Twice the Playgirl Puppet

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Playgirls are known, 4 frankly hot bodies Oh where oh where is my lover boy, is he stringing me along my bathing suit holds up like tea-cup Yorkie, Don't pull on my string's like I'm some kind of Porky.How unexpectedly he string's a flock of women, how they surround, my Booksie page.Singing I am your Puppet man I don't really care if I am not your biggest fan?Just wait & see.

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



He couldn',t help recognizing, all the victoria Secret,showing off their sunbathing.. He's walking down the boutique's but needed desperately Seeking Susan, to join him 4 a cup of coffee, the cafe name was called No String's Attached couldn't they be more creative 4 God's sake it's a coffee house enough with string's, but what was unusual about the coffee house everyone had a croissant tied with a pink silk string and a note attached, saying after you untie your croissant.' I am sitting in back,you ask me to join you at your table I have a proposition  4 you.What is this nonsense she replied' if you promote my silk string's you will be part of my String cheese money adventure I will pay you if you find all women to my puppet house She told him to get lost.I am not a marionette, I am not interested.She was noticing, all the label's, too, the Puppet labels, next hot string, this wasn't, no bikini, magic act. Restaurant, was hot, on a puppet trail. Hooter bar looking for Mr Milky way Star.

Houdini.Tara Bank's dancing on the  Coyote table.that golden retriever,  with his big smile he had a string of dog leash, models he started laughing, but the director had a thing 4 peanut's.M&M Magic Mike he would throw it to the models & there he goes,' He's singing walnuts the director say's cut, cashew's, 4 my crazy oversexed nephew pecans tht's my man, dripped honey went all over his bee nest.Fighting army soldier's army jacket of bees. I was twice the combat fires out Gump box.Between his sandwiches. Who got caught smooth peanut butter.What a trap. What a nut sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes she puts out. Feeling love trapped.Brooklyn Dodger ball of a dream he's singing I'm your puppet man, I'm your puppet man 2 -times I feel like puppet Elephant nose cleaned out the planter's what a mess Brooklyn Mr Lucas circus!Like a physic so bogus, but knows your inner thoughts hanging on a string. Everything that comes out of his mouth

is two! Obsessed with Puppet's scream's I have a puppet fetish surfing on the internet puppet man is working the show of emotion wrapped him around I get an undercurrent___ it was like pieces of glass how it was digging at her inside who knew her thought's. Like every warrior's instinct would carry him through her fire crafty fingers.Steps like the evil forest but the sun came out walking through yellow pages.He's doing the best he can?"Something smells awfully fishy. He always rings the bell like Lurch form the Adam's Family.He expects us to jump when he's sexual active looking 4 his puppet chair in the back. it was a hump-day puppet! 
Well here it is doing the can can 2 Playgirl's color rose staining her cheek's ass kicker deck became highlight screen writing poem day.Everything that come's out of his mouth is two! Obsessed with Puppet's He expects us to jump when he's active looking 4 his puppet in the back. it was a hump-day puppet! I feel like I am strong Tarantino movie!!Well here it is doing the can can give me double d cup of coffee he scream's. 2 Playgirl's color Gypsy Roses of Lee he became frantic & Natalie lost herself in the wood's she became the

Marionette. Wrapped, like someone's, gift the best silk stringing me.Move over bed red hot corvette.Instead of roses.His thing, was when your a jet we need to go all the way.First class jet set cheese, Swiss Alps, ski lodge, this your three huggable Bear's, eating porridge Silk ties of lace, he wrapped me, say cheese in my smile Christmas gift. Around in his bed red hot corvette.Instead of roses, his thing was cheese Swiss with holes of lace my face became what a wrinkle pull disgrace. I hate to burst your cheese I turned virgin pure taste.He dragged his shirt open.Twice the fun playgirl I feel like I'm his lover. Release me god whether to be in control upper hand fetish. I became his string cheese pet!!This is not a game you just don't get it
yet??"Puppet are not 4 sale.,All your want's and needs of a male She was high on life but drunk your cheese smells skunkish. Fighting 4 me, don't pull my string's.In all the year how I tracked men's nuts, she had to string together all these nut job's.Pardon me with Dolly eat your string cheese Polly pulled his string apart. The puppet master showing his game piece and pull on someone else's string's

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