The Hunt Begins Part II

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Sequel to: Add Four More

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



 Now the police and Allen and Don are getting ready to hunt the killer down. Both fathers are geared up with everything they would use as if they were going out for fun to hunt. They had a bag with clothes, ammo, food and water and were suited up in a camo outfit to blend in and stay warm. Right before they left, Jack and Dom’s parents run over and said their kids were missing too. After they exchanged their plan, all four of the fathers were geared up, ready to go.


Little did they know, there was someone who was listening to the conversation, hiding in the tall grass by Allen’s right next to them. When the four fathers hopped in a pick-up truck and took off, the hiding man popped out and walked right into Allen’s house. He set down his pumpkin mask on the table and hung up his cans next to the table. He walked into a bedroom and laid down on a bed and took a nap.


The truck was filled with silence until they noticed a path that had been formed in a field. They pulled over to the side of the road and hopped out of the truck, armed and ready to move. They begin to move through the field when they come upon a puddle of blood. Jack’s dad freaks out and almost loses it before Dom’s dad calms him down. They continue down the path a little further until they came to something that disturbed all of them. A stench that was so strong, their eyes were watering. There was a pile of human bodies that was stacked on top of each other. And not a little pile either, a pile of at least twenty-five bodies. Some were decaying and some were fresh. Jack’s dad ran over to the pile, followed by the other dads to see if their sons were in there. Sure enough, the three bodies on top were Jack, Dom and Kurt. Cries could be heard from a half mile away as Jack’s dad, Dom’s dad and Don, Kurt’s dad shouted in rage. Dom was almost unrecognizable and the other two were tortured and killed. Allen called the police back and let them know of the location they were at.

After waiting a few minutes, the police showed up and were lead to the pile of rotting bodies, where they were in disbelief. They took notes, pictures and talked to all of the fathers and took all the bodies away in body bags. Now that the police knew a serial killer was on the loose, the investigation became one of the biggest ever in this small little town. There were two questions everyone had been asking themselves. What were these people killed for and why is someone killing innocent people?


Those two questions haunted everyone for days. The four fathers were still out, driving around, looking for whoever killed their kids while the police were trying to find a way to catch this crazy killer. No one had any luck though. Where could this guy be? The man had run in the direction of the field they were at now, but luck had not been on their side. He left no tracks, no finger prints, there was nothing to identify. There wasn’t even as much as a foot print out in the field.


Finally, after a week of wandering all around the giant open land in search of a murderer, the fathers decided it was time to pack up and go home where they could hopefully wait for the police to catch this crazy person and bring the harshest punishment down on him. The drive home was torturous, knowing that someone had killed their children and no one was able to catch him.


The killer, in Allen’s house, had been sleeping there every day, knowing that those guys looking for him were out, wandering around helplessly, ready to kill him with whatever chance they got. He would hide in town, finding whatever to keep him busy until he would go back to Allen’s house and stay there if no one was home. The house started to smell, but not from any dirty plates or any clothes, because the house was as clean as it was when he first started staying there. It was an odor no one wanted to smell. He opened up the closet door and took out a big black bag, about 6 feet long and dragged it outside when no one was awake.  Struggling to drag it, he kicked open the door and began to drag it outside when headlights turned on from all directions around him. Red and blue lights were flashing and police officers got out of the car and pointed assault rifles and shotguns at his direction. He was being shouted at to get on the ground and put his hands on his head. He was standing completely still, dragging a body bag with a dead person in it and was about to get life at the least. He dropped the bag and darted into the field. Headlights started following him as he took a quick right turn before they were able to hit him. He was about to make a run for it in the woods, when he was hit by a pick-up truck, just hard enough to knock him out for a bit so he couldn’t run anymore.

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