Chapter 13: I can give you all you desire

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The cool Ocean air felt refreshing on Cassandra as she left the window open during the drive, the smell of the Jeep intoxicating with Jay’s scent.  Jay had tried to make small talk on the short drive into the hills that looked down upon Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley California but she stopped him, “Shhhh, don’t ruin it.” She told him her hand interlace over his on the shifter; she could feel the rhythm of his heart.“So steady, so strong” she thought; the lights of the city and cars giving a glass like reflection on the road as he pulled up to a large stone staircase leading upwards onto a hill, the sign in front read “Woodminster Theatre”.


“I hope you don’t mind walking” Jay said


Without hesitation she responded “Of course not, what Lady wouldn’t want to walk on an evening like tonight?”


He stepped out of the Jeep lightly closing the door, she knew to wait “This one, he’ll come to me” she adored the thought; as he wandered around the backside of the vehicle to open her door, he offered her his hand, Cassandra made sure to bring her bottle of unfinished wine.


“This place is fun” as they walked up the first set of steps lined with four foot tall stone walls, “Satan’s circle they called it when I was a kid; but what I think is neat about it is the small monuments that litter the park in reference to the Old testament and ten commandments.” he explained


She took his arm in old fashion as they reached the top, Jay pointed to the manmade pool of water that lay in the center “These are at the top of each set of stair; at the top is the cascade, this place was built for poets, and artists.  A kind of inspiration if I recall correctly” he carried on.


“Come” she led Jay to the pool, let me show you something neat, “Look here into the pool, it’s said that when the moon glows like it is tonight; and if you’re with the right person the Queen of the spirit world will show you your future” she smiled as she motioned her hand over the water.


Her voice piped “Look, lets see what we can find out about my mighty Protector” she purred


Jay gazed into the water as she waved her hand


His mind’s eye took over something started to take shape, a house, two stories, large white pillars, on the porch, a gravel driveway.


“What’s going…..on….” he muttered looking towards her


“Look, look.” She said, “This is quite rare, tell me what you see”.


“A woman standing on the porch, I can’t make out who, children sat on a blanket on the bright green grass in front; a garage or maybe a carriage house slightly to the left; my daughters…They’re waiving from the balcony…  The that….no….wait.. is that you?” He looked shocked.


She smiled “Only you know what you’ve seen my Dear, you tell me?” 


Immediately he felt unnerved, his adrenaline pumping, he could hear the rustling of the leaves in the wind.


“What’s going on?” He demanded


Handing Jay the bottle “Hey; I don’t know; just an old wives tale” she smiled, “Where I come from there’s a lot of superstition; I didn’t mean to take you off guard, drink some let’s finish our walk” her voice always seemed to purr and be purposeful when she spoke.


Jay drank from the bottle, greedily, he could feel what he thought was a presence of something ominous in the shadows, as the liquid touched his lips he could feel the strain leaving him and a calmness occur.  “I’m being silly” he thought.


“Silly, is okay” she said her hand making his way up his neck and brushing his cheek, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight.


“I suppose it is” Jay whispered as his hand moved to her forehead gently moving the tuft of hair that fell over her left eye behind her ear as he leaned in he asked “May I?”


Her whisper in return was “You better”.


His lips came to touch hers, her lips tasted sweet as the met, her sweet rose smell enveloping him.


“Yes; come to me” she thought, “You’re mine and mine alone; for this I shall make the world give way, all things will part for your ease of use.” Her mind drinking in the atmosphere the, moment, his touch.  Jay felt like “Home” a natural evolution to her.


They watched as the events unfolded, scattering as he approached in the shadows.


“There was light, there was darkness and now there is life” he grinned to himself “I give you life my daughter”.


Jay running his hand on the length of her neck could feel her pulse rise and fall with her breath, her skin soft and delicate, the cool feel replaced by heat, filling his pulse quicken a passion he had only felt with one other rise. 


Abruptly he stopped.


He remembered, “Jo” he uttered.  She had made him feel this way before, some connection he couldn’t explain.  He had risked everything for it, his children, his livelihood, his respected name.  He had risked it all. 


Fear filled him as he pulled back,


Cassandra looked in shock “What?  What’s wrong?” she said,


“Nothing, I’ve just got to be at work early” he replied, “Can I take you home?”


“Actually my Dear, I live quite close” she smiled, “But perhaps, you’d call me” she purred


“Of course, of course”


They exchanged number, Jay awkwardly felt something stir within him.  It was definitely fear, fear and anxiety he felt as he thanked her for the evening.


Cassandra’s eyes narrowed as she stood at the top of the steps “Mikael” she whispered, her brow furrowing……


“I’m here” a hulking frame came from the shadows…”I’m here”.

Submitted: December 12, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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