Chapter 15: Forgotten

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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6:23 am Saturday morning; the morning light began to peer in from the shades, the Clock showed as Jay lifted his head.  He felt like he had a slight hangover, his head was heavy and his bowels turned.  The sweet taste of the wine from last night; tasted like syrup in his mouth this morning. 


“Huh, 6:23” Jay said to himself; in ritual fashion he looked to his night stand, he seen the blinking green light from his phone in the darkness. 


Picking up the phone with anticipation, he seen three new messages awaited from a number he was unfamiliar with.


“Dummy, why would this morning be any different” he rolled his eyes at how ridiculous the thought was


Message 1 C, 4:16 AM:  Hey, it’s Cassandra, I just wanted to make sure you got home okay, I had a wonderful time last night.  I hope I didn’t scare you off ;)


Message 2 C, 6:17 AM:  I know I’m an early riser, but I just got back from my morning Jog and wanted to say Goodmorning


Message 3 C, 6:19 AM: Oh, and if you message back, I promise to not be offended :p


Jay laughed, thinking back on last night’s events he responded, “Actually I had a wonderful time; I’m so sorry I left so abruptly.  Perhaps I could make it up to you sometime; maybe you’d let me buy you lunch”; he put down his phone Samson was whining and pushing his nose to him; “Got it boy, it’s bathroom time”.


His phone buzzed, he picked it up “Great, I’m in Benicia though today around noon; I don’t know how far that is from you”.


Jay responded, “Actually, it couldn’t be more convenient lol” not directly telling her that he lived in Benicia. 


He texted:  “Why don’t you meet me at the wharf say around 1130, so that way I’m not imposing on your plans”.

He got up to let Samson out who was pacing anxiously in front of him, his bare feet touching the cold hardwood the response came.


“What plans?  I was just doing some shopping, 1130 it is see you there.  C”.


“Well boy, she’s a gal who isn’t scared to take a risk I’ll give her that” He got up.


Jay set about his weekend routine pretty quickly, although he felt some annoyance for having to reheat his coffee in the Microwave.  The wind blew strongly through the valley today negating his desire to mow the lawn; “especially given I have a date in only a few hours” he said to himself. 


So instead of chores, Jay chose his couch and the newspaper, “settled on lazy” his father would have called it, but he was okay with it.


Jay let his mind drift to last night, but he couldn’t remember the exact circumstances or why he felt the need to leave so abruptly.  He remembered a feeling of comfort, elation, passion, connection. 


“I think that’s enough to make a second date out of it” he mused quietly.


But somewhere within himself he knew; something didn’t fit last night.  Something drew him away.  But her kiss, her kiss was so sweet, he remembered her scent, a mild rose smell, her touch on his rough cheek like silk.


“Fuck it” he thought “Whatever it was, probably doesn’t matter”.


He nodded off on the couch, visions of a white home filled his mind, Cassandra in a kitchen creating something with his daughters who were all grown now; laughter filled the large rooms.  He could almost feel the warmth of the stove in the kitchen.  Sweet tea laid out at the table with a cup of ice.  Music filled the home. 


“Daddy” a young boy sprinted towards him from the adjoining room


Jay felt purpose


His eyes shot open as his phone buzzed, on the coffee table.  The green light blinking, the message said


“On my way!”


He looked at the time 10:30 “Oh holy hell, I was out!” dropping everything, he ran to the shower

Submitted: December 13, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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