Chapter 10: Senses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Nightingale sing me a song, of a love that once belonged”


The music filled his ears as he entered, the music he was quite familiar to him, as a matter of fact Jay was quite often teased by his type Alpha male counterparts, but he loved it; but he never imagined he would hear it outside of the comfort of his own car.


Jay's sense were reeling, there was mystery, curiosity, comfort, shock, disorientation, alertness, an awakening.


“You seem; like a whiskey kind of guy” she said “What a coincidence” She smiled as they entered the dimly lit pub


Jay was taking in the environment being led by her, this pub wasn't the dank dive he had suspected, long wooden tables made up the seating arrangements, wooden banisters separating the entry way to the drop floor, the bar itself empty with the exception of the bartender.


“Actually, just a glass of chardonnay I think” Jay eyed the woman, her eyes hypnotic.


Cassandra let him to a corner, “Of course, sit” she leaned towards him, her soft lips brushing his ear lobe.


Jay hesitated, remained standing as he looked down at her, her honey colored hair although pulled back, left tufts of curls in the front and sides; “No” he replied “I'll get the drinks; please you sit. Whiskey right?”


“Chardonnay would, be just fine” she smiled as she sat,


“Sir, madame” he turned from her, his gaze finally focused on something else other than those emerald eyes, the bartender stood smiling.


He had an older dress about him, matching tweed slacks and vest, brown leather shoes shined to perfection, a pressed white shirt cuffed to his elbows. A peppered well kept beard and well trimmed thinning hair. Jay could feel himself slightly on edge, something about his appearance this place, just didn't fit.


“Your best bottle of Chardonnay William, if you would please” Cassandra's voice came


“Of course Mum” the bartender bowed slightly, a gracious smile filled his face


Jay felt her reaching for him, he turned his head back to her at the exact moment her soft, long elegant fingers, touched his quite scarred arm, her hands natural “No polish” he thought, the contrast from her skin in comparison to his quite obvious.


“So, maybe, you could sit now” she giggled


“Well, yeah., I guess so” Jay smiled “I guess, being a gentleman isn't an option here, you have the upper hand rapport with the bartender and all”


“Well, good Knight, I think.....A gentleman” she flirtatiously looked up at the ceiling “Might consider an introduction to his hostess, lest the fair maiden feel obligated to call him Sir all evening” her voice taking an English accent and playful tone.


“Right” Jay sat across from her “Jay, my name is Jay Romero, I'm glad you're okay” he held out his hand in introduction


Her right hand extended, offering to him her limp fingers, while leaning forward her left hand moved slowly up his forearm. As he took her hand she “Cassandra.. Cassandra Bray; the pleasure is all mine I assure you” she


Jay completely lost in the moment didn't see the Bartender approaching; this was quite odd considering how in typical moments, he would take in the entirety of the moment, and it's surroundings. A situational awareness some would call it. Almost a hyper vigilance.


“Sir; Mum” the Bartender nodded displaying the bottle,


“That's just fine William” she said, she had still not lifted her eyes from Jay; and he could still feel her intense gaze on him.


The Bartender set to his duties, showing each of them their respective glasses to display their cleanliness, the glasses took shapes of roses, the bulb acting as the container of the liquid, while the bases swirled and twisted. As the liquid was poured, Jay could smell the Golden liquid, quite sweet for a Chardonnay; what surprised him more was that he 'could' smell it, he hadn't been able to smell anything for some time.


“To my gallant, Knight” Cassandra raised her glass, “May every lady, be so privileged that they find such a hero” she playfully teased him.


Jay was taken by her charm, and this new awakened feeling, he had felt this before; but typically that had the sense of warning, or danger. This was different, this was just an overload of sensory input; something instinctive in him brought attention to the trigger of being touched. “Knock it off, weirdo” he thought to himself.


“No.....” Jay responded, “To you, for making me smile” he again could feel himself swimming in her eyes, the catlike shape,


“You should, really do that....more often” she smiled her, soft pink lips upturned as she lifted the glass to her lips


Jay picked up his glass, and sipped the sweet wine that had a warm feel as it entered;  

Submitted: December 11, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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