Chapter 14: Sometimes, you can have what you want

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“You’re breaking the rules Cassandra.” Mikael stated in a matter fact tone.


Snarling, Cassandra focused on Mikael who emerged from a shadows, “You….are not protected here, this night, this place is not hallowed ground Mikael.”


Mikael could feel those of the Kingdom, subjugates moving towards where he stood and something else, something stronger, something that didn’t belong in this realm. Mikael knew quite while how the Kingdom abused it’s domain on humanity, any minor indiscretion even a verbal wish could cause the subjugation of a human.  Only those within the senior ranks of the hierarchy could cross over; he was quite accustomed to Cassandra’s games; throughout history she had manipulated men and women alike with her charm and her ability to create a reality that they could only wish for.  Cassandra, was a master of her art, manipulating the desires of humanity through her subjugates, using modern technology, television, radio, now the internet to fill their hearts with lust for things of no genuine significance; cars, money, clothes, sex, tattoos, houses she would use anything to distract humans from finding their greater calling.


“You are not allowed to directly influence unless it’s through subjugate, you know that.  Unless you have permission and there is an exchange.” Mikael said calmly “I have not seen an exchange in this mortal; therefore you cannot interact in this manner with him” he scolded.


She could feel, her strength growing as humans tied to her approached the park, encircling them.  Each quite unaware of their environment, unaware of the part they were playing in this standoff.  The Pediatric Dr., the attorney, the doting housewife, the Silicon Valley executive, the UC Professor, even Clergy from all denominations and Religious orientation; they all gathered in a trance to bring her power in this realm. 


The subjugates they would never remember this moment; but Mikael, he had seen this once before; he knew the power Cassandra could wield at her disposal here if she so chose.  But he knew her, he was gambling on knowing her. 


He could see her crouching forward, her form shifting, her delicate feminine arms changing into muscle and sinew, her soft face taking on the mask of the pain she had dealt to countless others; her bright eyes glared at him in the darkness; her hands now talons.  A twisted vision of the beauty she once was and what she has now become. 

Snarling “You, wont deny me this Mikael; you or your ilk.  I’ve watched for a Millennia these monkeys throw away their gifts.  I’ve seen what this magic can do; it can transcend reality, heal the sick, and send a grieving person into the dust of death willingly.  Yet they squander it, they waste it, they would choose to self fornicate over watching their worlds' change for a better unified humanity.  They don’t deserve it, spoiled rotten, sickly husks of what they could have been.”


Stronger, she could feel it; she knew even if Mikael had all the Arch Angels with him.  In this moment she was able to destroy them.  Long had it been since their time was of this realm.  Long had it been since those of his realm had influence on these chosen creatures. 


“It’s not for you Cassandra; he won’t allow this, you will unravel the essence of creation; even the Kingdom will suffer great losses.” Mikael stood firmly, his strength leaving him as she began moving towards him.


In an instant, faster than the human eye can see she was on him; Mikael flat on his back was stunned.  Straddling his chest she rocked back and forth, her right hand poised above her head.


“You know what your problem is Mikey?” she spat, “You always think doing the right thing, is doing the right thing.  I’m here to tell you; there is no right thing.” She grasped his male genitals firmly as Mikael attempted to back himself out from underneath her.


Holding him firmly in place her right hand slammed around his neck clamping him to the stone lined ground. 


“I should just rape you now; so you could fathom some understanding.  You’d like that wouldn’t you?  You want to feel yourself inside of me?  Can you imagine, that?  My warmth, joining with me?  The elation of climax?”  She cackled “Or do you prefer another form?  Maybe I should penetrate you?  Maybe…you’d like that?  How would he like that?  You moaning while I turned you into my personal pleasure toy?” her lips touched his, a metallic taste filled his mouth, the aroma of burned charcoal and diseased flesh filling overtaking his senses.


“Or maybe I should just rip your bowels from you and feast on your eyes, or perhaps skin each of these walking bags of rotting flesh while you hear them scream” she drooled


Mikael closed his eyes; bracing himself for what came next,

Nothing, he felt the pressure lift, quickly he rolled onto his belly raising himself to his feet, he could still feel her presence.


“Or” he heard a flirtatious voice from behind


Mikael spun to face his opponent even though he knew, he was quite clearly overmatched,


Cassandra, her soft face her cat like green eyes stared at him with a grin “Maybe, I’ll just take what I desire Mikey.  Maybe it’s okay for me to find this thing they call Love as well.  Maybe that lying sack of shit will survive this bleak existence long enough so I can keep this Man.” 


Looking up she mocked “You forgive all..... right?” she cackled, “Then forgive me; for I will do unimaginable things to have this treasure you have wasted on these creatures.”


She smiled at Mikael “Nope, no lightning bolt.” looking around “Nope sure don’t see any men with white wings floating around.” She raised her hands “Where’s the sky opening up Mikey?  Where’s the backup?”


Spinning on her heel and turning to walk away “Maybe…Mikey; he doesn’t give a fuck”

Submitted: December 12, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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