Miss And Chief Get Festive

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Miss and Chief are at it again -- this time at an office Christmas party!

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



Miss And Chief Get Festive.


Now, Miss, do you remember the first thing I told you about successful party gate-crashing?” Chief studied Miss with one eye, while inspecting his reflection with the other.


Err.....Hang on, Sir, it’s coming to me.” Miss had tried to listen to Chief’s lecture but it was hard when she was so excited. Her first office party! It was going to be so much fun.


Well, Miss?”


Oh, sorry, Chief! I know.....dress up!” Miss was guessing, based on Chief’s constant inspection of his new get-up.


Miss, you are so totally......wrong! What is the point of me trying to teach you if you will not even put the in effort to listen.” Chief was pretending to be mad, but the truth was that he was, himself, too excited to be angry. “The most important thing is for us to arrive LATE!”


But, Chief, doesn’t that mean we’re going to miss out on more of the fun?”


Not at all, Miss! The party-goers will have begun to relax. They’ll have had a few drinks, won’t be so likely to notice us and if they do they’ll just think we are spots in front of their eyes.They will be like putty in our hands!”


Putty, Chief?” Miss was now totally perplexed, confused and muddled in the head. “What’s putty got to do with it?”


It’s a saying, Miss. It means they will be easy for us to manipulate.” Chief could see he had 100% of her attention now.


Waaahoo!” Miss flew up into the sky, looped-the-loop then landed back beside Chief. “All the better, Sir, for causing that extra bit of festive chaos!”


Exactly!” Chief allowed himself to laugh with Miss as they made their way out on to the street and headed to their target office.


* * * * *


They had no trouble gaining entrance to the party. Somebody had helpfully left a window open – just a couple of inches, but that was all they needed to get inside. It was obvious why. The room was so smoky that Miss couldn’t help coughing, then became instantly worried that she’d given away their presence. The music that was so loud the furniture was vibrating had covered up the sound though, so Miss began to dance.


Where would you like me to start, Chief?” she asked.


Hmm! Good question. Let’s have a quick look.” Chief glanced around the room. There were plenty of bottles on a table, all of which had been opened and had taken quite a hit. One thing he had learned from experience was that the drinking of alcohol would make their job of stirring things up easier than blinking. Their late arrival had worked out perfectly.


What about her?” Miss pointed to a woman who looked to be in her early thirties. She was heavily made-up and was staring at a man of about the same age, while she stood swaying to the music by a filing cabinet.


Excellent choice, Miss! You take her and I’ll take him.” Chief and Miss flew off in opposite directions.


Look at him,” Miss whispered in the woman’s ear. “He’s trying to make out he hasn’t noticed you, but you can tell he’d love to be dancing with you.”


Miss noticed the woman look down into her glass then take a good swig of whatever liquid there was inside it. The woman looked quickly across to the man and instantly glanced away again.


Chief noticed the glance and ensured that his target did too. “Go on! Be a devil and ask her to dance. It could not be more obvious that she is waiting for you to make your move.”


The man stood, stretched himself to his full height, then tripped his way across the room towards the woman. Miss and Chief flew up into the air and met for a momentary twirl.


What next, Chief?”


That guy sitting over there on his own.....He looks so sad, Miss. I think you should go and find out what’s wrong. Maybe we can cheer him up!”


It wasn’t hard for Miss to pick out the person Chief was talking about. He was probably the oldest person in the room and he sat staring gloomily at the floor. Miss settled herself on his collar and said in a soft voice, “Have another drink and tell me what is wrong. This is a party! You should be happy not looking like you lost a dollar and found a dime.”


The man looked to his left, trying to see who had spoken to him, but there was no one beside him. He shook his head and looked even more sorrowful than before. ‘Oh, dear,’ thought Miss, ‘this will never do!’


She flew up into the air and gave a high-pitched whistle. A couple of the party-goers looked up but weren’t sure they’d heard anything at all, but Chief had heard and he would have recognized that whistle even in a field full of birds. He looked towards Miss who shook her head and pointed at the sad man. His help was required.


Chief looked around for a suitable subject. The woman in blue? Too young and too noisy. The woman in jeans and a lilac top? Nope. She clearly had her eye set on someone else entirely. But the woman in the silver dress – she’d do. Not too young, not too dizzy, and she looked like she’d lend a sympathetic ear. Right!


Chief took a big chance and swooped down straight in front of her. She’d noticed movement even if she did not know quite just what she’d seen. Now all he had to do was attract her gaze in the right direction......Bingo. She’d seen the man and was making her way over to sit beside him.


Miss and Chief busied themselves around the room, speaking in ears and stirring things up nicely. There were looks of adoration, looks of hate, and looks of jealousy galore. The levels in the bottles were going steadily down; several were already empty.


Some couples had ventured on to their feet and were dancing. Miss couldn’t help a spin on the turntable, speeding things up and slowing things down at will. She was sure she spotted Chief helping himself to a drop of something from a glass left abandoned so she decided to have a drink too. Just a sip, well, maybe two. After all, if it was good enough for Chief it was good enough for Miss, too.


They carried on pairing people up, pulling people apart and generally getting things going in a bit more of a lively way. There was laughter, there were tears. There were angry exchanges and whispered endearments. More and more bottles were becoming empty and several times both Miss and Chief helped themselves to a drop more of the hard stuff.


Feeling unusually giddy, Miss whizzed around the room. Mistletoe hung from the ceiling in bunches. “Shall we?” she shouted to Chief.


Yes! Let’s go for it, Miss.” And they each set about the mistletoe, raining sprigs of it down on the party-goers. “What’s a party without a bit of romance, Miss!” Chief announced with satisfaction.


Quite, Chief,” replied Miss, then promptly burped.


Miss! You are not drunk, surely,” Chief looked quite shocked.


No, Chief, just a bit tipsy,” Miss laughed.


Chief tried to look stern and disproving but his face soon broke into smiles. Together he and Miss waltzed through the air and disappeared out through the window.


Merry Kissmass!” Miss called.





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