Chapter 12: Cut and Clear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The shattering sound of glass filled the sanctuary


Jo kneeling looking up, “Of course, more of you”


“Here we go again” Cassandra picked up some of the yellow orange candle that was once layed in preparation before Jo.


“So let’s see” Cassandra placed her finger to her lips eyeing the envelopes that where lined in the shape of an X on the ground; the center of the X wet with oil covered in herbs a sickly sweet smell filled the cave; a large circle of salt enclosed the recipe, in an attempt to keep Cassandra out.  “Cut and clear, is what I think you call this” Cassandra’s glowing eyes narrowed, the only visible facial feature that Joe could make out.


Cassandra let out a smile “Here, I’ll try this ONE more time.  Just for you…..” her tone, like she was speaking to a six year old, almost scolding “You see, this is unnecessary.  He’s mine, not a little, not his body, not his soul, not his imagination.  Definitely not a silly candle and some love notes you didn’t have the courage to give him” she pushed the letters out of the circle “Mine; you….gave….him……”


Jo felt done….done with this figment of her imagination, done with her own maddening mind, done with being belittled “Okay, bitch you listen here; THIS is so I can let go and so can he.  Now take your prissy ass out my life, because I don’t ever want to see you again!”


Jo could feel herself lifted from the floor, her neck feeling the force of being snatched from the ground; her lungs letting out and audible release as she her body was thrust into the cave wall.  The stiff arm which held her suspended, the eyes and face so clear in that moment; the sneer that filled the face of this creature.


“Who…do you…think….you….are?  What do you or your little wannabe spiritualists think you’re going to do?  Do you think that crap you pulled from an internet search is going to fix anything?  You…think you can speak to me…one who was once worshipped as a Goddess……You only breathe now because I allow it”


Jo felt the pressure increase on her throat as Cassandra spoke

“I could snatch your soul from your eyes this very instant you delusional rat.  You control nothing, you invoke nothing that isn’t allowed by another force your small mind doesn’t have the ability to comprehend.  Make no mistake……You are nothing, your birthday candles and prayers to the abyss were heard by me”.


Jo felt her body drop crashing to the rubble filled floor of the cave,


“You needn’t worry about this matter anymore you petulant child.  I assure you that fine creature is now in great care.  But if it’s release you’d prefer, let me be the giver.” 


Cassandra’s face flew at Jo’s stopping only millimeters, Jo could smell the scent of roses on Cassandra’s breath.


“I’m happy to end this for you, from this moment forth your dear bag of filth; you serve me.  Your children’s, children shall serve me.  I shall still….have him.  You…are tied to this, in this life you shall be the vessel of my pain.  The humanity I partake in shall be your pain as long as I choose to remain in this realm.  Let your Grandchildren feel the shame of your arrogance.”


A pain hit Jo in the abdomen, her head swelling, her heart racing, her eyes burned


“Fuck you, you fucking Demon, ghost whore” she gritted.


White lights glared above her, it was ever so bright


“You okay sweetie” Jo heard someone say, focusing her vision she could see something, someone a woman in a blue


“You’ve been out for days” the voice said


“Where am I?” Joan’s voice was harsh, scratchy


“Saint Thomas, in Nashville hon; your Momma is down stairs.  You had an episode and were rushed here two days ago” the voice said


Jo attempted to lift her head, but the pain swelled in her


“Easy, easy hon.  You’ve been out for days, you need to be careful; we don’t want you getting excited.  Let me go find your Momma” Jo could hear the person shuffling out of the room, it was quiet for a moment, she could hear the heart rate monitor; voices form outside the hall talking, she heard a shuffling sound approaching; Jo attempted to open her eyes but they were still blurry


A kind, but heavy voice said “How are you Jo”


“I….hurt” she croaked


“Just listen to me please.  My name is Mikael; I’m here to help you.  I want to talk about a mutual friend of ours, Cassandra.” The voice paused


“Bitch.” Jo croaked


“Cruel, is what she is Jo; you brought her into this realm, and I need your help to make her leave.  Somehow she has it in her that she will use your body as a host to remain here longer than her time allows; but I do not know to what aim.  You brought her here; but she must leave.” The voice soothing as he spoke.


“She’s real?” Jo answered weakly


“Shhhhhh…Just listen.  We don’t have much time.  I want to save this man Jay.  In order to do that I need you to expel Cassandra, I’ll return to you when the time is right.  But time is a commodity that isn’t replaceable.  Do you understand?” he asked


“She’s not real, what’s she want?” Jo asked


“Life” the voice responded.

Submitted: December 12, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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