The Hunt Begins Part I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sequel to: Add Four More

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



 Allen, Xavier’s father hears a metal bang come from inside the house. He looks at the house at where the sound came from. Curious, he slowly walks over to see what’s going on. Expecting the worst, Allen grabs a pitch fork that was stuck in a pile of hay. As he prepares to go to the side of the house, he sees someone in a black jacket and sweat pants with a pumpkin mask run from his house with cans jingling from his side. Allen runs inside his house and finds blood streaming from Xavier’s room. He opens the door and Xavier falls out onto his feet, lifeless with blood pouring from his head. Allen is speechless. Grabbing Xavier and sitting him up, he tries to wake him but it doesn’t work. He shakes Xavier for minutes but he never wakes. Beginning to tear up, he feels anger building up in his body and gets up and throws his pitchfork into the field and starts kicking his tools.

Kurt’s father runs over to Allen who is kicking everything, grabs him and spins him around. He tries to talk but he is winded.


“Don, Xavier is dead! Leave me alone!” said Allen


Don looking at him in confusion, says “What? He’s dead? Like, not breathing dead?”


“Yes, you idiot! Someone came into my house I guess and hit him with a metal object! I ran inside after I saw someone in all black run out of my house. I opened up his door after I saw blood running from under his door and saw blood oozing out from his head. I tried to see if he was alive but he wouldn’t wake up. He’s gone. My boy is gone!” cried Allen.


“I can’t find Kurt. He isn’t anywhere. What if that creepy guy got him too? Oh no, that can’t be the case. He was in bed last night, out cold when I came in to say good night.”


“We have to see what’s going on, now.” Responded Allen

Both agreed and ran to call the police. They were on the phone for a while, giving details on the situation and describing what they saw and what was going on. When Police showed up to investigate, they were immediately showed Xavier, laying there motionless and blood still fresh on the ground. Police began to walk the premises looking for any clues or evidence that could lead them to the killer. The more they looked, the more confused they got. There was nothing found. Clean tracks, no fingerprints, dirt on the floor from shoes, nothing. The only thing that remained was a boy who died front blunt force trauma to the head. Allen began to describe to the men what happened and what he saw as Don was talking to different men about his missing child. The police left and an ambulance took Xavier away in a body bag and cleaned up the blood on the floor. They said their condolences, carried Xavier out, and drove away.


A once peaceful, little town was now a crime scene where a murder had just taken place. Just over night, people’s lives turned upside down.


Don breaks the silence between him and Allen. “What’re we going to do now?”


“Well Donny boy,” Allen started. “We’re going to go hunting. Then, if we get to this person first, well, revenge is sweet, because I am going to hit person with something that will kill him, and then beat his head in until he is unrecognizable. Sound good?”


“I’ll get my gun and some different clothes on. I’ll be back here in a few minutes.” Said Don


“Perfect. I’ll do the same.” Replied Allen as a grin grows on his face.”

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