coated repeatedly coated on the package surface, the faded part and a small cracks at the more coated some, After coating, place in a ventilated place to dry, and then coated with oil, rub with a brush. Leather oil black shiny, color as new.


4, purse with a long time, it will lose luster and become obsolete. You can use a clean cotton dipped in the amount of thinner or clean gasoline, gently wipe the package surface again, the focus of more than a few wiping, and then immediately on the oil again, rubbing cloth back and forth a few times, a pair of shiny as new bag Out.


5, to protect the purse method is less soaking, more rubbing oil. Storage, it is best coated with lard (also available pork skin rub) or vegetable oil, to protect the leather surface is not dry wrinkles. At the same time with the tearing of old newspapers rolled into the bag, to prevent deformation. Finally, the package in the carton, stored in a dry place.


6, the best collection of cotton wool bag is sealed with plastic bags collection. Especially in the wet and humid areas of summer, the best results. The specific method is: first used wipes wipe with a damp cloth, dry, hit the oil, wait a minute, polished with a brush.Load into the plastic bag, the bag of gas discharge, with a rope Tighten the pocket. Using this method collection custody bag, bags can prevent dry deformation and deformation of raw mold.


7, banana peel contains tannin, used to wipe the purse (or purse) on the oil, can clean the leather surface as new.


8, drink the rest of the milk or milk has been stale, do not throw away, use it to clean leather bags and other leather products, can prevent the cortex dry.

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