Chapter 2: A little about Cassandra

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Cassandra was just another name, another title, in her span of existence she had been called many things Ardat Lili, Batibat, Gorgon, Lilith, Lilitu, Yuki Onna; all irrelevant titles.  The Children of God were quite often in the habit of needing to use words to label things they can’t comprehend.


In the Kingdom the hierarchy doesn’t consist of titles.  But power, forms, appearances, all trivial all adjustable. But the power gained from turning the human soul.  Ah, that equated to power.  The power to command, the power to hunt, the power to cross through the veil.  In her power, she was without equal; she was without equal because she fed regularly. 


She had learned eons ago to not simply choose a soul; it had to be the right soul.  A soul with the innocence of a child, someone who was destined to influence some minor thing in the battle between the Kingdom and the Others.


“That’s how they work, they use these monkeys to make one minor adjustment after another, that’s why there’s millions of them.  To do the bidding of the Others, to turn one screw it’s sickening how their entire existence hinges on one moment” She would quite often think.  She hated mankind, loathed their existence.


As she stood facing Jo she thought “What a miserable sack, no wonder she calls.  Her life built on lies, and it’s reflected in her self respect completely diminished.”


Cassandra raised her gloved hand towards Jo


“Sit” she said,


Jo still in disbelief and confused understood that however gentle Cassandra’s tone, she wasn’t suggesting or requesting.  “Sit” was a demand she had better not challenge. 


Jo lowered herself onto her rear, wrapping her arms around her knees.


Cassandra looking down with a raised brow and stared for what Jo thought an eternity.  Cassandra’s eyes shone green even in this dim light; quite awake, quite alert, almost a glow.


“So, you called me here for what young lady?” Cassandra asked.


“Help me” replied Jo


“Why, why should I help you?  What exactly are you offering me?  No wait, don’t answer that I already know.  You’re going to say something like ‘It’s all for love’ or ‘I didn’t know’ or ‘my loyalty forever’” Cassandra mocked.


“I know this story Jo, I know every lie, every trick, every thought, every moment, every wound you’ve ever put to someone.  I know your desire here, I know why I’m here”


Jo could feel heat raising in her eyes, she had never been confronted this way.  Never confronted with her thoughts or actions.  Definitely not by some random woman in a ball dress from the Civil War era.


“Nevermind” Jo said with authority, her face furrowing with frustration. 


“No, there’s no nevermind” Cassandra knelt leaned towards Jo and whispered “I heard, you.  I’m here, I’m going to get you your heart’s desire.  You, are going to then give me what I desire.  You don’t get to cower away, to crawl back to your house of cards that you’ve built on your life of deception.  No, now you’ll face yourself, you’ll face who you truly are.”


Cassandra standing erect again placed her hands on her hips, her dress seemingly swirling around the ground.


“Now, what shall I have in return?” Cassandra mockingly raised her finger to her Chin.


“Hmmmmm, ohhhhh I know.  I shall have your Jay, after you’ve destroyed him.  That’s what I shall have.”


Quickly Cassandra turned her back to Jo facing the pond.


In the Moonlight Jo could see the shimmer of the silver bow which tied around her waistline and bodice.


“You shall break your Jay, Jo.  You can have your fun, you can use his company to make you feel better.  But you will break him.  Take everything from him.  His stability, his love of life, his innocence.  Oh yes, you’ll take that from him, then he’ll belong to me” She whispered.


“No, that’s not what this is supposed to be, I just want us to be loved, in perfect unity…”


Abruptly Cassandra spun and said


“There is no perfect, don’t you understand that?  There is no right time, there is only THIS time, and in this time I want his innocence whatever remains you shall take do you understand?”


“But….” Jo was cutoff again mid-sentence


“Or do you prefer I perhaps look a little closer in your home for my payment?” Cassandra gazed.


“How is Adam?” she smiled as she mentioned Jo’s Son.

Submitted: December 07, 2016

© Copyright 2021 J Woods. All rights reserved.


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