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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Have you ever want to get stuck in a supermarket? If so, then here is the story for you! :)

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



It started out as a pretty normal day, emphasis on started out as. That was until we went to the supermarket during lunch.

Who's we? you ask. Well, it's me, Arabella Breckin Jenkins, and Robert John Gilmore. Ahhhhh, Robert. I have had a crush on him since 2nd grade. He is so amazing and smart. He even skipped a grade. I don't know if it is even possible that someone doesn’t  like him.

The day started out as us walking to the supermarket, and since that so fun to hear we're gonna skip through just a bit.

I walked through the produce section. As I picked up an apple, the blaring sound hit my ears. It rang over and over. In the beginning we all thought it was a fire, but there was none in site. The doors and windows started to close. Everybody looked around, but all of the entrances had been sealed.

“It’s locked! We can’t get out!” someone screamed with an anxious voice.

After those six words, the whole thing went crazy, and that's when we noticed who we were stuck with.

The first person we noticed was Bianca. It was probably because she was the only one that wasn’t running. She probably didn’t want to chip one of her nails or damage her high heels. She is the leader of the school’s Princess Perfection Squad, or PPS for short. The only two people that meet her standards are Brittany and Barbara.  The only reason that they are part of the PPS is because they are the two girls that are prettier than her.

We were also stuck with Tim, the school bully. He is the biggest person in our grade. He is eighteen and has been held back for three years.

There was also the shyest girl in the grade. She has skipped two grades and is only 12. Everybody makes fun of her, so she stays quiet all of the time. She gets called on whenever no one else knows the answer.

As I walked around with Robert, I found someone hidden in a cupboard.

“Oh my goodness, it’s Charles. He is a Presidential candidate!” exclaimed Bianca.

“So courageous,” I said sarcastically.

After a couple hours of chaos, we all sat down and tried to figure things out.  Everything was finally calming down, but that was before our screens all went viral, and it didn’t end there. Then all the phones, laptops, and electronic started showing a man in a mask. The man was dressed in all black, with none of his skin showing. He had a dark mask, with luminant blue eyes that pierced his dark cloak. The rest was covered in a cross hatching pattern. He had a completely black robe that went all the way down to the floor, and covered his arms. No one had ever seen him before, and I think  nobody wanted to.

“Haha Haha Haha. I am so awesomely evil!” crackled the dark figure. “Now getting down to important business. Now that you're amazing little senator Charles is here, you are going to do as I say. You guys all know that you want him for president and not  If you want to see him again, then he must do the tasks I ask him to. Every time he does the task well, I let a teenager go, but every time he fails, one teenager dies. There can be no help from the outside in any way, and if there is, then your precious Charles will die and all the teenagers too. “

First off, Charles, you must give me enough money for my son and daughter, who need to both go into 8th grade. You must pay the fee to get into the best school in Liberty Middle. You must also pay for their supplies for at least the whole school year and you must make sure that they have friends. I can not tell you the names of my children, but all you must know is that their names both start with a J.

“Quickly, everybody hurry up,” said Bianca with a British accent, as she slowly looked around, so elegantly. She may look like a beautiful angel, but I am the only one that sees past her green eyes, yellow hair, and the big, dark clump of mascara that dangles on her eyelash.

“And what will you do!” Tim snapped.

Well, maybe not the only one.

“Who me, oh, I’ll just sit on this chair and make my hair look more curly and look nice for my boyfriend who is waiting just outside.”

While they were fighting about a stupid argument, Robert and I were telling the senate Charles about how to get into his bank account. I knew about how to do this because I would hide the traces of my older sister, Ally. She is 17, and she buys really expensive things without my parents knowing. She has dresses, jewels, and handbags, and she goes buy them with her friends. We are a happy family, but if my parents would find out about what Ally does, then that would unbalance everything. I don’t like lying, and I always want to tell my parents about it, but I just can’t. I just think up to her to much to watch her fall. She doesn’t get good grades, unlike me who aces everything, but she has a lot of friends, and I barely have any friends. I always wished I could be like her, and I can’t watch my idol fall.

We were logged in. I don’t think I have ever seen that many numbers behind a dollar sign. He had 6,500,000,000 dollars in all, and he was scared to lose 52,000 dollars, 26,000 for each of the child's school tuition. I wish I had that much money.

“Yay! Now it’s time for the school supplies! I’ll find all of the girl's supplies,” announced Bianca.

We all knew that it wasn’t a good idea, but we also knew that we only had 2 hours to get it all done and that everyone would need to help in order to get it done, or at least almost everyone's help.

Bianca started looking at perfumes, supposedly for the mystery girl. When we snapped at her, she switched tabs, kinda like what we do when we are playing games and a teacher comes. She started looking at a rainbow, unicorn, fluffy pencil cases, and other girly stuff. I kind of felt bad for the mystery girl whose name starts with a J. Just sort of.

Tim was the one that was making sure that everyone was on task. Yes, he was the bully of our school, but he was also the class comedian. He walked like a soldier, with his hand over his forehead, waiting to salute, and making his legs straight and going up as far as he could.

The shy girl was with me. We were both with the candidate for the presidency and the senator, Mr. Charles. We were trying to figure out who the man in the black could be. You know, there aren’t many people who have twins, one boy and one girl. It is even rarer when they are both named with the same first letter, J. Since Charles was a senator, he had access to the people of the whole area of Westlake. We printed out one copy. It was a total of eight pages back and front. I got four pages while the shy girl got the other four pages.

It felt like it took hours and hours, but I knew it hadn’t since the man in the black wasn’t here yet to take any teens.

There was only 30 minutes left. I started checking over people to make sure everything was done.

Bianca was actually done. She had all of the necessaries and “Other little things to make other people jealous,” she explained when we asked her about why there was a mini chandelier, and other little things, like gum and jewelry.

Tim had rounded up all of the things that the other preys of the man in the black. There were erasers, backpacks, pencils, sharpeners, and even lunchboxes.

The black man came back on our phones and the TVs around the shop. “I hope that you have all that I wished for,” growled the man. “I need it all now! Send all of the things to the back of the store, by the bathrooms. Don’t try to outsmart me, because you won’t be able to, but if you try to, then I will assure you that the teenager that you give me will not live for too long.

Whispers and Murmurs crawled over the room.

Nobody wanted to go.

Nobody wanted to die.

I wanted to leave, but I had promised myself to leave last. I would feel guilty if I didn’t and it would haunt me for the rest of my life.

The shy girl gave me her piece of paper and whispered in my ear, “I couldn’t find anyone in my list that has twins, a boy and a girl, whose names both start with a J.

I was surprised that she hadn’t found anyone, but at the same time, it’s a little too detailed.

I didn’t even take her paper as it was useless, and I had all of the info needed. I had only one name on the top of my list of the the people in our small city of Westlake, and that was Jasper Kane.

“I’ll go!” someone screamed from the supermarket.

Everyone looked around. It was as silent as could be. Everybody looked at me, and that is when I realized that I had made the worst possible choice ever.

I know, I know. I said I would feel guilty, but I am not because everyone doesn’t want to go, and I am saving the day, or at least, that is how I like to see it.

Everyone shoved all of the things in my hand. It got heavier and heavier as more things got piled on my arms

There I was, at the back of the store, just waiting to die. I waited and waited, and after what felt like hours, the man in the black came out.

“Why thank you for having all of the stuff that I need,” said the man in the black.

“No problem Jasper Kane!” I snapped back.

“How do you know who I am?” the man in the black responded.

“Ohh, it’s just called being smart.”

“And you think I’m not smart?” growled the man in the black.

“You said it, not me.” I felt so powerful against Jasper Kane. But of course, I was wrong, again.

“Well, I guess you can just play the role of my hostage I guess,” crackled the man in the black, but even worse that before.

He locked me up in the office of the supermarket.

“Well guess who I have captive?” sang the man in the black to me and everyone else that was stuck in the supermarket. “Yep, I have Arabella Breckin Jenkins. Now, if you want her alive, then the senate Charles must die.”

There I was.

So helpless.

Just waiting to be killed.

Knowing that nobody would switch us out.

I waited, and waited, just maybe hoping that someone would save me. After what felt like centuries, the man in the black came in and took me out of office.

He moved me to the destination where I had been captured. I was in the back of the store.

I heard a rattling noise come this way. It grew louder and louder. There they were. Bianca who was holding the hands of Charles behind his back. As they came closer and closer, he moved closer and closer to them.

The man in the black placed his hand on the shoulder of the Senate and yanked him unexpectedly.

The senate Charles looks at Bianca and he nods. She nods back, and that's when the whole commotion started and my life flashed by in less than a blink of an eye.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhh!” cried a girl. She was dressed in camouflage as if she was going to war. There were short, but thick lines under her eyes. Bianca kicked the man dressed in black in the shins as Senator Charles ran to safety. As Jasper Kane jumped on one foot sobbing over his other food that was in tremendous pain. She untied me and ran away.

I was about to take me leap to freedom when we fell down a big hole, and went all the way back to the start.

I guess Jasper Kane did not feel his pain anymore because there he was, holding me back to my freedom, even madder than before. I had no idea what to do, but luckily, I didn't need to do anything.

I could see him through the corner of my eye showing a thumbs up. There he was, Robert. He was behind us, on the top stair as the man in the black slowly mounted the stairs backward, looking at the distraction.

We were in the second to last stair, and Robert somewhat jumped on Robert as he fell down the stairs.


“How are you doing?” wondered Robert in a caring manner.

“I’m fine thank you,” I responded. I could feel myself start to blush.

“Oh good! We were so scared when the man in the black said that he had kidnapped you. Everyone was so worried that nobody had a plan, but Robert, surprisingly. It was actually pretty good for someone who has been held back for 3 years!”

My 6-year-old crush had saved me. It is everybody's’ dream that their crush would save them or just even like them back, and the reason that it is only people’s dreams is because it doesn’t seem to happen a lot, yet there I was, walking out of the supermarket hand in hand with Robert and walking with my new friends Bianca, the brave one, Tim, smart one, and the shy girl, the bold one.

“Wait, what’s your name?” I wondered as we finally walked out of the supermarket in relief.

“Josceline, Josceline Kane.


© Copyright 2020 Alice Allison Willis. All rights reserved.

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