HE'S in my Shadow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Me & my shadow,keeps singing & singing & someone appear;s in her shadow,she felt like imprisonment living through her windows seeing all different shadow's but his shadow stands out from the rest..

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



Lamp post of crystal's shadow darken's the light

Looking out my window, I see the field, his shadow like no other night.
What's upon us deadly sight. I am pacing toward the meadow like a mob, good fellow, I become like a creature looking over the pussy willow.wondering I am running out of time, Darkness comes widow. going home close the door & look again out my window
Crystal's blowing transparent, Gothic chick with her candlestick,

He watching rumbled with disapproval my voice goes numb my vocal's

like a shadow it was bizarre Jack the ripper regardless this is a different world hanging onto the lamp post some buddy he's

no French croissant Pierre @ the square I do Madonna prayer feeling sweaty

& hot 2 the chase, sexy she takes her I phone case hand's shake text word's

he bleed's out she runs and with doubt, she tries to lock the window down he has this

cumulonimbus grin scary frown the depth of her eye's so much sin

incoherent.Time was not getting better or decent head page

killers all recent.look's can be deceiving, my heart, changed no justice, believing
with such lucidity, dark angel chime but the evening was filled seductive crime.Right at the same time, looking out my window, Sun-catcher caught

my eye's dreamy meadow vividly clicking window bare shadow on my tree 
ancestor's ritual sign's leaves don't move Opened my window snow

blizzard he's in my shadow, me & my shadow!!Love has no standards.

Blew me further where, I needed 2 B  like a Madonna prayer Papa please preach, Gothic Moon, lady see through her word's of speech, something, started, sticking,

hearing music my window call's me Flicker's at me, touched a part of 
me how it trembled me, familiar beat I stumbled 2 my feet looking out my

Immortal sunlight powerful never left my sight

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