Chapter 18: What is it to Divine the Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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There she was, standing with her backed turned towards him.  Her red knit coat tail dancing in the ocean breeze, her tall brown leather riding boots, and of course that well braided hair.  She was a vision, there was something about her that was magnetic. 


He on the other hand, an old pair of blue jeans, some old flip flops and a worn far too long sweatshirt that read ‘St. Mary’s’.Her appearance, made him feel a little self-conscious about his attire; “Perhaps, I Mellissa is right….I do need new clothes” he thought. 


“Well, hello.” She appeared in front of him,


How long had he been standing there looking at his feet?  Was she that fast? 


“Hey” he smiled bashfully, “Thanks for meeting me, I’m so sorry I had to leave last night; I know it must have seen pretty rude”


“No, you’re just fine; I mean you met some random girl on the sidewalk….Then we went to a dark park in the middle of the night up in the hills….Heck I might have been trying to rape you or something” she stuck her tongue out at him; her green eyes smiling.  “C’mon, how about you buy a lady a drink and we can discuss how a ‘big’ strong man should be careful to take precautions.” She took his arm,


He laughed, bowing and offering her the road “Why of course; what kind of gentleman would I be?”


“Apparently one, who doesn’t have a fine woman at home to keep him; be careful, some gal is going to see you dressed in your Gardening clothes and think that you’re in dire need” she laughed.


They made their way up the street in the small town.  Main street was littered with little “doo dad” shops as Jay called them bringing to her attention the items, ones that were in every down by the sea in California, shot glasses that read ‘I heart Benicia’ or the typical ‘California’ or the one he hated most ‘Cali’ shirts or sweatshirts.


“You know when someone is not a California native, when they refer to California as ‘Cali’” he laughed. 


“Well, I’m just a gal from the South; far too simple to understand your high class West Coast Vernacular” she teased as they entered “Sailor Jack’s”; a little unassuming corner place that was very busy.


The waited patiently, Cassandra teasing as he spoke with the hostess and waitresses as they walked by, Jay occasionally pointing out some obscurity about the town.  “ going to flirt with every woman in this place good Sir?” she gave him a quick jab with her elbow in the ribs.


“Had I known that I would have to compete for your attention, perhaps a gal wouldve’ worn some makeup” she placed her hand to her forehead acting out the motion of feeling faint “Why….what’s a girl to do; you giving me a complex and all”.


The laughed together as their hostess came to seat them.


“Oh no Dear; you see I can’t let him speak to you.  You’re far too young, and this one is marked for me.” She said glancing at Jay “ You see honey, men…….half of the time they don’t even know what they’re doing; and I don’t want you getting any ideas about this one….Friendly my foot.” Her face scrunched as she teased.


“Look lady, you can’t go on telling me what to do already” he laughed


“Oh no, shhhhhhhh…..” she said “Your speaking privileges are completely gone”


“Oh….my….” he started,


“Eh, I said done, zip it.” Cassandra motioned a zipper across her lips.


They sat at the table overlooking the water, Jay ensuring she was seated first


The waitress approached; Cassandra cutting him off before he had the chance to speak “Just a bottle of Pinot de Grigio if you would Dear” she smiled.


Looking at Jay her eyebrow raised “You didn’t look like you liked the Chardonnay” she smiled.

Watch she said pulling out a pendant, with a black stone on the end; “I will tell your future” her eyes widened making as imitated what Jay would have imagined to be a Gypsy.


“Okay, what are you up to” he said eyeing the charm.


“Watch, check this out” she held the Chain from her forefinger and thumb; “Show me what yes looks like” she said with her other hand forming a cup like shape


The charm started to oscillate to the right,


“Oh cmon’ you’re moving it.” Jay Mocked


“Shhhhh….You’re ruining it Mister Serious; just watch” her eyes focus “Show me no” she said.


The charm began oscillating left


“Get out of here, man….you’re silly” he laughed…..


“Wait, wait……..Okay stop”


The charm stopped moving


“Okay, now ask it a question.” She instructed


Jay rolled his eyes, “Sure, thingy……is Cassandra a goofball”


The charm moving rotating quickly left


“My turn…….Am I a danger to this big, strong man?” she looked at Jay

Wildly the chain began swinging in a circular pattern to the right.


“Apparently, you are….  Appears I picked up a Mass Murderer” he laughed


She grabbed the charm, “Nope….you caught me I was moving it.  But way to ruin my fun.” She stuck out her tongue at him.


Submitted: December 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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