My New Spiritual System: Travel

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The second part of my new spiritual system. This part is called "Travel" and focuses on how travel can be used to find spiritual development.

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



Travel was the one thing in my process of spiritual development that really put me on the right track so to speak. Before I started with travel I felt really lost in life. Insecure, blind to the forces of modern society and having no real insight into my own condition. I started with small trips around the countryside in my home country Sweden. Excursions into natural reserves, historical places and much more of the same kind. I discovered that the random sensations of the unknown put me into a lucid state. A state of freedom and discovery. But I was also put down by countless scares and feeling of alienation. It was an overwhelming experience to experience it for the first time. I had never seen myself as a traveller. I didn’t know that unknown landscapes and occasional meetings with strangers would have such a transforming effect. As if the act to break boredom and routine made wonders for my spiritual condition. I felt free and replenished with energy. Two factors I had lost in the comfort of the modern world.

When I travelled solo old baggage easy came to the surface. I easily felt lost in alien lands. Thinking about security, shelter, food and water. Feeling lost in the mazes of a new city or confused on alien roads. Reading signs written in a foreign language. I became exhausted. I felt lonely at times when I travelled solo. It was really tuff for the psyche and also for the body. Especially the first two weeks. But I tried to pass beyond it. I had to break old habits and comfort to explore alien territory. Deep inside I often knew the importance to continue but the clash between the new experience and the conditioned mind often made the journey quite uncomfortable.

So what made me break the ice and feel the wonder?

I’m not trying to generalize but I have noticed a key element that always was bugging me. And that was a lack of purpose. I never was having a conscious goal in my first travel attempts. I never did search myself consciously in order to reveal the real reason for travel. What did I want to experience? What did I think my travel experience would reveal? Having a goal was vital as the lack of it made it easy to give up before the actual transformation could take place. Having a goal and also to take measures to ensure that I would get the experience I searched for. Planning a trip went along with this.

I went to South East Asia a couple of years ago and I found it very disappointing at first. I was on the path to spiritual transformation but nothing happened when I arrived in Bangkok in the beginning of November. In fact I felt very bored and the people were just bugging me. The only thing I saw were buildings, random people passing by and things I had experienced before travelling in Europe and India. I thought that I maybe had made a mistake after all. But in an act of desperation I started to think differently. I started to observe people. To watch the buildings, monuments and people passing by in an act of curiosity. What was the truth of this place? What was the truth of the people I saw and the events taking place? This change of mind changed my entire trip. I started on a quest of enlightenment and would later change my outlook on myself, others and the world.


The important thing for me was to keep going. To spend little money and go for new experience that was in line with my personal goal. Seeking diversity to search for the things I had hard to imagine. To trust the will and to seek out the things looking quite abnormal on the surface. It was this act of deviance, of going into alien country that helped me come back into my own. To take bus-rides out of Bangkok to explore exotic areas around the Mekong river and to take trains to seaside towns. I hired a motorcycle in Hua Hin and went along the Thailand seaside and had some transforming rides in the mountains. This sense of freedom, of the road passing by and the experience of remote mountain villages made me connect with South East Asia on a deeper level. I met other travellers at my hostel and we celebrated New Years Eve with thousands of locals at the count down to the New Year. It was one of the most magical experiences of my life.


To me it is important not to only experience but to also reflect on those experiences. What did I do, what did I think and what did I feel about the travel experience? Did I experience the shock between the old self and the new self? Did I write about these experiences to have a record of them later? Perhaps you like me will discover that the world can be completely different to what many were thinking in the beginning. And that many actually can come to like the things they never cared about.

Spiritual Science

I started with spiritual science. I made new theories and tested them on my way. I found out that the theories I built upon pure observation and logical thinking stood the test of time. Finding the way back in time to preserved cultures and hidden memories of childhood. But I reversed conventional science as the initial theoretical framework was built on an understanding of humanity coming from my own perspective. And I went on as a spiritual scientist building my own concepts and conclusions. This is an important factor to consider as “facts” not necessarily are facts at all only observations. To find the meaning of an observation one can choose to put the observation in a formal context.

This is a topic I will go deeper into in another part of this series.

But one thing can be mentioned about spiritual science. From my own perspective it is easy to lose oneself in an over thinking mind. To think when one shall experience can cloud experience. And thinking too much on subjects lacking discipline can result in confusion. In fact one can lose one’s mind going too deeply into things. One can find time of peace and quiet. Good sleep. To lose connection with all ambitions and just enjoy the culture in a foreign country. Building theories with pure observation and thinking (Putting all “knowledge” behind) can maybe be nothing more than another passion. Getting too serious with things might destroy more than it creates.

One can lose grasp of the forest just looking at the trees.

Balance has been the key.

Here is a song written by myself inspired by a journey I had in Sweden some time ago.

It’s about a lucid travel experience.

Coming Home

Travelling is only one dimension in a larger picture. Equally important to me has been to come home and take the travelling experience to include the insights in daily routine. Meeting people I already knew and to make notice of changes in my mental attitude. When I came home from South East Asia I started to meet old friends and to talk about old topics. But it soon became evident that I had another grasp of the subjects. That something had changed in the back of my mind. It was easier to understand the others, easier to communicate, easier to listen and to bring something to the table. The same thing that happened to my relationships also happened to my understanding of art. I started to read more, listen more and I started to connect the dots. Things that previously escaped my mind came to the surface and I felt I got a deeper understanding of form and content. Music became a good replacement for the adventure lost in past travel experience. I found it easier to read and understand human history, philosophy and science. It was like the insights I found on my journey had changed my general understanding of the world as a whole. Before I went to South East Asia I just found philosophical writings confusing and boring. I couldn’t put up critique; I couldn’t make use of critical thinking. And I never found any solutions to the problems I clearly had had. This process went on for a year and then I went out on another journey. But this time more in tune to the depths of myself and I started to plan more, to decide more consciously and felt a deeper connection to other people.

Nowadays I think much more about what I want to experience. What people I want to meet and also about what kind of mindset I use to find meaning in my travel experience. Because successful travel experience might not only be about the perfect place and the right moments but also about what kind of perspective one chooses to interpret, think about and feel about the experience. This has been the most important realization of my later time here in Sweden too. As one can get bored by anything. Especially if one have travelled a lot and seen many places. One can choose to have a clear goal and choose wisely (As time is short and the years passes by) but also give meaning consciously to what one sees and experiences. This change of attitude has been helpful also while not travelling.

To find meaning in life without the constant thrill of new adventures.

For those interested in my latest adventure in southern Spain and Morocco I have a link to the last travel article I wrote about the experience a couple of weeks ago:


I have found that nature is a key ingredient to successful travel experiences. From my own point of view. Nature has been a good catalyst to find the way to the hidden depths inside. It’s the energy of a well preserved place, the calm, the beauty and the untamed wilderness I never can stop to notice. This experience of merging with something untamed and unpolluted (if it is sustained for several days) has been a good way to connect with unconscious thoughts and feelings. Raising energy, a mental state that can be sustained for several days. And I easily start to think in constructive directions.

But nature can also have a downside: Lack of mental stimulation can get on the nerves. Before I started with nature exploration I always was pretty anxious and couldn’t find ways to merge with the unconditioned depths within. I always longed back to civilization. Thinking that nature was the same as sitting for myself and stare into a black wall. Nature is necessarily not something in itself. Perhaps nothing more than a good display of beauty, peace and quiet. But this is the actual point. It might be a good way to connect with the depths within never noticed when focusing on the hectic ways of modern life.

In the end though I started to realize that life might not only be about peace and quiet but also about doing (from my own perspective). About relationships. About building on the insights won in nature exploration to take those insights to transform life for the better.

City Life

As a balanced act city life has been a good contrast to nature exploration. To explore high culture, art, architecture, religious sites and so on. It has always been a relief to escape nature for another phase of intellectual development. Watch modern life in the arc of human history and the wonders of the present time. Walking on a ladder into a territory of the future. Talking to people to get rejection or confirmation of the insights won on the way.

I think modern city life can teach us much about the present time, the past and the future. Learning about culture to see the relative importance of the battles won in the past. Intellectual development in the arts, the sciences and religion (among other things). It’s easy to forget the past. It has been easy to lose myself in a sunken dream. The modern world might be no chance occurrence. It might rather be a controlled information database building information along the way. Due to victories and defeats. For the good and the bad. With individual knowledge based upon pure consciousness (won in nature or in other ways) one can tentatively use the modern world as a tool for greater understanding. Revealing the individual errors and limitations but also to acknowledge the perceptions one already has attained.

In chance encounters with strangers one can maybe begin to see the similarities and differences between oneself and others. One can maybe talk about shared experiences to reveal the truth of things not obvious at first. To me it seems like a good conversation with a local can make individual progress become much clearer.

Making it possible to watch one’s own path in the lens of a dispassionate observer.


To integrate the different aspects of travel experience can be a final phase often occurring at home. To reflect on the depths won from the different phases of the journey. Perhaps one will discover the importance of personal values. Personal values creating meaning in an intellectual void. Thinking about what one actually saw, heard and felt. Never making the leap into the unknown but to create a spiritual system based on the “facts” witnessed. The error of bad value creation might be the same errors as committed by extraordinary men in the arc of human history. One might want to learn from these mistakes (and one’s own) and find the way to something “real” for oneself and others. Creating a path to one’s own future. Feeling great excitement. But never forgetting the mistakes committed in the past.

That is all for now.

Some notes to my readers: Feel free to comment, share and like this as this information can inspire others and hopefully be put to good use.

Take care! 

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