The missing piece

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Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



The missing piece


A boy called Lee lived in Texas, USA. Lee was 11 years old. It was a normal day, Lee was on his way home after a long school day. He went through a narrow street where there was a big garbage container. Beside it there was a nicely made red box, it looked strange but Lee’s guts told him to take that box. so Lee looked left and right and took the box fastly. He put the box in his backpack, due to avoid attention from his parents.


Lee have arrived home and quickly went up the stairs to his room. he was very excited to open the box and see what was inside it. He closed the room’s door and took out the box slowly from his backpack and put it on his desk. he sat on his chair and was anxious if his parents would come into his room because he did not want to get in trouble. He didn’t hesitate to open the box. so he took a deep breath and opened the box very slowly. There was a thing in the box wrapped in white garment. On the wrapping there was some kind of a card, there was something written on it. Lee tried to read the sentence, “Don’t take this …..” The rest of the sentence was missing, Lee didn’t care about the missing part so he just continued unboxing. Lee took the wrapping off  and found a piece of a broken metal. he was not very surprised by it, he thought that something special was in the box. The piece was special but he did not notice that.

  • Come down Lee! The lunch’s ready! , Lee’s mom shouted.

  • Alright, Alright mom! I’m coming! , Lee shouted back.


Lee put the piece quickly under the blanket that was on the floor then he hurried to the kitchen and ate.

  • What were you doing up there Lee? , Lee’s mother asked.

  • Umm… I was just reading some books , Lee answered evasively.

  • Really? You weren’t used to read books. Anyways what was the name of the book? , Lee’s mother said with astonished voice.

  • I wasn’t used to read books before but i will start reading more because I think it’s exciting, and perhaps i learn something. The name of the book is “The outer space”, Said Lee.

  • That’s a nice name, it seems like a science book? Am i right?, Lee’s mother asked.

  • Yes, you’re right. Lee said with a smile on his face.

  • The food’s good! Thanks mom! , Lee said happily.

  • No problem, honey.


After Lee finished eating his lunch, he went outside the house and rode his bicycle. Lee rode the bicycle around the city. When it became dark outside he returned home.


Lee entered the house and went up the stairs to his room, he remembered the metal piece that was covered before he ate lunch. Lee whispered “Let’s see what this piece is about” Lee took the blanket off the floor, “Where is it ? Where is it?” He did not find the piece, he became so shocked and sad because he liked it. But he did not give up and continued searching and searching in his room but he didn’t find it. Until he stepped on something hard. Lee felt a strange feeling, he looked at his foot but he did not find anything. He sat on the floor and started touching where he stepped, and he felt the same feeling again. “This is it! This is gotta be it!” Lee said sighly. “But why can’t i see it?” He said again. After a couple of touches on the floor, he managed to take the piece off the floor. “Oh my god! This is the piece! It’s invisible!” Lee said with a shock. He put the piece on his desk, and he saw something through the window, something that looks like a light. It was unbelievably fast! After a couple of seconds a light radiated from the sky to Lee’s desk, exactly where the piece was. The light made the metal piece visible again. At that moment, Lee was in complete shock he couldn’t even open his mouth from the shockness. Lee gazed at the piece and moved his hand slowly against it and touched it with his finger, “Ouch!” He pulled back his hand very fast. The piece was insanely hot that he couldn’t touch it. “But my desk is made out of wood, if the piece’s so hot, why wouldn’t the wood burn?” Lee wondered. The desk did not burn, everything was normal. Lee’s guts told him to check the piece again, Lee moved his arm against the piece, his arm was shaking. he touched the piece and it was as cold as Lee’s blood was when he touched it. “What the hell? How is that even possible?” Lee said with a confused voice. He gave up on the piece and left it at the desk. He threw himself on the bed and he fell asleep. About two hours later, Lee was still sleeping. The room was really dark, the only light in the room was likely rainbow colours radiating from the metal piece.


Whilst Lee was sleeping, an unknown kind of a ship landed on the field that was a bit far from Lee’s house. A friend of Lee which was named Alex was watching the ship so he managed to film the ship. The ship was like a flying plate, except it was huge. A door slowly started opening with a pure white light coming out of door, the light kinda disrupted the camera that Alex was filming with. After the ship’s door opened completely, three creatures walked out of the ship. They were strange and they weren’t humans either. They looked like an octopus, except they had legs. and less arms. They also had some kind of a green laser. They went straight into the field and disappeared. Alex could see their laser though, “Oh my lord! What was that? Am i imagining or what? Hope i still have the footage on tape” Alex wondered.Alex picked up the camera, it was switched off but he powered it up again, it did not start Alex shaked the camera back and forth and gently hit it on the wall, in meaning to get it fixed, “Please work!” Alex whispered nervously. The camera didn’t function, “Damn it!” Alex yelled angrily. Alex went out from his house and decided to follow the creatures. He crawled between the long grass, suddenly he saw the aliens shooting the lasers at a cow that was in the field, turning it into ashes. At that moment Alex’s heartbeats increased and the sweat ran down on his forehead. He didn’t dare to continue following the aliens, so he went to Lee to tell him what happened. Alex knocked on Lee’s house. Lee went down and opened the door.

  • What are you doing here in the middle of the night?, Lee asked.

  • If i tell you, you wouldn’t believe me, Alex answered.

  • What are you talking about? Lee asked Alex.

  • You have to trust me ok? It’s something serious and dangerous, Alex said.

  • I’m getting anxious Alex! Just tell me what it is! Lee yelled at Alex.

  • OK, listen carefully. I was standing by my window and i saw a round ship landing in the field besides my house. I took my camera and started filming but as soon as the ship’s door opened, a light radiated from the ship and switched off my camera and it wouldn’t power up again. Thereafter three creatures came out from the ship and went into the field and disappeared, Alex told Lee

  • OK, What are we gonna do now? Shall we go and investigate? Lee asked Alex.

  • That’s what I am talking about! Let’s go, Alex said confidently


Lee and Alex went to the field that the strange ship was. They went slowly to its door. Lee touched the door and it slowly opened, At that moment Lee and Alex opened their mouth from the shockness. Thereafter both of them stepped in the ship. The ship was full of strange and complicated equipment and machines. There were buttons everywhere. Alex and Lee went around in the ship, until they found the cockpit. It was really complicated. “Those creatures must be insanely smart” Lee mumbled to Alex. “No doubt” Alex replied.

Alex saw a quite big hole in the control board of the ship. “Lee! Come check this out” Alex called Lee. Lee responded to Alex and saw the hole. The form of the hole reminded him of the piece he found in the red box. “Unbelievable!” Lee said while he was in shock. “Come on Alex!, We have to get out of here as soon as possible!” Lee yelled to Alex. “But why?” Alex trembled. Lee and Alex rushed out of the ship towards Lee’s house.


When they arrived to the house, they saw the creatures besides the house. “Oh my god! Those are the creatures from the ship!” Alex shouted frighteningly. Lee covered Alex’s mouth with his hand and mumbled “Shut up and follow my lead!”. Lee and Alex sneaked around the house and went in through the backdoor. Lee went up the stairs to his room and took the metal piece and went down to Alex.

  • What’s this? Alex asked.

  • Do you remember the hole in the ship? Lee asked Alex.

  • Yeah?

  • Well, I think this fits in that hole.


Alex and Lee went out the main door of the house. Suddenly the creatures were in front of the door. “RUN!!” Lee shouted. Both of them sprinted away from the house. The creatures started chasing them and shooting laser at them. A laser shot hit the metal piece and it reflected against a tree. The tree instantly started burning. Alex and lee continued running towards the ship. They stepped in it and tried to close the door after them. Alex pushed all the button which was besides the door in order to close it and he succeeded to close it. Meanwhile the creatures were still outside the ship.


Lee and Alex hurried to the cockpit where the hole was. Thereafter Lee placed the piece on the hole and it fitted perfectly. As soon as Lee placed the piece on the hole, the creatures broke in the ship’s door and went inside the ship. Lee and Alex started figuring out how to get out of the ship. Lee saw a glass window in the alien’s ship. Lee and Alex started hitting the window but it didn’t break.

  • Look for something to break the window quickly! Lee shouted at Alex.

  • Alright! Alright! Alex shouted back.


Alex found a long metal stick and gave it to Lee. Then Lee smashed the window with all power he could get. “Come on Alex hop out!” Lee shouted. As soon as Alex hopped out, the creature went in the cockpit. Lee screamed and started trembling but he succeeded to jump out. Alex was waiting for Lee outside the alien’s ship.

  • Come on! Let’s get out of here! Lee shouted while his heart was pounding very fast.


Lee and Alex ran as fast as they could. But they became tired and stopped to catch their breath. They looked behind them and thought the creatures was chasing them but Lee and Alex saw the ship flying vertically really fast until it disappeared.

  • Look Alex! They are leaving! Lee said with a smile on his face and illustrious eyes.

  • Lee, I think we saved our country. Lee replied gladly.

  • Yes we did Lee! But do you think anyone would believe us about what happened? Alex asked.

  • I don’t think anyone will believe, but we’ll still be glad and proud because we saved ourselves and pretty much everyone else! Lee answered Alex.


After this experience, Lee and Alex do believe in Aliens and other creatures from the outer space. They tried to tell their friends and other people about what happened but without profitability. Even Lee’s and Alex’s parents didn’t believe them and thought they were dreaming. But Lee’s and Alex’s thoughts about Aliens won’t change

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