Chapter 17: Lamb to Slaughter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Mikey” she smiled grasping his chin lifting his face to so that she could see his eyes, “So how do you find your accommodations at ‘Hotel Cassandra’” she mused looking about the stone chamber.


Mikael could feel the damp stone chilling his bones, his arms stiff and sore, his face battered and bruised, his hair matted with his own blood; “the price we all pay for humanity’s salvation” he was once told long ago.


Mikael was once of the warrior class, he fought the great serpent in this realm, he led Legions of warrior in battle against those of the Kingdom.  He remembered how the rivers ran red with blood before the days of the truce.  Before this world was given to those of the Kingdom in love.  Love; love was the intent, to stop the destruction of life for these divine creatures.  He remembered watching countless innocents having their limbs torn to spite those who sought to protect them.  He could still hear screaming Mother’s begging for help from some unseen entity as their own flesh and blood was devoured before them.  Wive’s skinned and raped as their husbands and Father’s were forced to witness their eyelids peeled like grapes to ensure they had no choice. 


Mikael himself was chosen to make the long walk to the temple gates, thousands of humans strewn from the buildings as they walked the stone cobbled streets, still slick with fresh blood, the fresh smell sickening even the mightiest in his ranks.He seen those of the Kingdom taunt them as they marched towards those mighty gates, the howling of insults and blood lust emanated in their ears.  They could feel the fire in their souls burn for every one of mankind who fell.


He remembered her, it was she they chose to face him.  She stood powerfully, gleefully.  Her who commanded the Legions of Armies in the Kingdom; the souls of hundreds of thousands irrevocabley scarred into the very fabric of her.  She stood knowing that she had the only option Mikael could stomach.  In her hand she held it as her fangs bared in elation.  She knew, she had outwitted them.She had won.  Without ever drawing her sword against Mikael.  She won.


Mikael kneeled in submission to save the magic only mankind could know; Love.  She was right when she called it magic, something divine occurs within a pair, it very much indeed transcends time, space and logic.  This thing the human’s call Love.  It was worth the fall.


The skin on his wrists wore thin, he could feel with even the slightest movement he could feel the cold iron biting into his flesh, “Of course iron” he thought “Of course she had this place, she has planned this for far too long”.


“Cassandra” his weak voice sounding quite audible in this small stone room


“Of course silly, who else?  We don’t do imaginary things here.  That’s your job Mikey.” She teased in her soft voice. 


“But I did bring you this, so that way you don’t feel too left out” she pushed the board, they had played on the night before to him with her hand; the pieces still intact and in place. 


“You see Mikey, I didn’t break…..the rules…  All I did was play within the rules I had.  Funny thing that you would think little old me a cheater Mikey; I thought you knew me better than that” her head tilted slightly as she looked at his filthy face. 


Mikael couldn’t remember how long he’d been here, or what happened.  He remembered the Subjugates charging him; there was too many.  He pushed one aside, than another, flinging them from his path until he their weight became too much and he had to submit, he could feel them biting and gnawing at his flesh.  He remembered the pounding on his skull, the unbearable human like laughing, the taunting as his vision left him.


The force of her hand on his head was shocking forcing his face inches from the board that sat squarely at his knees; his arms at their limit of strain he could hear his own shoulders stretching to remain in socket.  “See Mikey; look close……Her piece the one with the golden string you tied to his…….has two sides……” her hand moved to the piece an effigy of Jo; as she spun it slightly there appeared Cassandra, there in the stone.


“Mikey you fool; the Man…..and he’s quite the Man I’ll add; he’s nothing but a child.  But you?  How could you be surprised?  I could feel you watching as she called to me.  You knew, she was mine before she lit one of her stupid candles.  Long before she uttered his name from his mouth” wrenching his head towards her face again, she licked the dry blood from his face.


“She was chosen like all the rest, and you know it.  ‘In their mother’s womb’ it’s written; and so we follow the word.  We watched though, we waited; I hunted him since he was born; making sure just the right actions fell into place.  I warned him of that dangerous street, or chased him home filling him with fear at night.” She sneered “Where were you?  I grew this child of Adam, it was me who doted over him into this perfect form of imperfections, I ensured he and the little red riding witch came to meet, it was I who gave him the strength to push past the barriers in his life.  You….You did nothing…..moved a few pieces around on a board once in a while, read from that stupid book that everyone knows anyways.”


Mikael knew nothing he said would satisfy her wrath, he had lost yet again.  “Father forgive me, I have failed you yet again.” He began to weep.


“Your….Father…..never cared Mikey……This is the second time you’ve been the lamb sent to slaughter..” she smirked.

Submitted: December 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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